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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - From The Archives - “Lay Report: Sarajevo Seduction”

Classic post by duncanhaven, November 9th, 2006

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First time to Bosnia and fairly excited to see this part of the world (as well as try the local HB cuisine).

My buddy Tiro, picks me up from the airport and we head straight to the hotel in the heart of Sarajevo near the old town.

It is colder than I anticipated, and most people were already bundled up in heavy winter coats, unfortunately not giving me the best view of some of the women outside, some really gorgeous faces.

9:45 pm - Night sets in and we head to a bar within walking distance from the hotel. Turns out it is a Mexican cafe/bar in the middle of Bosnia - go figure. Not a bad place, and full of people eating by the time we get there, but nothing worth immediate attention. I am happy to be in a warm place and be able to catch up with my friend. About five minutes later, three attractive girls come into the bar and wave eagerly at Tiro. He establishes that they are related to him in some way clearly putting them off limits as potential targets, but would be more than willing to be pawns for our benefit.

10:10 pm - A three set (all women) walks in and sits down at a larger corner table.

* This is a lounge/cafe setting so there was more seating around the table they chose giving us room to move in easily.

I keep my eyes set on the blonde in the center of the bunch, as she takes her winter coat off. Lovely breasts (Cs), thin waist and modest hips. Very feminine and poised in her movement... safely an HB8. The other two friends were probably around HB6s. (I am pretty harsh with my ratings though).

By the time their collective asses hit the fabric of the cushions, I was standing with Tiro winging me at the table on the adjacent side to them. The three pawns collected their belongings and followed in tow.

Me - "We are going to sit here, thanks." (a bit of a smirk)
HB8 - (brief smile)

At this point I don't even know if they understand english. I catch one of the set ordering a vodka drink of some sort.

Me - (Breaking the subtle hum of room) "Hey!!! You are in Mexico! You drink TEQUILLA in Mexico!!"
HBs - (laughing and looking at me in slight shock and slight confusion)
HB8 - "You like tequilla?"
Me - "Well it depends on how it is served..." (I turn to look at the uglier one of the HB6s) "See!!, she knows what I am talking about." (as she applies her lip gloss which, creates and eruption of laughter with the group)
Me - "So who here is going to teach me Bosnian???" (two of Tiro's girls and HB8 raise their hands in a collective "I will!"
Me - "How about you tequilla?? (New nickname of for the lip gloss HB6) You don't want to teach me?"
HB6 - (grinning - says something, something - who cares)
Me - (Looking directly at HB8) "No!, you teach me!" (I move and place myself between them and next to the HB8 and kino her arm as if to stabilize myself to sit down). "Okay, my first lesson... how do you say your name?"
HB8 - (Says her name)
Me - "Nah... I'll just call you Vodka since your friend is Tequilla." (laughter around the table). "Would anyone like a little Vodka??" (Pointing to the HB8 keeping the laughter going).

Side note - I briefly notice a tampon in one of the HB6s handbag. Now for all you fledglings out there, women consistently around one another usually end up having the same menstrual cycles... so if one is on her period chances are they all are. Personally, not a huge fan of a bloody ONS, but if she is just about to have her period, erogenous zones are even more sensitive, making sex more intense.

Me - "No, seriously, I don't drink... (serious face) "Excuse me waiter! Can I have a double Vodka please!!"
HB8 - "You are much funny!" (still finishing off the previous laugh)
Me - "Honestly, this is never going to work darling... we don't even speak the same language".
HB8 - (Shrugs and tilts her head at me with a deep eye contact stare)
Me - "Well, I guess there are more ways to communicate than speaking, wouldn't you agree?" (smiling back at her)
HB8 - (Nods still keeping the eye contact solid) *Frankly I don't think she understood half of what I was saying but was purely responding to my alpha exhibition.
Me - "Bloody hell, how do you stay warm here?" (I take the opportunity to grab her hand and press it between mine) "How are you so warm??.. Is it me?" (smiling devilishly).
HB8 - (Flings her head back laughing) No! Me - "Okay, fine! Tequilla you teach me Bosnian!!" (switching my BL away from the HB8)

Carried it on back and forth in a jovial, light and relaxed manner for another eight minutes or so and then decided to extract the HB8.

About 11:00pm

Me - "Okay, enough for me, I am going to get in my warm bed now!" (Looking around at Tiro, the pawns and landing and keeping a gaze planted on the HB8)
HB8 - "You leave now?!"
Me - "To my hotel, yes... come here, I can't hear you." (I take her by the hand and stand up and walk to the coat rack a few meters away from the table)
*At the coat rack
Me - "Walk with me to my hotel". (A demand, not a request) (I am quite close to her and emanating energy)
HB8 - (Looks at the table and her two friends and exhibits the slightest LMR) "I have friend here.." (Clearly distressed about the dilemma)

I had the option for an easy k-close, but I wanted an f-close or nothing at all that night.

