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Your Step-by-Step Master Guide to the Fast Seduction 101 Materials

New to Fast Seduction 101?
I hear from guys asking all the time “Where do I start?” and “What’s the best way to learn all this stuff? There is so much material!”  Well, if you’re a new visitor to Fast Seduction 101 or are overwhelmed with all the sections and information on this site, I’ve outlined below (in as brief a way as possible) the best way to go about using this site and other resources so that you can optimize your path to becoming a master pick-up artist.  No matter what your past experience or where your skill level is now, following the information in the order provided below will garner you more positive success than you can possibly imagine right now.
Pick-up Art and Seduction Mastery
[ Acronym/Slang Dictionary ]
Refer to the acronym/slang dictionary for explanations of commonly-used acronyms, slang, and terms.

1) Make an important realization.

First, realize and accept the fact that if you are new to all this then you are probably an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump), a “nice guy”.  A guy who has no pick-up skills and rarely manages to close the deal with a chick. You’re used to referring to getting laid as “getting lucky”.  Also, you could be a guy who tends to supplicate in his behavior to women, especially good-looking women.  Meaning, buying flowers for a woman when going out for coffee, putting her on a pedestal, and generally letting her walk all over you in the vain hope of somehow being seen as attractive enough in her eyes to want to sleep with you.

2) Realize you must change.

If whatever you’ve been doing your whole life has been failing you, STOP. Begin to understand that you must learn new skills, build a whole new attitude, and change your current belief system.  You must put yourself in recovery mode, becoming a RAFC (Recovering AFC).  The process does not happen overnight, it takes dedication, time, effort, and experimentation.  It takes a devotion to wanting to improve your life, in a way that you can look back on this day as the start of achieving your ultimate goals.

3) Practice in moderation and build skills gradually.

Don’t try to learn everything at once.  Don’t try to absorb every bit of information and only then go out into the field expecting immediate results. Instead, visit this site regularly, maybe even once a day, learn at least 1 new thing, get at least 1 new understanding and put THAT to use.  Practice that new skill regularly.  Then come back and learn another new skill. Put that into use.  Over time, you will begin to find things which work best for you, and be able to throw away stuff that doesn’t affect your success as much.  You may even come to your own realizations and want to share your experience with others.  How long does it take to learn all this stuff adequately?  The answer is, does it really make a difference?   You either want to fix your life or not.  If it takes 6 months or 4 years, every day after that will be a much better life than you’re used to experiencing now.   I won’t lie to you, there is no “quick fix” or “magic pill” but there are things you can start doing now (and things you can stop doing) which will provide you with more immediate improvement. Remember, you are basically re-programming yourself to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and useless advice from clueless people.

4) Determine what you want.

When you start going out in the field to pick up chicks, you may be tempted to just go out without any kind of requirements as to what you are looking for.  Most guys will just say to themselves “If she looks hot and is willing to have sex with me, that’s good enough!”  Not really.  You still need to ask yourself whether you are looking for a one-time lay, a friend, a fuck buddy, a short-term relationship, or a long-term one.  You also need to figure out what kind of qualities you want, what kind of personality traits you would enjoy, what kind you are willing to tolerate, and what kind of things you absolutely won’t tolerate in a chick.   You also have to establish rules for yourself and stick by those rules.  Once you have established that kind of base, you will more easily be able to filter out the kind of chicks that will be wasting your time, and focus on the ones you really want and can learn to be successful with.

5) Here is what to do (in the following order):

