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Player Guide: General guidelines on approaching

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General guidelines on approaching

Use humour to get you started - or even give you a head-start:) Ross Jeffries: "Let's talk about using humour for a minute. Not only do most women LOVE a guy who can make them laugh; laughing shifts a woman's physiology and mental focus, interrupting her thought patterns and creating a temporary blank, which YOU can then fill in. Just think about it a second. Have you ever been in a rotten mood, and then a friend suddenly makes you laugh? What happens? You start feeling a hell of a lot better, don't you?" What Ross Jeffries suggests as an almost perfect approach is using a humorous comment to get her to laugh, then all you have to do is to follow up with anything to keep the conversation flowing towards a possibly pattern-like talk, eliciting values or any other technique described in this guide you have chosen to use.

You can even border on slightly negging her, if you go Mystery-style with a drop-dead gorgeous girl, or smutty, if you go GM-style, but those two are already more advanced techniques. If however you are dealing with a nice and cute (of 7 or 8 on a scale of 10), you can also make her feel good by complimenting her looks for starters (see Negging for why this is not such a good idea with a drop-dead gorgeous model-type babe of 10).

Speed Seduction» newsletter, Ross Jeffries: "For me, one of my favorite ways to meet women is to use some type of humorous approach that gets her laughing. Why is this so important?

  1. Laughter sets a woman at ease and puts her off guard.
  2. Getting her laughing shows that you are confident and don't take the process of meeting her too seriously, unlike a desperate hard-up loser HAS to succeed, YOU are a fun guy, enjoying your exciting life and creating an opportunity for HER to step into it and have some fun too?IF she plays her cards right.
  3. Humor is a way to test to see if SHE has a personality. If she is a mean, unhappy be-yatch, why bother?

Offer entertainment and confidence with speed. ASF: "As far as you are concerned the girl has to be entertained by you. If she sees other guys as being more confident and more entertaining she most certainly will excuse herself to the bathroom or the bar to hook up with them later. That's why its important to work quickly so that you do not take more time than is necessary to secure a chick (take her home or spend some quality KINO time with her on the couch/dancefloor somewhere). Getting numbers on their own is unreliable."

The 3 steps of approaching. ASF:

BEGINNING - preparation ... clothing, props, initiate an entertaining and interactive conversation (that is what an OPENER is all about).

MIDDLE - using entertaining stories and routines, you convey the humour, confidence and the other typical attractive traits, use NEGS to make them chase you, test them (stop conversation to see if they reinitiate it) and look for the indicators to see if closing is worth doing (like KINO, position and body language», laughter, etc), usually 3 positive indicators.

END - close or eject based on the indicators. Closing will stall when you don't realise that you will succeed with the close if you have witnessed 3 positive indicators. Decide on either the *close or the #close. If pressed for time, just #close... but try to kiss her goodbye on the LIPS if you have a little time, always KISS CLOSE.

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