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The material in this guide and on this site is provided only for educational purposes and any use of this material by the reader is done solely at his (or her) own discretion and risk while the author/editor does not accept any legal responsibility for such use.

This guide is based loosely on the structure and style of "Tony's How to Lay Girls Guide" which first appeared on the Internet in early 2000 then became a pay site in middle 2000. That guide was basically just a collection of documents from various resources (mostly the ASF newsgroup), pieced together in a semi-coherent fashion. It was/is rarely updated and 95% of it was unattributed material, not written by the guide author. This FREELY accessible guide far surpasses that pay site in all respects. There is no information or feature you'll find there that you won't find here. Plus, here are some things you'll find on this site only:

- Player Guide: Search feature
- Player Guide: Dynamic pop-up acronym dictionary
- Player Guide: Enhanced navigation
- Player Guide: Embedded topic-based discussion forum
- Site: High volume moderated discusison forums (with synchronized NNTP and mail access)
- Site: Full ASF archive search (125,000+ articles, grows daily)
- Site: PAIR (Pick-up Artist International Registry, new wingmen signing up daily)
- Site: Complete and thorough ASF FAQ
- Site: A huge collection of additional organized and highlighted articles, mailing lists
- Site: Complete and thorough acronym/slang listing
- Site: "Boot Camp" article archive, based on Maniac's Pick Up Girl's Guide
- Site: Search of external related sites
- Site: Product reviews, relevant links, recommended books.
- Site: Real-time multi-language translation
- It's all free to access

In this guide, all material gathered from external sources will be properly attributed to the best of my ability and additional commentary will be added wherever extra clarity or explanation is needed. Everything about this guide will be geared towards getting the information to you without obstacles, laid out clearly, and explained in plain English. Where appropriate, complex topics will be covered in detail although it is generally preferred to provide multiple examples to explain a topic than to overwhelm the reader with too much intellectual meandering.

A lot of the information contained in this guide was/is gleamed mostly from the ASF newsgroup and miscellaneous associated web sites. You will find references to people and products (i.e. Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction»® material and courseware) which have a strong influence on the postings in that group. Some personalities will stand out in the writings and reproductions and you will begin to see a pattern appearing from those personalities - a congruence of character and style that, over time, makes more and more sense.

If you are reading this guide and find yourself occasionally stumbling trying to learn or utilize it on your own (by yourself), a recommendation is to find a like-minded wingman to help you out. Someone to go along with you during PU sessions, someone to encourage you to go for it, and someone you can encourage as well. If that wingman is in the same position as yourself (not fully skilled, but still learning) do him (and yourself) a favor and point him to this guide. You will be amazed at how fast you learn when you have someone else in the same state of mind to bounce ideas off of in real time. And I'm not talking about Internet chat buddies. I'm talking about real life. You want to get laid in real life, right?  Well, you have to practice this stuff in real life. If you don't have any friends that are worthy of being a wingman or are too afraid to embarrass yourself to in front of your fiends in trying to learn this stuff, feel free to register at PAIR (another free resource) so that you can find and hook up with other readers of this guide who are also in the same circumstance and are looking for wingmen themselves.

Content note: Should you find specific ideas or even exact wordings here that were originally posted by you on ASF (or somewhere else) and you would like credit for them, please contact me so I can correct the omission. Although postings on USENet are copyrightable by the original author, they do appear in the public domain as public commentary and I reserve the right to republish that material with or without edits (with due credit, of course) just as I do in the searchable archive on this web site. Please review this site's Terms & Conditions of Use for more information about this site's publishing policies.

Some original material in this guide is Copyright © Anton "Tony" Klink ( Over time, Tony's texts will be replaced by original material. The hope is to have all the texts either propery attributed or adequately re-written by the end of February in 2001. This site will not claim copyright to unattributed material until specific material is either re-written to be original or the source of any unedited original conent is accurately determined. The makeup of this site is almost entirely reposts of publicly posted content and is a free, educational resource, and therefore falls under the "fair use" guidelines of international copyright laws.

The rest of the information on this guide, including the layout, presentation, and technical features and enhancements are Copyright © 2000 by the owner and operator of this site (me). No textual content of this guide (except for portions not under my direct copyright) may be republished, reprinted, or reproduced in any media without my express written approval or the written approval of the original author, if noted.  None of the non-textual content (layout, graphics, presentation, databases, technical features) may be republished, reprinted, or reproduced in any media without my express written approval.  However, you can partially quote some material on your web site from this guide (a paragraph or two at most per quote) as long as you agree to link back to this site as the source of the material.

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