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There are TONS of "politically correct" dating (blech) and romance (blech blech) resources on the Internet. This is not one of them.

In this no-nonsense guide you will NOT find information on the best chocolate you should give a girl on Valentine's day. Or how many flowers to give or what kind or color. You will not find long discussions on where to take her on the first "date" or how to make candlelight dinners or pick out engagement rings or crap like that. Instead, what you will find is a flood of information, organized in succinct and clear order on how to Locate, Approach, Attract, Seduce, and Lay as many women as you can handle with great speed and efficiency. All kinds of women. Specifically, this guide is geared towards getting and laying HBs (Hot Babes) although that term is subjective and it really depends on what YOU think is hot. Either way, read this guide and learn. Your eyes will be opened and your life will change.

Contrary to many people's opinion, this guide isn't about lame gimmicks or tricks, it is about improving yourself. It is about improving your state of mind, what you believe you can achieve, how far you can go and how much you can learn. Portions of this guide may offend some readers. I guess sometimes people can't take the truth if it goes against what society has programmed into their belief system. The useful information in this guide won't be buried in heaps of annoying psycho babble or filler. The information isn't hidden between the lines and under some agonizing subtext. It is out in the open, clearly exposed, and organized in such a way that you can GET the understanding. It is organized to help you learn and take advantage of your new knowledge quickly.

Some guys out there reading this right now may be thinking "But I'm too ugly/stupid/boring/poor/weak/shy/etc to be able to take advantage of knowledge on how to meet and attract hot babes!" Stop right there. How in the world do you ever expect to succeed with an attitude like that? Thinking that way is a setup for failure before even giving yourself a chance to try. Any time in the past where things didn't go your way was NOT the result of a deficiency within yourself or have anything to do your perceived limitations. It was the insecurities themselves, the simple idea that you believed you could not succeed. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Getting rid of that fear is your first step. It is a difficult and trying step for a lot of guys, but working through this guide will, at minimum, help you achieve that primary goal.

You will soon realize that having hot, interesting, amazing women in your life is not about "getting lucky". Luck plays no factor here. You will not read anything in this guide about how much luck it takes to achieve anything. Rather, everything is in your control. However, to achieve that control and to gain more and more confidence in your abilities, it takes more than just reading this guide. You have to go out there and do stuff. You should look at this guide as a roadmap to a pot of gold. You won't get that gold unless you get off your ass and get in your car and DRIVE. You won't learn anything along the way unless you stop that car often and take a look around, interact with your environment, affect that environment, then move on back to driving towards your primary destination.

A lot of the information contained in this guide was/is gleamed mostly from the ASF newsgroup and miscellaneous associated web sites. You will find references to people and products (i.e. Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction»® material and courseware) which have a strong influence on the postings in that group.  I first ran across ASF in late 1999, while still an AFC trying to find useful information that just could not be found anywhere else on the Internet. I wasn't looking for bullshit dating advice, I was looking for advice on why the hell I wasn't attracting tons of women. Sure, I was a kind of introverted (somewhat shy) guy, but I kept thinking "I have a good job, a nice house, a nice car, am funny, smart, great guy, not too bad looking, and emotionally balanced." So how come I wasn't getting the babes? How come I looked all around and sometimes see guys who have much less going for them than me yet are walking around with hot, interesting chicks and I'm "lucky" to get an occasional date with an average, boring chick?  Before running across ASF, I had remembered reading (and printing out) some of Ross' old "Get LAID" newsletters but at that time in my life I was so much of an AFC that I just didn't "get" the blatant clarity of the information in those writings. It was like "That's just too damn easy and surreal - this is BS. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and eventually will figure all this out."

What a chump I was. And then I found ASF and it all became clear. All of a sudden, I had an epiphany and I began to "get" it. Now all I had to do was go out and actually do what all these guys were talking about. An AFC first coming across ASF will think "This is all just too weird and surreal- how in the world does a guy get hot babes following these absurd methods? Chicks will get pissed off. I will get slapped. I've seen it happen all the time on TV or in movies. I will get laughed at. It's all tricks. It doesn't make sense. It's confusing. I can't remember all this. etc." But somehow I felt there was something more. So, being the geek that I am, I started archiving all the posts and then one day decided to suck down and archive every post ever made to ASF in one big database.  Then I made it searchable and let other people use it. Then I decided that I needed wingmen to help me PU (until I was comfortable on my own) and created PAIR.  Then I noticed that a lot of ASF newbies were posting the same damn questions over-and-over and I revamped the group's FAQ which I make sure is posted regularly.  Then, in the middle of 2000 I got caught up with work and didn't get much chance at all to keep my momentum going.  But ASF still drew my attention and, towards the end of last year, I hooked up with a couple of great wingmen and have been improving my game dramatically since then.

I present this guide and all it's features (as well as the whole site) as my gift to the world. Specifically, I want it to reach all those AFCs out there who are just like I was most of my life until recently. I want them to have the information that will help them succeed with the kinds of women they are interested in and not have to settle for any less.

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