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Recent post by 60 years of challenge, March 5, 2008

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Original discussion thread:

We have 2 needs.

Until you balance these 2 needs your life with women will be in conflict.

Need 1: Sexual Debauchery

Bangin' Asses
Big Tits

Need 2: Feminine Energy

Bright Eyes
Shy look
Art, Poetry


Guys with 1itis (who haven't had sex with the girl yet) have too much Need 2 and suppress Need 1.

That's fine, but the goal is to start a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with a woman.

For some strange reason sex gets her more emotionally and physically invested in you (go figure) giving you a much better chance of enjoying her feminine essence for a MUCH longer time in a MUCH better role.

I'm convinced these guys don't want to fuck their 1itis. They are content just basking in her feminine aura (need 2).

IOW, they're just happy to be there.

My friend asked me how he could "get" this girl he's liked since high school.

I told him he will never get her because I believe he doesn't really want to fuck her.

He is so awed by her feminine energy he can't believe that she wants to be taken and fucked hard.

Thus he doesn't project & subcom enough sexuality around her, thus he will never seduce her, thus he will never "GET" her

These types can't or don't want to picture their special girl as a sexual being so they subconsciously neuter themselves and become her gal pal in the hopes of spending more time around her and sucking up her feminine essence like a vampire.

We tell these guys to GFTOW but they really just need to learn how to want to fuck ONE woman. Their 1itis.

Until they realize that the same "special" woman in which they experienced true feminine beauty (list 2) is the same woman who would truly ENJOY deepthroating their cock, they will never have the sexual vibe/presence necessary to SEDUCE their 1itis and lead her to the bedroom.

Getting the girl MEANS starting a sexual relationship.

When you become needy for FEMININE ENERGY you forget about your sexual drive.

It's much harder to start a sexual relationship (get the girl) when sex is 5th on the list of things you want from her. Right after self esteem, compassion, understanding, and a cute smile.

It's funny because women think all guys are only after one thing, sex.

If they only knew how many guys hang around just to leech off their feminine energy due to their own NEEDINESS, they would be shocked.


I enjoy feminine energy and sex equally.

In fact, if someone asked me why I am here and what my goals are, I would say...

- To have more sex
- To be around & enjoy feminine energy

But when I was younger I had 2 problems

1. I had a NEEDY desire for feminine energy
2. I suppressed my true sexual desires

IOW, my NEEDY desire for the feminine outweighed even my desire to get a blowjob.

As you can imagine this lowered my sexual drive around the girls I really liked.

This always led to not fucking them, thus only getting to enjoy their feminine energy the few times I was around them as the "friend". The sexually confident guys got the blowjob and got to enjoy their feminine energy. Bastards! LOL

These girls could sense my NEEDINESS

Not my neediness for SEX... but my neediness for the FEMININE.

For their softness, their beauty, their love, their kindness, their reassurance.

I was not a man yet.

I had to learn to be happy being alone.

I had to learn to love myself first.

After a long journey I can now enjoy feminine energy but I don't NEED it.

I appreciate it and I want it in my life... but I don't NEED it and I am definitely not afraid of it.

I step to women as a sexual man first, never apologizing for my desires...but besides sex, I love feminine energy.

I tried to explain it in words, but no matter how you define it, feminine energy is one of the great pleasures in life.


The so called "bad boys" do good with women because they are tuned into need #1 and don't apologize for it.

They have the sexual threat part down.

This is attractive to women.

But, some of these guys (as tough as they act) are scared of need #2.


Thus, they call all girls sluts and whores

They are scared to have relationships. (see LG thread below).

Some men who get burned by the feminine become bitter and only focus on need 1.

"All girls are sluts blah, blah, blah"

If you think like this you are also out of balance

* * * * *

Tap into the power of need 1 and let it enhance your overall sexual presence.

Never be ashamed or apologize for it. Even your special snowflake would rather you want her because you find her sexy than because you want to hide from the harsh world in the bosom of her feminine energy.

This will lead to starting more sexual relationships (what society calls getting the girl), giving you the chance to enjoy her feminine energy from a much better position.

Is she screens well, than you may choose to spend more time around that energy.

But don't let fear of the feminine or one bad experience turn you into a jaded guy who thinks women are all untrustworthy and only good for sex.

Don't be afraid of feminine energy. Appreciate it, enjoy it...just don't NEED it.

Oh, you can never OWN it either.

You will not feel complete until both needs are in balance.

Yes, one woman can satisfy BOTH needs.


"Feminine energy is best when simply appreciated, not needed"

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