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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - mASF Post - “Developing Great Body Language”

Post by Supastar, January 23, 2003

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Original discussion thread:

Here are some body language» things that I aim for. Some of them people may disagree with. And if you go too far with this dominant body language» you can come across as TOO aloof or thug or aggressive or self-important.

When you enter a ROOM (or any similar situation where you can be seen by multiple people) make sure that you are displaying these characteristics:

-SMILE. So important. If you were rich, sucessful, getting laid like a rockstar, etc. WOULDN'T YOU BE SMILING? Hell yes. So do it and people will assume that you are these things. To get a really genuine smile, I like to remember really ON nights or picture the faces of women who want me. It needs to be on when you enter as well as when you approach.

-BIG GESTURES. THe most dominant person in a group will often take up the most space. I like to sit with my arms spread out and my legs crossed, like Hef chillin' at his mansion. Try to keep your arms AWAY from the body. Especially don't cross them in front of your body. Neg any girl who does this. Don't hold a drink in front of your stomach like everyone else does either.

BIG TIP: If you are with a group of friends and you say something funny and the group laughs, make an especially big gesture. This signals to the people who happen to be looking that you are the funny one. Same concept goes for dance floor - don't dance like you are trying not to touch anyone else. Dance BIG. Move over a large area of the dance floor, put your arms in the air, etc.

-Talk the most. The person who dominates the conversation is usually the higher-status person in the group.

-Talk and move at a measured pace. Not too fast. Speak slowly but react quickly to what other people say to you.

-Erect posture. Don't slouch. (Duh)

-'Bout it, 'Bout it walk. This was the phrase that a girl I worked with once used to describe the way I walk - with a swagger. Sort of like I am a male runway model. The ass shakes from side to side.

-Avoid shifty eyes. Don't stare around the room lookign like you are on the hunt. Don't "Fish" for EC. You will look predatory and sleazy». Instead, hold your gaze confidently.

-Always be talking to somebody. Standing around alone is a bad thing. When you are talking to the person, look like you are having a fun conversation and

-When walking with a group of friends, walk in front. Don't look back to see

-Use EC and body language» to reward / punish. When someone says something you like, look them in the eye and lean toward them. When they start to get boring, look around the room and turn your body away from them.

-Enter obliquely. When you approach a girl or group, do not march straight for her and start accosting her (because that's what it will seem like you are doing). Instead, make a remark off to the side. Make it seem like you are just making a throwaway comment. Master the art of always looking like you are about to leave... UNTIL you have gotten "IN" the group and they actually WANT you to stay.

-Special tip for waitresses, strippers, clothing people, etc. To really give off the vibe of being IMPORTANT, when they first approach you ("Can I take your order?" "Would you like to buy a dance?" "Can I help you with anything?"), Don't look at them at first. Look like you are absorbed in the menu or the sweaters or whatever. I sometimes even hold up a finger (To signal "wait"). They are now WAITING on you in the truest sense. Then I like to counteract this impression by saying something funny to gain rapport and then looking DIRECTLY at them with a confident smile.

-There are certain HANDSHAKES that are more dominant than others. For instance, when I am first introduced to someone, instead of just shaking hands with them, I like to "give dap." Good for the HB because it shows you are not awed by her. You are being silly. Or another very dominant handshake (especially good for use on PAWNS) is where you shake hands normally and then you use your LEFT hand to cup the other person's shaking hand. So that you have your hands SANDWICHED around theirs. Also try to make sure that your hands are turned so that yours is on TOP. Another sign of dominance.

If you are not Alpha, the best you can hope to be is the Master Beta

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