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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - mASF Post - “LR: Easy First Date Lay with a J-Girl from a Lounge”

Recent post by Regal, March 1, 2008

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Original discussion thread:

This lay was eeeeeeasy. Hardly any work involved. It's nice to get an easy one thrown your way every now and again. Only talked for her for a few minutes in the lounge, and the next time I talked to her she was coming over to my pad. Took a little time once I actually had her there, but I knew it was in the bag from the start. Plenty of hilarious drunken LMR dialogue that I barely remember and I'm sure she doesn't... lol. She cooked me some good (if messy) food. This chick's going to make an awesome FB.

Me: good looking 25 y/o white male, dressed in similar clothes when I met her in the lounge and when I met her at my apartment. Cool, tight-fitting t-shirt with a neat design on it; Tibetan mandella pendant; black leather jacket; ripped designer jeans from MEK; pointy mottled brown leather cowboy boots from Aldo at the lounge and laid back suede brown boots from Zengara at home.

Her: 24? y/o Japanese female, cute-borderline-hot in lounge and cutesy-cute on our date; wearing sexy shiny shirt at the lounge and tight jeans; at my pad she wore a loose-fitting white sleeveless shirt with a paint-splatter design and a jean shirt. It was a really slutty looking outfit... haha. She actually had surprisingly large, natural titties - I didn't think J-girls came like that! I titty-fucked her on my sofa later

Meet to Lay: One week.

Time spent with girl before lay: 6 hours

Keys to the Lay:

- Strong first impression at the lounge
- Good follow-up game
- Recognizing and capitalizing on her signal that she wanted to see me
- Good compliance
- Decent incidental kino
- Setting the right mood
- Building a good connection and making her comfortable
- Lots of alcohol!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Last Friday, I went out with my buddy to a lounge we had previously checked out on Tuesday for the first time. It was a small, cool-looking joint with good music and we wanted to see what kind of crowd it drew on the weekend.

When we got there on Friday, we briefly scoped the place out and saw that it was mostly fat chicks. Daaaammn! There's not a whole lot of fat chicks in San Diego in general... I guess that's where they hang out though. Maybe the place was offering free food with every drink or something... dunno. I did see a couple of hotties, including a pair of Japanese girls sitting at the bar who were getting approached by just about every guy in the place, in quick succession. I thought, "I'm talking to those girls."

I positioned myself and my buddy near the two of them at the bar, but their backs were to me and they were engaged with two other dudes. I ordered my drink and tried to figure out how to go in. The guys were starting to stall out... one guy introduced his other friend as an MMA fighter to the girls, which got a lukewarm reception from them. I seized on that as my opportunity to 1) rescue the girls from the guys and 2) bail the guys out of an awkward situation. I opened the cooler of the two guys: "You're an MMA fighter? That's fucking awesome!" He was glad that someone cared, and I was talking to the two guys.

As soon as I opened the two guys, the girls, whose backs were still to us, were engaged by the next guys in line. Poor girls. My buddy started talking to one of the guys, and the other guy rolled off and was chatting up the bouncer, watching the girls he'd been talking to and the new guys they were talking with. One of the guys talking to the girls left, and the other guy was in good with his girl. The girl nearest to me wasn't talking to anyone, and started looking bored. Bingo.

I positioned myself back facing the bar again, and when she turned herself toward the bar too, I opened her from the side.

"You are having WAAAY too much fun over here."

My favorite opener. Works every time.

Her: [laughs] "Yeah, my friend is talking to that guy and I'm so bored."
Me: "Hey, you have an accent; where are you from?"
Her: "Japan."
Me: "Oh really... in that case, kanichewa!"
Her: "Hahahaha... kanichewa!"

I was in. We started talking about travel, and I told her about South Korea. She said she really, really wanted to go there. (a few days later I read an article about how Japanese girls are crazy about Korean guys right now...)

