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(From the archives at Maniac High's website:

(a log of David Shade's online seduction: an example of agreeing, understanding,

feeding back, using trance words, patterns and sexual metaphors. but the poems are

the real killers. unfortunately I have no idea, where he gets them, maybe they

are in Ross Jeffries' Basic Home Study Course (BHSC), I really don't know)

From dav***e@ho***.com[ ? ] Mon Aug  2 03:15:27 1999

From: David Shade


Subject: the  married room

Thanks to Ross' BHSC, my online sarging skills have really improved.

Please don't ask me to post the poems or patterns.  They are copywritten

by other people.

We start with small talk.  She is 31.

Jenny: I used to live near the mountains but I really want to move near

the ocean.

David: Why do you prefer the ocean?

Jenny: not sure, I just like it much better

David: I love to visit the ocean.  It is very peaceful there, and


Jenny: which do you prefer?

David: I like the strength of the mountains and its majestic, but I

prefer the tranqulity and nature of the ocean

Jenny: yes .....I love the water

David: I also love the water.  I love to swim in it and feel as if I am

one with it

Jenny: me too.....mountains seem to crowd me.....

 Remember this word "crowd".  We trade pics.

Jenny: what color are your eyes, can't tell for sure in the pic.....

David: they are brown

Jenny: nice

David: Do you prefer brown eyes?

Jenny: love brown eyes

David: That is a nice thing to say :-) You are very sweet.  Why do you

love brown eyes?

Jenny: brown eyes are very sexy...

David: oooh, sexy, is it because they are dark and mysterious or because

they are so intense and seductive

Jenny: :)....intense and seductive.....

David: ooooh good, because people tell me that my eyes are very

intense.  Some even are intimidated by them.  But I hope you are not the

type to be intimidated by dark intense eyes. :-)

Jenny: no, not intimadated at all....  :)

David: excellent, because I like to communicate with my eyes.  I think

they are the windows to the soul

Jenny: yes, me too......many people comment on my eyes

David: and to look into beautiful intense eyes is a very moving

experience.  Have you ever heard of soul gazing?

Jenny: yes I have.

David: Really? It is something that is taught in Tantra.  It is where

two lovers stare deeply into each others eyes to really become in touch

with each other.

Jenny: I love to look into peoples eyes

David: Yes, I do as well.  eye contact is so very important.

 she is a stay at home mom with two young children

David: being a mom is the most important job.  The most important thing

we do is raise our children

Jenny: I agree, but my marriage isn't very good, so I think I should go

back to work soon

David: I am sorry to hear that.  I certainly know how that goes.  What

is missing?

Jenny: things haven't been good for a long time...we have just grown

apart....we married too young

David: I know how it is to grow apart.

Jenny: is that what happened in your marriage?  we seem to lead

completely separate lives

David: yes, it is.  I started to mature.  We never really did

communicate.  Later I found that what I needed was emotional and

intellectual intimacy.

Jenny: exactly......I feel as if I'm married to my brother

sometimes.....not good at all....we were only 20 when we married.

right....the same husband and I share none of the same


David: Yes, I can understand that.  Then there would be no real

passion.  A relationship has to have that true passion, that fire.  And

it is for both people to keep it interesting to keep it exciting

Jenny: yes, but do you think that can last through time?  sometimes....I

think I expect too much.  that this is just the way marriage is

David: I dont know.  I certianly have decided that I will not marry

again.  I would not marry unless I knew that the passion would always be


Jenny: don't blame you....if I divorce ....I will never remarry

David: I sometimes think that I have such high standards now.  I have

come to like my independence.  I have a full rewarding life, and I have

a good career, and I have my sons.

Jenny: I would love some independance

David: I like the freedom.  I hate feeling crowded in

Jenny: me too......

David: I do not want to make the same mistake.  I want to be able to

"run into the water and swim".  I will stay in the water as long as it

feels good.  As long as it is still exciting.

Jenny: my husband is often gone....he calls anywhere from 8 to 10 times

a day....I have to account for all my time to him.....drives me nuts. I

would love to be able to get out and meet some new people.....all of our

friends are stuck in ruts they never discuss anything

interesting....same old in and out

David: Have you found the computer to help?

Jenny: yes it has helped a good bit....but when he's home I can't get

online much

David: oh yes, that must make you feel really crowded

Jenny: he doesn't understand why I would talk to complete strangers

David: meeting new people is interesting

Jenny: I agree.  but he doesn't talk....and he's not interested in

anything I have to say......