Me - (Fixing my collar on my coat) "They're fine, see how they are laughing?" (A good wing always keeps you covered - Thanks Tiro).
HB8 - (Looks to see them in hysterics and clearly not worrying where their friend has gone; a perfect unspoken approval) "Okay, I walk with you!" (Beaming a smile).
Me - "Let's go darling." (bending my arm so that she can hold onto me and showing as if I expected nothing less)

Conversation is minimal on the walk. I escalate the kino to brushing the hair from her face and brushing her cheek with my thumb. I occasionally have my hand pressed onto her lower back moving my thumb ever so slightly adding that little extra bit of sensuality. I catch her looking at me in my periphery, but I keep a forward pleasant gaze, admiring the amazing city and quaint streets occasionally commenting on how beautiful it all is. Comfort was essential now; she needed the reassurance that I was still the dominant figure. It is REALLY freaking cold, so staying pressed together was a default that worked to my advantage.

We get to the entrance of my hotel and I don't even slow my pace to the stairwell and to floor that my room is on and she doesn't acknowledge it or raise any objection either. I get to my door and unlock it, at which point she swiftly pulls my coat toward her and kisses me heavily. I was half-expecting her to get her fill with the kiss and run away like a little girl getting a last voracious lick of her ice cream before having to throw it away...

I could almost tell those were her intentions prior to the kiss, but once the wheels where set in motion and the heat picked up at the doorway, she fell into my room with me.

I carried her with our faces pressed into a kiss, to the bed, her feet dangling about 4 or 5 inches from the ground.

*(One thing about winter sex, in below freezing weather - shit-tonnes of clothes that you have to take off!) Best thing to do, is add it into the foreplay. I luckily had set up my ipod with a mix (specially formulated for such situations) at hand and ready at a click of the remote.

I laid her on her back on the bed and ground my knee in between her legs pressing into her sex, as I moved my hands from her hips up her sides, disheveling her clothing, while bitting lightly on her neck. Bit by bit I would whisper in a hot breathy way in her ear "Take off your coat... take off your shirt... etc.". I personally like to pull boots or shoes off of a woman. Could be my own strange fetish, but it is a forceful act and subliminally indicates dominance if done right.

Now keep in mind she is on her back on the bed, arms up over her head, eyes half open, mouth subtly open, and I am standing still fully clothed lifting one of her legs up to me and unzipping her boots keeping a piercing eye contact clearly enjoying the very act of her squirming on the bed. One boot and then the next...

Before she can fully get her pants off, I am back between her legs grinding firmly against her mound. I undo her front release bra and kiss on the side of her breast and graze her nipple moving up to her neck. (she shudders). I continue this for another three minutes or so.

(I am still leery of her possibly being on her period. There is no scent that is usually present when a woman is menstruating, but the air is cold, and scent has less of a range.)

I slide back down, with my tongue between her breasts and down to her abdomen as she arches her back thrusting her navel up against my mouth. My mouth is inches from her sex and I use the opportunity to pull her pants completely off and yank down her panties from behind and off in one felled swoop grazing my wrist and fist against her ass and perinium (a HUGE erogenous zone) which results in her nipples instantly hardening, goose bumps everywhere and subtle moaning release of breath.

Thank the gods! - No tampon string or pad!

She is now fully nude and curling her legs around my waist and thrusting her hand over my chest, stomach and crotch. I kiss her inner thigh and move to the back of her knee as my other hand moves across her sex to her stomach. Her breathing is very strong at this point and I can tell she is dying to have direct stimulation but still loving the tease.

I step back about half a foot and tell her to undo my pants. She obliges as I pull my sweater and shirt off in one go. She pulls my pants and underwear down almost clawing my legs. She is voracious... I am savoring it.

I move through the formalities of getting the condom on as discreetly as possible and try to keep the heavy petting up as much as possible during the whole action. (Never just stop and concentrate on putting the condom on... you can chew gum and walk at the same time, right?)

Something that really gets a woman hot is slapping your cock against her clit... field tested and to date drives them all wild, bar none. It is a highly sexually charged action and shows great sexual confidence and uninhibitedness.

I got her yelping and moaning and about two minutes later slid myself in as deeply as possible and just stayed still. She arched he back as her knees rose and let out an almost gasping whimper... turned me on like hell. I was on top, face to face and telling her: "Your are sooo hot around me... I can feel you squeezing me". She shifted her hips from side to side, aching for me to move. I moved slowly in and out of her as if to feel every bit of her carefully for the next six to seven minutes. I playfully bit her nipples, kissed her ears and whispered how I was getting harder inside of her... all of which got her gradually tensing more firmly around me.

I pulled out and flipped her by the hip onto her stomach and guided myself forcefully back inside, but this time with a progressively increasing rhythmic pump. I grabbed hold of her hair with one hand aggressively and held her waist with the other as leverage until I was moving fast enough to get her tensing around me and gushing ultimately getting me to climax.

I laid on my back next to her on the bed until our breathing subsided and pulled the covers over us both. About half an hour later, I showered, and slept until morning to find her awake next to me. She smiled, gave me a twenty second or so kiss, got up, showered, got dressed and left.

Tiro called me a few hours later laughing to himself, telling me that he had gotten my HB8s phone number from her friends should I care to keep up. I may very well, anytime I frequent Sarajevo! But... back in London now... much to be done here!

Comments or questions welcome, thanks!


Duncan Haven

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