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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - From The Archives - “Sexual Identity: Less Talk. More Sex.”

Classic post by Asian Playboy, October 4th, 2006

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Long ass post follows. You've been warned.

Dallas PUA Simple has a great saying, "TALK TO THE PUSSY, LOOK AT THE FACE." APB's rule #24 now.

In the ABCs of Attraction that Prophet and I originally pioneered, there is a step, a TOTAL change of energy, and attraction called DIRECT INTEREST. Like, almost EVERYTHING needs to change about your Game. In other words, you're BEYOND building attraction.

* How you kino (general kino and sexual kino are totally different)
* Your tonality (again approach tonality vs comfort tonality vs sexual tonality & verbage)
* Your eye gazing
* Your physical presence
* Etc.

You're not working on attracting (except to maintain attraction). You SHOULD be concentrating on Sexual Tension (and ergo Sexual Release).

She needs to WANT your cock. Not your conversation.

ABC (Approach & Attract, Buying Temperature, Comfort & Connect) means you're a GOOD CONVERSATIONALIST.

Guess what though? That just means you know how to talk and make friends. You're cool. Interesting. Funny.

But it DOESN'T make you a good LOVER or SEDUCER. So what does?

Gunwitch Method» works. Direct (both Direct BL and Direct opener [both verbal and non-verbal, both statements vs question openers, natural vs canned]) method works that I had to tackle hardcore for 3 straight months.

The four non-verbal keys that form the acronym SECT as part of Direct Interest does.

Because it goes STRAIGHT to the Pussy. This is when you pull out your cock and REALLY make your move. It's one of the biggest sticking points that can stall or even defeat an Intermediate Level PUA.

This was my biggest sticking point for the longest time. I'd get consistent number closes, the occasional make out, hand/blow job, and the fully monty after a year of being in the Game.

I was getting more action after I got in the Game. But it wasn't at the PUA / Rockstar level. It wasn't me laying waste to an entire female social circle by sleeping with every single one of the girls.

I had to take more steps. REALLY step out of my comfort zone. And THAT took a damn lot of effort, introspection, and work.

But it was PROJECTING sexuality. Sexually DOMINATING and taking control. PIMP talk. Being in control of LOGISTICS ("Your place or your place?", "How about the La Quinta or other hotel?", who's got the car?, where does she live?, who's playing watchdog? etc). That was tough and a HUGE sticking points that separates the entertainment/social robots/attraction routine guys from actual seducers.

Talking to girls, getting numbers, telling funny/interesting stories, and so forth simply means you're an cool, social, friendly guy. But being in control of SEXUAL VIBING/CONTROL and having a handle on your LOGISTICS, makes the difference between LAID and NOT LAID. And it ain't easy to master without a good role model since you can't learn it from reading.

Remember, there is NO second place in Pick Up. You don't get a prize. You don't get a medal. You either get the girl.

Or you don't.

If I might use former student Groove as an example. He already had great material and great look. But it was figuring out his LOGISTICS and using SEXUALITY as a TECHNIQUE/TACTIC/ROUTINE is what, I 100% believe, has allowed him to triple his lay rate.

You're not there to talk to girls. You're there to have sex...

Stories, openers, comfort tactics... fine and dandy. But it doesn't make her horny.

But it's things like my Theory on the Different Shapes of a Vagina to Captain Jack's version of Strawberry Fields (FUCKING RAINMAKER man, I love it, and have unabashedly stolen it for myself

Sex, gentlemen, SEX. Remember, you're a SEDUCER. Not an ENTERTAINMENT MONKEY or an EMOTIONAL TAMPON.


Take, for example, last night hanging out with a home girl of mine now that I'm back from the Los Angeles bootcamp. I got propositioned by a tall, pretty blonde to SWING with her husband. Not the first time it's happened and it won't be the last time. But what triggered that switch in her? To want to fuck me while her husband watches?

VALUE, but most importantly SEXUAL VALUE in the form of ONLY PASSIVE Game. I didn't tell a story.

I didn't use any sort of opener. She looked at me and simply KNEW I'm good in bed. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not (naw, I am). But I subcommunicated sex.

Passive Value being in the form of:

* Social proof (with women, ie my homegirl that intro'd me to the swinging blonde)
* Body language» (absolutely relaxed even when she pressed up against me)
* My look (biker bad boy / professional gigolo)
* My easy going, sexual nature with women (cavemanning, dancing, etc.)
* Being non-needy (even when she went for a kiss and reached for my junk)
* And simply looking like a guy that has GUILT-FREE sex

I freely admit to being a manhore, while my 2.5 and 3 some were great experiences, I won't do the cross swords action (just my own issue) so I demurred the offer. Does this happen all the time? Hell no. But by putting it out there, women will pick it up and some will take you up on it.

After all, are you there to be entertaining? or are you there to offer and receive sex?

To give you more room for thought, here are Greene's seducer archetypes from his book and corresponding PUAs that you might want to learn from or emulate:

1) Natural - Spontaneous, genuine, loud, and aggressive. The prototypical, loud, aggressive frat boy. Geoff and Jeffy (well, Jeffy also throws in some crazy peacocking that would be labeled as Metrosexual/Dandy) are great models.

Probably the most common model that Naturals/wannabe Naturals follow. It's great, but being loud, drunk, and aggressive only gets you so far if you DON'T have a Game Plan (which is the common failing of the supposed "Natural Game»" or "No Game, Game".

2) Ideal Lover - Projecting sex, horniness, while being NON-NEEDY. You like pussy. You LOVE pussy. You have no shame. Gunwitch Method» and some of Shark/Badboy. My article on the "10 Habits of a Natural" is also an example. SwingCat is a great example as is Camerone Teone (ie The One).

