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Player Guide: How to approach and introduce patterns into a discussion

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How to approach and introduce patterns into a discussion

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

Obviously you just cannot sit down in front of or beside a girl you're not acquainted with and start with a pattern ready to plant anchors, listen to trance words etc. Here's where the skill of fluff talk comes to play.

If you're witty, creative, observant or anything in that direction, you can use the casual "we know each other from before" approach and just start talking about the event you both just witnessed, something "new" you just noticed about her (never mind that she's "all new" to you anyway:), ask for her opinion about something, a new piece of clothing of yours etc. Just about anything goes as long as it doesn't look like an approach and a pick-up attempt - an impression which should initially be avoided at all costs.

When things are going well, you can turn your interaction into a pick-up, but with more experience you can even have her do the pick-up (meaning she offers her phone-number and asks yours, when you seem to be leaving:). But once you have the conversation going, keep in mind that the general direction you want the conversation to go is the one which let's you introduce a pattern, and then another, and then another:) 'Til she's dripping wet or goes unconscious from all the highs you are taking her:)

A natural conversation hops from one thing to another and can be fulfilling if the subject being discussed is thrilling to both parties of the conversation. Pick your hops so as to move closer to being able to naturally introduce a pattern but be also very sensitive to the hops she takes and change you goals accordingly - choose another pattern to eventually end up with, modify the one you had in mind or in your final stage of mastery of SS: make up and deliver an appropriate one on the fly:)

See also the on SS in the July'98 issue of Playboy. The article is a good example of how starting with patterns right at the outset is a doomed approach, they just sound too lame and embarrassing. But the one time the journalist does it right, starts with some fluff talk, has the "actually we know each other" attitude, comments on something which has some sort of understandable meaning for the girl and only THEN delivers a pattern he made up on the fly about it and - BOOM, it works!

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