After I'd been talking to her for about five minutes, I felt my phone blowing up in my pocket. I checked it to find that my buddy had sent me a text. "Whenever you're ready, we can go." I looked over and he was just chillaxing. Guess he didn't want to talk to any of the fat girls.

I didn't see it going anywhere with the Japanese chick that night, but felt like I already had a solid enough connection with her that I could close. I talked to her for another minute or two (total of maybe 6 or 7 minutes of conversation). I told her my name and asked her hers. When I heard her name, I thought it was another one at first and told her I'd dated a girl in college by that other name. She got really excited and said she had two friends with that name.

I felt like that was a good note to leave on, so I said, "Hey listen, we're heading out to another place cause my buddy is kinda bored here... he just sent me a text." She said oh, then asked where we were going, then looked at her friend, still engrossed with the guy she was talking with.

I continued, "I like you though, you're cool. Let me get your contact info. Do you have a cell?" She whipped out her cell and I pulled out mine. I put her name in and had her type her number in. The guy I'd drawn away from her originally was watching the whole thing and smiling and shaking his head. I introduced my girl to my buddy, then bid her farewell, then said goodbye to the guys we talked to earlier and left.


I sent her a text that night: "Great to make a new friend, world traveler! Sleep well tonight. -chase" No response.

I called on Sunday, no answer. I sent her a text instead of leaving a voicemail. "Kanichewa! Hope your weekend was a blast. I barely avoided TJ last night, fun night! -chase" [TJ = Tijuana, the grimy Mexican town just south of the border, for San Diego outsiders ]

She sent me a reply text: "Oh sorry I didn't recognize the number, that's why I didn't answer. My weekend was not fun, but oh well."

I sent back: "That sucks - next weekend will be fun though! [lol, I had a feeling anyway...] Put me in your phone, so you'll know who it is next time!"

Two days later, on Tuesday, I called again, no answer. Sent her another text: "Hope your week's going well! Just had some delicious dinner at Big Kahuna's..."

She sent me a reply back apologizing for missing my call again, and we shot a few SMSs back and forth - she had 3 tests this week, and 2 next week.


I gave the Japanese girl a call yesterday after I got out of the gym. No answer. I left a voicemail this time: "Kanichewa, how are you? Just calling to say hi. I just got out of the gym, gotta go do some grocery shopping now, then figure out what's going on tonight. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon!"

She called me back a minute later. I talked to her as I was driving home. We chatted about her school and her tests, but that wasn't a really good topic so I let her vent a little bit about it then got her off the topic. We talked a lot about bars - she likes to talk about them. Then we had this conversation:

Me: Doing anything exciting this weekend?
Her: I don't know... I tried calling my friend three times today, but she didn't answer... I guess she's not going out... I really wanted to go out this weekend, I really wanted to have fun this weekend, but now I guess I'm not going to... I guess I'm just going to stay home...

Well gosh, if you're going to make it THAT easy for me!

Me: Well, we're going out somewhere tonight, not sure where yet but you're welcome to come with us.
Her: Really? Where are you going?
Me: Dunno yet, I can let you know when we decide though and you can come out.
Her: I'm so bored right now. You shouldn't be bored on a Friday, right?
Me: No. Friday is your day to party and release.
Her: Yeah.
Me: Tell you what. I'm on my way home right now, I should be there in like twenty minutes. Why don't you drive to my place, and we can make some dinner. Do you know how to cook?
Her: Yeah, I cook - I cooked some pizza last week.
Me: From scratch? You made it yourself?
Her: Yeah, I made the dough, added the yeast-
Me: That's awesome. Pizza's my favorite food. Ok, let me give you my address - do you know Mapquest?
Her: Yeah.
Me: Ok, let me give you my address, and let's say, do you think you can be here in an hour? That should be enough time to get ready.
Her: Um, yeah, I can try. Ok, can you text me you address?
Me: Sure, that works.
Her: Why don't I text you when I'm leaving, in one hour? Is that good?
Me: Yeah, works for me. I'll talk to you in a little bit.
Her: Ok. Text me your address, ok?
Me: You got it. Bye.
Her: Bye.


