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Video : When Night Is Falling

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Video : When Night Is Falling

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starring: Pascale Bussières, Rachael Crawford, Henry Czerny
directed by: Patricia Rozema

 : When Night Is Falling
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Sales Rank: 2,084; Release Date: 17 June, 1997; Media: VHS Tape; Theatrical Date: 17 November, 1995; MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)

  • Color
  • Closed-captioned
  • NTSC

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  • Customer Reviews
    Average Rating: 4.86 out of 5 stars

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Brilliant direction and superb acting
    This film in my view is the best coming-out story that I've seen portrayed, since Desert Hearts. This viewer can take the role of any of the major characters and empathize. The actresses were convincing as lesbians.

    The pain Martin felt personally and to his ego I felt, but all's fair in love. The issues and decisions that both Carmille and Petra had to make were realistically and tenderly portrayed. For example, Carmille's decision to follow her desire and heart or her decision to leave her okay life for a prospect shows a great deal of courage and spontaneity. Martin, I'm sure is a proponent of a bird in the hand philosophy.

    And Petra's pursuit of Carmille was laudable for an individual who seemed so carefree to dare confront a woman so emerged in religion; a woman, who already has a man (What a dyke!).

    The symbolism between christianity vs. circus life appeared a bit satanic for my taste; but it didn't distract from the movie. Instead it added to Carmille's journey of self-discovery from one end of the pendulum to the other. Both women were beautiful and sensual as disparate from sexy and provocative and as a woman I can appreciate that. Both women were able to make their respective characters come alive realistically.

    I've watched this movie several times and there is no end in site. I'm a fan and looking for more from Patricia Rozema. Watching this moving more than once I can appreciate the time, effort, talent, detail and affection that she put into each character and each scene. She did a great job. This is a good movie.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - You have an exquisite mouth, you know...
    What is it about this movie that makes it so attractive (and a cult item in its own right, as you can see from the other reviews)?

    Could it be the gorgeous photography, or its beautiful music score?

    Can it be that the movie DEFINES impossible (or, at least, unlikely) love between two totally different women?

    Or, that it is one of the most tender stories ever filmed?

    Well, for me, what makes it one of my favorite films is all of the above, plus the performance by Canadian actress Rachael Crawford (who plays Petra). She is amazing. Her character is honest, self-assured, direct and sweet. She is the main reason I see this movie again and again. I don't know if I want to be like her (I am a guy, so that's impossible) or meet someone like her.

    For the moment, I will try to catch all the video material out there by Ms. Crawford (Rude, for example). She also has done a lot of work for TV.

    And back to WNIF, I know its difficult to get, but by all means see it. It is a great movie.

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - Funny, Arty, Romantic, Fun
    When Night is Falling is easily one of the most romantic movies you are going to see about two women falling in love with each other in spite of the world around them. The lead actresses, Pascale Bussieres and Rachael Crawford give wonderful and believable performances as the main characters Camille and Petra.

    The romantic soft-focus cinematography and mellowy music that seems to be an overused cliche in most lesbian orientated genres is used superbly this time by its director, Patricia Rozema,who gives us a very colorful perspective of the "Land up North".

    I felt that there are many great scenes in this movie but the opening scene where we see the very straight-minded Camille having lesbian fantasties is probaly the most important scene because it establishes Camille's potential desire to be with other woman. These desires made the unlikely relationship between Camille and Petra(who is openly lesbian) much more plausible and believable.

    I also liked the fact that the movie at times did not take itself too seriously and mixed in some fun and interesting moments with Camille and Petra. I loved the acrobatic lovemaking scene with the carnival music and the two trapeze artists performing overhead but the scene at the laundry where Petra pulls the old "switch-charoo" is a classic...

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