African American Game also falls into this category (the good kind, not the random holla holla, hey girl bullshit). It's a numbers games and you'll get more hardcore rejection, but you're ALSO get some of the FASTEST makeouts and lays. You're offering sex and you're finding someone that wants sex. Easy to out value and out-AMOG, but not once she's past the sexual hook point and decided.

3) Dandy/Metrosexual - Put her off balanced, confused, and have her lower her guard. You're surrounded by women, have a great fashion sense, and make women at ease. Are you gay? or straight? Trust me, I knew tons of gay guys that would "crash" in the same bed with straight women and GET TAIL from her. Friction is friction. This is the archetype for peacockers and (I think) BradP (and a pinch of Rockstar) and commonly the Mystery Crew. TD might also be an example (as well as Charmer).

4) Rake/Badboy - Self obvious. Protect of Loved Ones and Sexual Saftey are both ATTRACTION SWITCHES you can turn on. Yet this persona is at the extreme level. Badboys may cheat and abuse their girls, but the girls feel PROTECTED. Why? Because he'll kick the shit out of anyone that messes with him or her. Badboy and Gunwitch.

5) Charismatic - You draw ATTENTION to yourself and INCREASE desireability by being DETACHED from your target. Stripper, ADD, Attention whore game. This is your classic Indirect methodology and negging/disqualifying. You sweep her into the MAELSTROM of your Charisma, and then take it away. She becomes an emotional addict/junkie. Neil Strauss (ie Style) and Mystery are classic example. Like, with Style, in ONE MINUTE you will learn that he is INCREDIBLY intelligent, charming, and connected. He knows how convey coolness, intelligence, and mystery within MINUTES (if not seconds). And that is why he is one of (if not THE) greatest of all Jedi's.

6) Rockstar - Self obvious. Mystery does this especially now that he's pioneering hot/entourage game. This is also bottle service / VIP game. With my look, I usually fall into Badboy (sometimes, but not often Dandy as well) or Rockstar. I either get the coke whores that want to party/fuck/or do some other insane shit or a band-groupie that wants to believe I'm the next Neptune/Hoobastank. For example, after the Tool concert, I was able to get a free Penthouse at the W (where Ghost Bar) by simply looking like I was in the concert/band or when Justin Timberlake was in Dallas (no effort on his part to pull tail from what I heard). It's the Passive Value of the Social Proof (with women) and Social Proof (with men). Makes life SOOOO much easier but it's one of the hardest things to achieve.

7) CHARMER - This is the GIFT of attention, pleasure, and comfort. These are the guys that, when they talk to a woman, make her feel special, unique, and wanted. Loverboy & Hoobie (H. also falls midway into Natural) from RSD/Scotland might be a good example as well as Grungey (the day time specialist). Deep connections, DDB (Doggey dinner bowl) looks, cold reads, etc. However, like the Natural, this just lands you in the friend zone. You can LAUGH YOUR WAY INTO HER PANTS, but simply being interesting only part of the battle. You've got to INTERACT with a girl, capture her EMOTIONS, and then TURN HER ON (ie get her horny).


So what's the moral of this story? This long ass, exhausted, stream of conscious diatribe at 5AM in the morning?

Figure out your SEXUAL identity. In other words, HOW do you want to TURN ON a girl? Not WHAT the fuck you need to say. Beginner's think What. Average think How. Experts think WHERE.

Nerd is not a sexual identity. And neither is, contrary to popular belief, a PICK UP ARTIST. Seducers get laid. Guys that are good at foreplay. Guys in social circles where they have a rep for being awesome in bed. Guys that girls know are vastly sexually experienced and social proofed and make girls horny. In other words, guys that EXUDE sexuality and experience.

All the bullshit you can find online, ebooks, DVDs, etc. gets you in with a girl only so far.

There's a REASON why they took NaturalJ into ProHo (the Natural who briefly dated Britney Spears and had triple digit lays before he reached 21). Sexual experience and the ability to convey it trump any kind of opener, tactic, story, and technique.

Pushing for sex, slamming her in the evalator/bathroom to makeout with her, having her rub your cock in the middle of the dance floor... PHONE SEX. Good dance game.

THAT gets you laid.

Conversationalists means you're a great, interesting, friendly guy. Wow. Cool.

Getting her horny. Now THAT's what separates you from the guys that are "back up cock" when she's horny and the guys that are paying for all her shit, being emotional tampoons, and being standard boy friends.

Guys ask me all the time how I get the fast make outs, the couple of bath room lays, the hotel one night stands. And yes, some of it is just being the right place and the right time. But it's like one of Gunwitch's LRs. A girl (after breaking up with her BF) said jokingly she wanted to get laid. Gunwitch took her up on it, cavemanned her to his truck and fucked her.

Once I've figured out her blueprint, what her attraction switches are, AND just as equally important what HER logistics are, it's time to get her moist down in the sweet spot. Most of my lays, I don't even remember what the fuck I said because it's really not that important. What I do remember is turning her on and having my logistical shit down, taking control, cavemanning, and leading/dominating.

Yes, you can fine tune stories. You can make them better until they're ultra tight and field tested. But it's all in the execution and being in control (ie not depending on luck versus having a GAME PLAN) that makes all the difference in the world.

The WHAT, in all honesty, really isn't that important unless you're still at newbie level. How is more important. And even that is less important than being in control of LOGISTICS (where you isolate, where you extract her, where you make out with her, where you fuck her, etc.).

More sex, gentlemen.

Less talk.

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