I scrambled to clean up my place, burn a smooth, mood-setting CD (thanks Klutch) and get the right vibe going on. I've been looking at some of the lays I've botched in isolation most recently, and the common theme is that the girl just isn't super comfortable. So this time, I wanted to add mood, music, aromas, and alcohol to the picture.

When the Japanese girl got here, she parked and came up to my place. I had her take off her shoes at the entrance, and I sat on the couch. She stood. I handed her the book from my bartending class that I just completed and told her to pick out a drink she liked, and we'd buy ingredient for that before we went to go grocery shopping. She picked a Colorado Bulldog (basically, a White Russian in a bigger glass with more cream and a splash of cola thrown in).

We walked to the liquor store across from my place and bought some Kahlua, pineapple juice (to switch things up later), and Coke. Fun later when we tried to open that pineapple juice... I've had this can opener forever but never bothered to learn how to use it... suffice it to say, that can of pineapple juice is still unopened. Maybe I'll give it to homeless people or something.

I told her I'd pay for the booze if she got the food. She said ok. Then we went to the food store.

Me: "Okay... what's for dinner?"
Her: "Huh? I thought... hahaha!"

Guess she didn't realize I was going to put her on the spot like that. Well, that's just how I DO, girl!!!

She said she usually makes Japanese food with Japanese ingredients that she buys from Japanese food stores. So I said ok, what about that pizza you made last week? We decided to do that, and went searching for ingredients. We found them, she paid, and we left.

As we were walking back to my car with the ingredients, she said, "Did you forget what my face looked like?" I said no, not really. I had a pretty good memory. Then I said:

"You forgot my face, huh?" She said she kinda remembered, not really my face, but... I said, "You couldn't remember exactly what I looked like, you just remembered thinking, 'This guy is really, really hot.'" She laughed and said I was funny. I don't know what was funny about that.

Back home, she made the pizza. While the dough waited (the yeast was supposed to do something, apparently, although it never did), I put on some tunes and made us those Colorado Bulldogs. They were pretty good... almost chocolaty. She liked it a lot. We sat on the couch and just talked. There was space between us, so incidental kino wasn't great. I touched her on the high points though.

While the pizza cooked, I went to make us drinks again, but ran out of vodka. Ah! Back to the liquor store to buy more. The liquor store guy said I must be having a good night. Yes, and it got better later

The pizza was a mess. The dough was super-soft and squishy, and we used regular pasta sauce, not pizza sauce. It was still good though - more like eating pasta than pizza. Tasty nonetheless, and filling. I went to give her a kiss when we were very close, as I thanked her for the pizza, but she turned her head so my lips went to her cheek. Oh wells. I sat on the sofa again, and when she sat down next to me she had this HUGE, excited smile. She knew she was getting it later.

Then we sat and talked and drank and listened to music. We just talked and talked. I thought I might have to put a movie on at some point, but there was plenty of conversation and I never had to. As the night wore on, and we got drunker and our conversation turned to more intimate things (I got her talking about her childhood, about her feelings... lots of good stuff), I escalated kino more and more, grabbing her at different points, and at one point putting my head on her shoulder (I was demonstrating for a story I was telling, I can't even remember what story though).

One of the more interesting topics we talked about was her saying how she sometimes wakes up in the morning and just feels so lonely. Another thing we talked about was the guys hitting on her at the bar after I left that Friday night. They were amazingly ignorant about Japan... one guy was trying to say that Japan is like Mexico because they're both poor countries. She was like, uhhhh, Japan is not poor. Japan's per capita income is higher than the US.

At another point, she pulled out my Victoria's Secret bag from under the glass top of the big coffee table in front of us, and started peppering me with questions about it, none of which I answered straight. I love this bag, I'm going to make a mini-post about it.


