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What's New on Fast Seduction 101 - mASF Post - “Why Baddog Never Caveman's, and why you shouldn't either”

Recent post by baddog, March 13, 2008

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Original discussion thread:

1) It's needy and BAFC.

2) It makes her the prize.

3) It's ineffective.

4) Date rape / sexual harassment anyone?

I had a very young (20) SHB11 over at my place yesterday ( I don't give 10s anymore ) Who is absolutely stunning - a professional model, and beauty pageant winner - who beat out something like 30 other SHB girls at her last pageant for top prize. She is a fun girl too - great attitude, no bitch shield whatsoever - really, just a joy to be around. My gut tells me she is also VERY inexperienced sexually….. but curious .

Well, she is also VERY touchy feely, and wore a pair of SUPER low jeans, with half of her amazing ass hanging out. It really was too much for me.

Now, an AFC would be grabbing that ass quick. Me? I grabbed her PANTS AND YANKED THEM UP, and told her that she was a bad girl, and to stop distracting me....

She then gave me some playful back-talk, so I bent her over my knee and gave that perfect ass a nice little slap. She loved it!

So this set up a pattern - each time she got sassy, her ass got a little smack. We were sitting very close to each other on my big couch (touching) and so I kept escalating slowly with hand kino, then arm, upper back, then low back. I would also do frequent takeaways saying:

"You are so BAD!" or "You are so CUTE - I cant stand it!" and then pile up pillows between us, or do a back turn.


I continued this escalation alternating with spanking her and doing takeaways - classic push/pull tactics, and she really was into it - laughing, and joking, and saying that I was "crazy"

Me: "Crazy????....and tell me, what is it you like about CRAZY GUYS????"

Her: "um....they're CRAZY!!!"

Me: (threw her over my lap, against my boner, and gave her ANOTHER spanking!)

...after a bit more of this, I face her, cup her hair and face in my hands, and go for a kiss. She pulls back (she's not ready! don’t ever force it!) so I do another playful takeaway, and go back to joking and much lighter kino.

At the end of the session (this lasted on and off for about 2 hours) I walked her to her car. She joked that I had just sexually harassed her, so I said:

"ME???? It's YOU and those JEANS - just look at your ass hanging out!"

Her: "Hey - I always wear low jeans!" (qualifying herself)

Me: "Yea, well, I don't like it! pull them up for god's sake" (at this point I grab her belt and give her a wedgie!)

As I walked her to her car (David D tip - always be a gentleman) I walked ahead.....and then turned around and said:

"HEY!!!!STOP LOOKING AT MY ASS!!!!! (Frame reversal) as I covered it with both hands. She literally burst out laughing, turned to one side, thrust her ass out at me and said:

"Well, what do you think of MY ass?????"

Me: "It's ok...I guess....a little bit too SKINNY though...."

She gave me one of those "I cant believe you just said that" looks and smiled. I finished walking her to her car, gave her a BIG hug (no kiss attempt) and whispered in her ear:

"I can tell we are going to be great FREINDS because we love each other SO much!"

(Combined with the kino of the hug, and the emotional drama of parting, this was a hypnotic command, because of the ambiguity in it)

....and then I playfully pushed her away.

A few hours later, I received this E-mail from her (in part):

"One thing I have to say that you have a really nice cozy place. I had a good time messing around with you. Class is almost over but I really hope we can keep in touch. You're the most one of a kind instructor I've have ever had.

Please don't mind my words and actions here and there. I had fun!"

I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on this girl - she's an HSE goodgirl, and she's a ton of fun. Her looks are actually besides the point - I'd feel the same way if she was a 7.


Pretty much any AFC would have been ALL OVER THIS CHICK like a bad rash once in isolation. I probably could have laid her had I escalated more forcefully (grabbing her crotch, biting her neck, pick her up, carry her into the bedroom, and rip her clothes off) but this would have set the wrong frame for the future.

1) It's important to respect a chicks boundaries - when she resisted the kiss, I didn't get all pissy or whiney, I just backtracked, did takeaways, and then re-escalated to the point of resistance again.

2)Because of this, she is now chasing. Any time I've cavemaned in the past, it has set me up for failure. You might get laid, but only once. I want to keep this chick around for a while.

3)Use SS PATTERNS. At one point after a brief freeze out, I re-initiated the conversation by using an open ended pattern on her:

"What do you like to do when you really feel like INDULGING yourself?"

This led to her describing how much she likes caramel in her coffee, so I started describing the sensations of having something sweet in your mouth (RJ’s BJ pattern) and this got her all frisky again.

So, forget about cavemanning women - seduce them, and bait them into chasing YOU down...the results are well worth it. -- At first, I wanted to fuck every woman I desired. Now, I only desire women I make want to FUCK. At long last, I've learned how to PLAY

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