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Player Guide: If she seems unapproachable

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If she seems unapproachable

By Johnny Shack (

"Often the single woman is very lonely. Not many guys ask particular women on dates and when they are asked they will take advantage of it even if you are not her automatic knight in shining armour. You have to understand that even though many women receive attention constantly, they do not actually get asked out on dates. This can be for many reasons and the initial one to come to mind is that all of the guys thought she would say "no". They may think she is too good for them and she may not come accross as the approachable type.

Have you ever met someone and they ended up being a lot nicer than what your impression of them was? People carry around themselves an aura of "leave me alone" or "I'll bite your head off" type barrier. You only have to break this shield and you are half-way there to getting the woman you desire. Within seconds of asking a woman on a date she can actually change her opinion of you. This is luckily favouring you. She is suddenly thinking of you as a possible mate whereas before you were just another guy to her. The planting of the interest from you into the woman's brain is an extremely important move in catching the women you want. She is now thinking about you in this way. Have you ever had a woman show interest in you and then suddenly you like her more than you did before? Well now you are adding up the minuses and plusses to getting further involved with this woman. You must put yourself into their thoughts to give yourself a chance!

Many girls want to have dates arranged so your approach is welcomed and sometimes even wished for. Maybe all of her friends are in relationships and she doesn't have a lot of choices with whom to go out with.

Or have you ever thought the woman you are thinking about asking on a date really wants you badly? She only needs to be slightly attracted to you and you will get her on a date by asking with confidence and not taking no for an answer. This is even if she plays hard to get. She may even mean no to start with and some gentle persuasion will talk her into it."

More reasons to not perceive her as unapproachable by Johnny Shack:

"Its romantic for a woman being asked on a date. They love romance!

Women want a mate and you may be the one they are after. Most women will try different models before they settle down to have babies and you should be in the showroom at least offering a test drive.

All girls dream of their wedding day and the last thing they want is to be left on the shelf. They are searching as hard as you are guys!

Women want someone to kiss and to hold. Someone to have coffee with and to go to the pictures or to see a show with. They feel horrible if they don't have anyone. Many women think: "If only a decent guy would come along. Thats all I ask for". Some even cry themselves to sleep wishing to meet this guy and to at least have the opportunity to sort through their dates to find one. They know that without dating this can't happen.

Also, there is something very exciting about going out with a stranger that you just met. It's an air of "anything could happen" that strongly helps to alter a girls mood and make her susceptible to doing things she normally wouldn't.

They want a guy to replace their father. Think of it guys: many men want the woman they catch to somehow replace that motherly love you left behind when you moved away from home. Women want someone to share there emotions with in confidence. Many women don't trust their friends probably because they are just as cunning as themselves. So they look to the arms of a man for this."

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