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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - From The Archives - “LR: Good Girl, Bad Girl”

Classic post by CaptainJack, May 10th, 2007

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Sinn and I hit a Wing place about 6:00 to get some seats early for the De La Hoya and Mayweather fight. Luckily for Sinn we got a waitress with Jumbo-sized Hooters and the gaming began.

Soon after Twitchy arrived and finally Fidelio.

As always happens with Twitchy and/or Fidelio the shots begin coming hard and heavy. By the time the fight ends (boo) I’m pleasantly buzzed.

Sinn number closes the waitress who has 2 roommates who also work there.

We walk to a nearby venue. After getting a drink, Sinn points out a 2set. A cute innocent-looking brunette with brown eyes, a slender frame and a really nice ass with perky tits and another cute girl with Jumbo Hooters and a great ass.

Of course Sinn wanted the Jumbo Hooters girl.

I think about how I’m going to open and they walk by, it looks like they’re leaving and I say, “You guys can’t leave, we haven’t talked yet.”

I had that cued up because a week ago I was in a bookstore coffee shop and a very hot girl left before I got a chance to get off the phone and open her. She walked past me and I hesitated. I decided now that anytime a girl is about to leave my presence before I game her is going to get that statement.

They giggled and walked past. When they came and sat back down I strolled over and said the first thing that came out of my mouth:

CJ: "This song was real popular when I was in High School."

I don’t remember exactly what was said but they weren’t having it for the first minute or so. Sinn came in and occupied Jumbo-sized Hooters.

Before you know it we’re in mini-isolation and I’m making fun of her for being so young and immature. Turned out she had just turned 21 a few weeks ago and this was her first time at the bar.

I ran strawberry fields. 10 strawberries she says. Hmmmm….bad girl I tell her. She says she’s not bad, she’s good. Her parents are both Ministers AND she’s going to teach church camp this summer.

A bust-fest ensued. I told her I was going to sneak out there and eat strawberries with her at the camp, etc.

Sinn was in good with his girl.

Then, Jesus and Mary arrived. They didn’t like me from the get go. I later found out that Jesus had a thing for my Target and was extremely protective of her.

I knew my girl liked me but Jesus and Mary weren’t taking my friendship advances so I went to go chat with Fidelio, Twitchy and Secondchance.

While talking to them I caught her looking at me. I smiled (on the inside) and kept chatting with them.

I went back over there and started gaming again. I told her I wanted to get a drink and made her escort me to the bar. She really loosened up when Jesus and Mary weren’t around but when they were around she wasn’t willing to role play so I knew I had to get her in full isolation.

I managed it (later I found out Sinn had to reassure them multiple times I was a cool guy, etc. They liked him and he was able to at least buy us some time.)

When I got her alone I ran Discovery Channel and I could see her get horny. I made out with her right then.

I backed off a bit and ran “$18 for the Light Bill” and we made out again.

Sinn had been working on the pull and texted me to work on the pull with my Target. Jesus and Mary came back by and my Target clammed up again.

Somehow we lost Jesus and Mary and we pulled our girls back to the Pirate Pad. Since both of us had already made out with our targets we almost immediately started making out right after I put on the DVD.

Sinn pulled his Target to the floor and started making out. I took my girl to my bedroom and got her totally naked in my bed but she wouldn’t let me into the Pink Palace.

I throttled back and started building more comfort in between bouts of heavy make-outs. I made sure to set up a Day2 for the next Tuesday. Then, I fingered her until she came.

We talked on the phone twice, exchanged text messages the following couple days and she showed up for our date.

I sat her down and gave her some wine which she said tasted “baconey.” Haa. I had South Park on and she told me she was never allowed to watch it because her parents where religious…ha. She liked it. She thought it was so funny that the little kids were cussing.

I made out with her again and escalated on the couch. I noticed some tension and eased off. She asked, “Where are we going?” So that was a confirmation of what I suspected. I needed to take her out or face dreaded LMR again.

I took her out and resumed the bad girl frame I set up via my version of Strawberry Fields. She loved it at first but then she started insisting she was a good girl. I changed the subject and we bounced to a different venue.

I ran my Cosmo Routine (which encapsulates Bandler’s SRT) and she flushed. We made out again. I then told her I loved how she was a good girl who could act bad when she really wanted to…

I then dirty talked to her almost the whole drive home. Saying things like, "I'm going to tie you up and blind fold you and fuck you from behind." and lots of shit like that.

Got her back to my place under the pretense of watching “Superman Returns.” I escalate on the couch. Her little panties were so soaked they were slippery on the outside. But, I was still worried about LMR so I wanted to penetrate before trying to take her to the room.

Success and she's hot enough to keep in the Top 3 rotation (yay!)

~ Captain Jack ~

P.S. Spent last night with her, too. She confessed that she broke up with her boyfriend on Monday night. Haa.

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