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mASF post by Vince, December 1, 2002

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Vince is a regular contributor to the mASF forum.   Acronyms used in this article can be looked up on the acronyms page.  To get involved in discussions like this, you can join the mASF discussion forum at

To the Group:

For those of you needing all kinds of social proof, doing the club scene, working the meet markets: I truly feel sorry for your plight. You're doing a really tough job in a lousy environment. Those very public Crash & Burns - ouch! Also, those of you who (like me) are way too old to be hanging out in bars trying to pick up chicks and are lost in the wilderness of where-the-fuck-are-the-ones-who-are-ready-to-go-now - how sad. Try another frameset. Instead of pushing yourself into the old Cocky & Funny entertainer approach, may I suggest STEALTH Seduction? First, look around you (not now, dummy - when you're out of the house ;) ), wherever you are, and notice your environment. Check out every woman you can see. Attune yourself to just how she may be feeling at that moment. Your objective is to fine tune your 'finder radar'. Learn to zero in on those women who have a 'spark', something to indicate they're not just another one passing by - they're warmer, somehow, than all the others.

You might be surprised to find some of the more unlikely looking women have that spark. Very old ones, severely dressed ones, aggressively ugly ones (!), plain-Jane librarian types, and the occasional drop-dead-gorgeous gal. The important thing to develop is an instantaneous recognition of that radiation she's emitting - it's sexual-sensuous-immediate-approachable. You'll soon know it when you see it, if you're serious about acquiring the ability.

Now, here's the difference in the approach - go all-natural, not GM, not C&F, not Mr. Smooth, not Alpha Male» Caveman nor any other public display of attention getting. Instead, be affable (pause while you go look it up, if you don't know the exact definition). It's okay to have a bad-boy image (I certainly do, black hat and all), just make sure you're warm and accepting. Say hi, follow with a question (I love Dan Scorpio's "What [fill in the blank based on the situation]?) and be ready to LISTEN TO HER ANSWER. Too many of you are so ready to run a routine, you're not really paying attention to what she's communicating. which is often more than what she's just saying.

Learn to calibrate her responses. Find out how she reacts to what she really likes, what she's indifferent to and what she loathes. Pay close attention. You can use that info to gauge her feelings about getting closer to you, getting sexual with you, getting crazy with you. If you fail to size her up this way, you'll probably miss out on a lot of women you could have f-closed, assuming you are doing a decent number of approaches on a consistent basis. If you withdraw physically or do a take-away and she moves to fill in the gap or looks unhappy at the thought she may miss out, you're nearly there.

You also need some kind of method for screening out troublemakers, time-wasters and potential stalkers. I use handwriting analysis now, and am making a habit of always getting her handwriting before moving in for the close. It's still a bit unnatural for me, but I'm building a new habit which will take time. Whatever you choose, use it and stick to it. Have the guts to walk if she's not with the program or has a problem you must not ignore. Now, here's the STEALTH part. You need to project an air of not noticing her interest. That's right, you are totally unaware of the powerful effect you are having on her. You know, she thinks, "He doesn't even notice I'm turned on". Instead, you do what Neo-Rio recently suggested - build trust. I know I have to do this, since I'm not just playing the bad boy role - I am a bad boy. It's my handicap, my burden. If only a woman would see that I truly regret it, but so many can't deal with it, or my excessive sexual drive. It's why I have so many just stringing along, using me for my body. No, really!

As for technique, I use Speed Seduction». Sorry, I just find it works. For those of you who feel unable or unwilling to use pattern language, etc., I feel you're missing out on what can save you a lot wasted effort and wasted time. You can build rapport, capture and lead her imagination, motivate her to go forth with you despite the fact you're not her type and do so much more that other methods simply don't supply. For personal attitude, I use everything I can get my hands on to manage my state. Use what works, drop what doesn't IRL.

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