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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - From The Archives - “3 SECOND KISS OPENER - Use this to kiss her in the first 3 secs”

Classic post by MojoPUA, November 3rd, 2006

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There have been a several times where, while walking across a crowded room, I was able to make eye contact with a random girl, maintain it as we approach, and just kiss here. I have never failed with this (except one time in London that the girl was quickly pulled away by her friend)

These 3 second kiss closes I naturally did before entering the community. I didn’t know how it worked before; it just felt right at the moment. Though now I have analyzed and found the process.

Ensure the stage is as follows:
1) Crowded room (you cant avoid rubbing other shoulders as you walk)
2) Girl must be alone (or in back of friends where they do not have time to cock-block)
3) Girl must be approaching you
4) You must be approaching the girl
5) Initial eye contact should take place when she is 5 feet away

Follow these steps:
1) Eye Contact. Eye contact establishes the initial IOI. But it must be held on the approach. Uninterested girls would look away. You will know when she is interested or not.
2) Give the “I wanta fuck you like an animal” vibe. Genuinely thinking this will create the correct look in your face as to communicate it subconsciously, giving her the correct feeling.
3) Both of you should be approaching each other naturally as the crowd pushes you.
4) Upon approach, triangulate - look at her mouth, then at her eyes, then back at the mouth. then......
5) Go in for the kiss.
6) Walk off…

Viola, easy as that!

Now how does it work?

Glad you asked

- Paradoxically, the ultra crowded room provides isolation. None of her friends can see her, and thus judge her. Random people do not know her. So she is safe from being judged a slut.

- Girl must be alone or in back where friends may just walk away without notice. Again isolation.

- Maintaining eye contact and facial expressions provide strong IOIs. Your subconscious should be able to analyze her facial features, eye contact, and give you the "feeling" that she is kissable. You must have the sexual mindset so the correct communication will be sent to her subconscious.

- When you finally have her in almost in front of you, triangulate. Look at mouth then back at her eyes. She knows it’s kissing time.

- Gently, take hold of her waist and go in for the kiss.

- Walk off. Since both of you know subconsciously since the crowd is pushing you in opposite directions, there is no risk of rejection, the other person judging you, mediocre/awkward conversation, since you are naturally flowing away from each other in the crowd.

As I mentioned before, the only time it didn't work was with a girl in London. As we approach, our eyes locked, and going in for the kiss, from out of nowhere her friend pulled her away. It wasn’t that this process doesn’t work, the problem was that the room was not as crowded, allowing ample time for her friend to see the situation and "save" her from a very passionate kiss

Oh well. Her loss

- Mojo

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