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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - mASF Post - “Phone Game”

Post by Sinn, October 10, 2006

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Original discussion thread:

So I've been asked by a bunch of people to type up some of my thoughts on phone game,

This is mostly stuff I've gathered from other sources so major props go to Mystery, Style and especially Future who has the tightest comfort game of anyone period.

First when to call, I prefer to text the same night if it's really on and if it's not I wait until the next day.

I alway text first, because it's more unobtrusive and an easy way to get your number into her phone giving a higher chance of her picking up when you call.

I usually will try to find some callback humor or point of reference in our conversation so she'll recognize it's me.

EX: Hey George ( callback to Boy name routine) do you know a good place to eat around here?

With txts it's important to make sure you follow her time table and don't respond right awasy when she txts back. Alwasy wait around the same amount of time she waited if not longer.

My main goal is ONLY to establish contact over the phone so it's not weird when I call her tomor.

I will call everyday for about a month to make sure I get in contact as if I can get a girl on the phone I will get her into bed every time.

I leave a hook message the first time:

" Hey bratface, it's Jon I just saw something about x( an interest of hers like surfing etc..) and I wanted to ask you something. Call me back 555-555-5555."

I would rather get a machine then a person as I can gauge how interested she is by how quickly she calls back.

I always leave messages and I never EVER block my number.

If you did your job on the D1 then there is no reason to try to be sneaky to get her on the phone, she should want to talk to you.

I NEVER try to get a girl out on the first phone call.

I call and bust on her, I tell stories( always the same ones BTW), I talk about my passions and what I'm working on and I may begin my grounding sequence.

I never ask what she's doing, what's she's going to do that night etc..

The phone talk ration is almost 90/10 in the begginning as one of the main things a girl is looking for on a call is if there will be awkward silence. Because if it's not fun on the phone, why would she want to see you in person?

Remember to alwasy time constraint your phone calls.

I will also always pick up my call waiting and sometimes I will take fake calls.

Something I learned from Mystery is when you get back from call waiting call her baby and then if she asks why you did that, say "sorry wrong person"

If I have left a message and she hasn't called back , I will vary the times I call at from 3 AM to noon. And I will leave a message everytime. Girls hate when you just call and don't leave a message.

Here's a great secondary VM to leave from Hollywood in NY:
" Hey it's me, I'm gonna be in and out all day but try to catch me. If not I'll talk to you later."

Once you have not had your intial voicmail don't ask her to call you back again, instead say you'll talk to her later.

When you do get her on the phone, alwasy make her commit to the call, by asking her to put whatever she's doing away for five minutes to talk to you.

At this point I will start my "hijacked my brain campaign" and alternate between teasing, hot/cold, DHV laced stories, and comfort building material.

I'm always looking for her trying to make plans with me. if you are doing well on the phone after a few minutes the girl will ask what you are doing that night.

At this point you should have a DHV laced activity set up, and if not make one up. The absolute wrong answer is " I don't know".

If a girl responds positively to what I'm doing I will invite her to tag along to something I'm doing earlier.

This is money because it's not implying a large commitment of time as I have something to do later.

Another favorite tactic of mine is to call really later at night and talk to her until one of us goes to sleep. This is super money as you'll be the last person on her mind at night and the first in the morning. Make her imagine that you are right next to her while your talking.

I also send out mass good morning and good nite texts once or twice a week.

If you get anyone else on the phone, treat them like you were calling for them.

Say you've heard a lot of good things about them and ask them if they are interested in coming with your target on whatever your time bridge was.

After a few mins of this they should ask you if you want to talk to your target.

What are some topics and themes for the phone ?

Your favorite new song and band, What you are really excited about this week. The funniest thing that just happened to you, Some drama you or a friend are having, Your fav girl centric show( think Gray's anatomy, project runway, etc..) Something you hate or love about the girl, How you met a really cool girl whose name is ... ( here's one of my routines where I talk about how I met an awesome girl, then describe her but change her name to margret or ethel). Your family, and your grounding routine are great here as well.

The phone is a comfort building location, so you can act the exact same way you would in person. It is simply another location in which to game her.

Especially with 5 min or under # closes ( my speciality) you really need to fill in the canvas of your life in order to make her want to see you again.

You can def convince a girl to see you over the phone. But with solid game you shouldn't have to.

Finally something I'm throwing together now is my preliminary phone game structure:

Greeting: I say introduce yourself on the phone, because it will save you the awkward moment if she doesn't remember you. Some guys prefer to say hey it's me or let the girl try to figure it out. IME that is awkward and doesn't work.
Hook story: The funniest thing just happened, I just had the worst meeting ever, I love the Fashion Valley mall etc...
Hijacked my brain thread
Talk about what I'm doing that night I'm excited about. Here I wait to see if she asks to come or thinks it's really cool.
SOI(Statements of interest) about her in some unique fashion that she sees herself.
Future adventure projection: OMG If we are still friends in a month I am having the biggest party, you have to come etc...
Get off the phone simply with " I have to run. I'll talk to you later."

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of anything else right now. When I do I'll update this.


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