Around 11 o'clock (round 5 if you're keeping track of alcohol), the "IT'S ON" vibe was super strong and obvious. Still, she was avoiding kissing me. I declared I had to go to the bathroom, and she said, "Me too!" and raced me in. I immediately started making out with her in the bathroom (she tried to pull back, but I just grabbed her face and stuck my tongue in there), kissing and licking her neck and shoulders, and popped out her boobies and went to work on them. I totally could've fucked her right there, but I had to piss really bad. So I stopped it and we each took care of our business.

Back on the couch, I started making out with her again and playing with her boobs and legs. She started asking me all kinds of LMR questions. Like:

Her: What are you looking for with me? Do you want to have sex?
Me: I'm thinking about it.
Her: You can be honest. Do you just want to have sex? You can tell me the truth.
Me: We'll see, I'm still deciding.
Her: Because if you just want to have sex, you can forget it. I'm not that kind of girl.
Me: Hey, look at me: you know me. You know I'm not the kind of guy who's going to fuck you and then forget about you.
Her: I DON'T know you! That's the-
Me: Yes you do. You know me.

Then I showed her this video of "Yatta!", these Japanese guys dressed up with nothing but whitey tighties on and leaves over their dicks, singing and doing ridiculous stuff. She knew exactly who they were and couldn't stop laughing and said she couldn't believe I had it. Then I played some of my music for her, and she was really impressed with that.

Then more making out, then the shirt came off, then the bra came off, then EVERYTHING came off. Then I whipped out my cock and went to town on her on my sofa. Every time I tried to move her to the bed, she just shoved that pussy at my cock and I had to keep fucking her. Mmmm. Finally I got her to the bed and worked my magic, giving her a bunch of orgasms and her telling me, "You're so GOOD!" and me telling her, "I know." Every time I would start kissing her she would ask me, "Why are you kissing me?" Guess she really doesn't like to kiss.

The weird thing was that while I was fucking her, she kept saying, "No! Stop!" Not like screaming it or anything, just weakly protesting. I knew it wasn't real, but still I asked her, "Do you actually want me to stop?" She never responded to that. I think she was just in her own little world, and instead of saying, "Yes! YES!" she was saying, "No! NO!"

Weird thing part two: after I blew a load in her on the couch and we were there naked, she goes, "Did we just have sex?"

Whoa girl, you're HAMMERED!

I said, "Uh, yeah!"

She said, "Really??!! We just had SEX???"

Same thing after I fucked her in bed.

The next day she didn't remember it at all (no girl should be able to forget sex with ME! Not even sloppy drunk sex! I'm not sure how that happened). We woke up hung over, and she remarked that she didn't have panties or bra on, and asked if we had sex last night. I said yeah, on the sofa and in bed. She said, "Really?" Then she asked if I came inside her. Haha, yeah, I was drunk and irresponsible. She said, "You CAN not DO that!" I said, "I tried to hold back, so it was just a little bit." She whispered, "It doesn't matter," exasperatedly.

I've really gotta stop fucking chicks raw... I need to be more considerate of my Bebita; I don't want to catch anything and pass it to her. Each time after I busted a nut in the Japanese chick, I went back and soaped up my dick real good in the bathroom. Plus, kids with random chicks is the last thing I need right now.

I wanted to make waffles for her this morning (well... afternoon) when we got up, but I didn't have waffle mix. Oh wells. At first she couldn't find her bra (I told her I liked her better without it and squeezed her titties; she laughed). Then I realized I better find it, since my Bebita is going to be staying with me for a week when she moves her next week, and the last thing I need is for her to find some other chick's bra. Her knowing I fuck other girls is one thing... her seeing the evidence would be something else altogether... yikes! I replayed events, sat down on my sofa (where I disrobed the Japanese girl), and found the bra under the table in front of the sofa. I gave her a hug and tried to give her a goodbye kiss, but she dodged that, and we said bye and she went home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Keys to the Lay:

- Strong first impression at the lounge
- Good follow-up game
- Recognizing and capitalizing on her signal that she wanted to see me
- Good compliance
- Decent incidental kino
- Setting the right mood
- Building a good connection and making her comfortable
- Lots of alcohol!

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