Bookmark this site.  Now.
This site is for YOU.  Keep it to yourself.  Don’t introduce it to anyone unless you know they are seeking to improve the same things as you.  Why?  Because through years of witnessing guys try to introduce this site to their AFC friends, the primary reactions of those friends have been negative because, until somebody understands this site or what it’s about, their ingrained societal beliefs simply overpower them.  Only tell them when they’re ready or let them find the site through their own searches on the Internet.
Read the answer to the sometimes-asked question, “If ordinary guys get laid why do I need all this information?”
Study and practice David Shade’s eye contact experiments.
Read and re-read the A.S.F. FAQ once a week for 2 months (while doing the stuff below). If you need help following all the various acronyms and slang used on this site, make use of the acronym/slang dictionary.
Make abundant use of Mystery’s 3s rule.
Go out and do Svengali’s newbie mission.
Figure out where you are in the levels of mastery… this will help you determine what areas to focus on.
Seriously consider getting the e-book Without Embarrassment.  Internal confidence is the basis of every successful endeavor, and understanding the alpha male» mindset and how to achieve it with women is what this e-book is all about.  The author, Mike Pilinski, also has an article section hosted on Fast Seduction 101.
Start lurking on the moderated A.S.F. ( USENet newsgroups (also referred to as “mASF” or “mASF Forum”) but DON’T post anything yet. Just get in the habit of reading the daily posts in that group. Old posts from original (public) ASF newsgroup can be found in the A.S.F. searchable archive. That archive also includes all posts from mASF.  Although the original (public) ASF newsgroup is still available, I don’t recommend lurking or posting on that group as the “signal:noise” ratio has degraded terribly. The “signal” on mASF, however, is extremely high and almost entirely on-topic.  We’ve also created a helpful “How to use the mASF Forum” interactive video, to help you understand how to use most of the common features of the forum.
Buy (and READ!) David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating eBook.  David’s business practices are very professional and helpful, he knows how to treat  customers.
Read the Player Guide (not all at once, but gradually over the course of a couple weeks, from top to bottom). If you have questions or comments over the specific topics covered in the Player Guide, sign up and post to the Player Guide Discussion Board. Please note that the Player Board login is separate from the login for the moderated newsgroups.
If you would like a high-quality DVD video tutorial of the fundamentals of pickup and getting better with women, we’ve produced a DVD video series called The Art of the Pickup.
Go out in the field and and experiment, practice, get some phone numbers, e-mails, meet a whole bunch of women. If you feel the need to have a wingman along, you can join P.A.I.R. and find one that way. Please note that the P.A.I.R. login is separate from the logins for the discussion forums on this site.  You may also want to find a local Lair, most known Lairs are listed on our International Lair List page.
Once you start getting some field experience, start posting your reports (both positive and negative) on mASF. Engage in discussion with others on the subject. If you have questions starting to come up over the various experiences you’re having, or things that you don’t quite understand, post the question to mASF. For real-time chat, there is a Java/IRC chat option available.
Study up on Mystery’s basic methods found on the mirror of his old web site. Specifically, focus on the way he handles various openers, neg hits, and group-set tactics.
Begin learning to understand MrSex4uNYC’s attitude. You can do a search on his old posts or find and read through a full archive of his posts in the A.S.F. searchable archive.
Read about The Gunwitch Method (GWM).
Read through the Maniac High’s Pay close attention to posts revolving around Maniac and his seduction structures.
To keep your mind fresh and find out about new tactics in use by some of the best guys out there, be sure to read and keep up with Clifford’s seduction newsletter (also referred to as “Cliff’s List”).
Improve your karma. Help keep this site available and free by donating what you can to help.  🙂
Re-read the Player Guide, focusing on aspects you may not have understood fully before.  Review your copies of The Art of the Pickup.
Once you have some good lays to report about, write up a succinct report and post it to mASF. If you’ve got some great new field-tested technique you’d like to share or would like feedback on it, make a post about it on mASF or Cliff’s List.
By now, you should have so much experience in the field that you begin to define your own pickup and seduction structure. Consider evaluating all your knowledge at this point and coming up with a general structure which best meets your strengths,  style, and lifestyle.
If you need help TALKING to chicks or talking chicks into thinking certain ways, consider getting Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction materials.
Go buy a few good books on NLP, seduction, dealing with women, specifically ones which are most likely to help you fill the clear gaps in your knowledge. READ them.
Find a guy near you who is great with women and *model* after him. Find out how he goes about things, his attitudes, the way he talks to people and, specifically, how he talks to and deals with women. Then find another similar expert and model after him. And another. And another.
Once you are having wild success with women, you will need information on how to properly sex them. You can find that info in David Shade’s column on this web site.
If you think you still need more knowledge, keep reading through this site, look at the product reviews section, books, etc., and you will occasionally find nuggets of gold. You can also take a look at other sites to fill your knowledge gap. Of course, nothing beats just making sure you are constantly out in the field doing pick-ups and seducing as many women as possible. There is no teacher like experience.

6) The final step.

Now that you’ve mastered all the above, and have this massive amount of pick-up, seduction skill, and field experience under your belt, you can throw everything you learned away and let yourself go on “auto-pilot”. That’s right, free your mind and forget EVERYTHING. Realize that it’s all been “wax on, wax off” in preparation for the ultimate in mastery: absolute yet unconscious competence, the ability to get what you want without effort. The ability to do something effortlessly which you’ve always looked at in the past as being hard work or possibly even an impossibility for you. What you will find is that you will just know what to do, how to lead. You will just *have* the confidence to get through a PU with the result you visualized that you WANTED. To understand what I mean, read a post of mine on Cliff’s List about meeting an absolute master at bedding large numbers of women.

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