David: that is too bad.  Communication is SO important.  And in a real

relationship, each person would want nothing more than to truly know

what the other person is feeling and thinking

Jenny: yes it is...that's why I think it is pretty much over.  exactly

David: I like to meet people where I feel as if I can really connect

with them

Jenny: me too

David: I mean, like, have you ever met someone, and

 IC pattern here

Jenny: but I am also very cautious.....

David: and you want to feel trust for this person because you know you

really like this person, so you take the time to build the trust.  And

building trust takes being honest with each other while at the same time

being independant.  Do you know what I mean?

Jenny: yes....I know exactly what you mean.  I like to know the other

persons exact feelings, without having to beg them to tell me

David: Oh yes, you want to be with someone who is communicative and

shares their feelings freely.

Jenny: yes, no head kiddie games

David: and you want to get to the point where you can almost know what

they are thinking, like you could finish their sentences.  And you so

much want to know what this person is feeling, and you want them to know

what you are feeling

Jenny: want them to tell you just like you would with them

David: yes.  And then you get to the point where you almost want this

person to feel the same feelings you are feeling.  That is when it is

really special

Jenny: yes, that's when it is really special and most delicate

David: What do you mean by delicate?

Jenny: because that is when you find out if that person is what and who

you think they are

David: yes, I understand.  Say, if I read a poem to you that I had

written, would you give me your honest opinion?

Jenny: yes I would....go ahead

David: ok

 "The Tear"

Jenny: that's very beautiful.....  :)

David: I am so glad you think so Jenny :-)

Jenny: :) I do....

David: Are you going on vacation this summer?

Jenny: already been....went to the beach.....:)  are you going?

David: Yes, my sons and I are going to Cedar Point.  It is a wonderful

amusement park.  We love the big roller coasters.

Jenny: we have six flags daughter loves the coasters too

David:  I love roller coasters.

 Discovery Channel pattern here

Jenny: that's amazing....the descriptiveness.....hmmm, sounds more like

making love to me

David: really?  You know, you are right!  It should always be that way

Jenny: yes it should!!!  :)

David: :-)

 Ballroom dancing pattern here

Jenny: it's passion.....another great description of making love...that

is what I miss.....feeling that much passion for something.....other

than my kids.....

David: I know, to feel so much incredible passion, to the point where it

burns at your very soul

Jenny: exactly.....I only feel that for my children now.....

David: Would you like to hear another poem I have written?

Jenny: yes

David: ok, and I want you to give me your honest opinion Jenny

Jenny: I will

David: I love reading poetry to you :-)

Jenny: I love you reading it to me  :)

 "Rose in Your Heart"

Jenny: wow....that was completely amazing....I love that.

Jenny: very beautiful David

David: I am so glad you did Jenny.  You are so sweet :-)  You are very

nice to me

Jenny: do you write poetry often?

David: I like how you really feel my poetry.  I do love to write it when

I can

Jenny: you're very talented at should write it as often as

you can

David: I have written poetry to give to buddies at work so they can read

it to their wives.

Jenny: wow...really?  :)...that is sweet

David: the guys have thanked me for it.  I have even written poetry for

lady friends of mine to read to their boyfriends

Jenny: I can't believe some woman isn't trying to catch you right


David: You are so sweet.  Would you like to hear one that I wrote that a

lady read to her boyfriend?

Jenny: yes i would

David: ok, hold on...

Jenny: ok

David: I think one of the most romantic things I could do for my lady is

read her poetry in bed

Jenny: that would be heaven.....:)

David: When we are alone and there are candles burning

Jenny: imagining that

David: I think that is the most romantic way to read poetry.  ok, here

it is...

Jenny: ok

David: as you are imagining that, let yourself feel the poetry

Jenny: I will

 "Intimate Moments"

Jenny: you are amazing.....

Jenny: that was so wonderful  :)

David: Oh Jenny, you are so sweet to me :-)  That makes me feel so very


Jenny: just telling you the truth.  trust me....I'm not always a sweet are very nice to think so

David: and I will always tell you the truth.

Jenny: good, I'm glad

David: I cannot imagine you not being a sweet person.  You make me feel

so good.

Jenny: I'm glad that I do....your poetry is absolutely beautiful

David: I love reading poetry to you in bed :-)

Jenny: :)  you are very sweet

David: I have one more poem that I wrote from a woman's point of view.

Jenny: I would love to hear it

David: Now Jenny, this one is a little steamy.  Are you ready for this?

Jenny: sure....go ahead

David: ok, again, I ask that you really allow yourself to feel it.  That

is when the poem has its greatest effect.

Jenny: I will

 "My Desires"

Jenny: you have so much passion in your poetry.

Jenny: and you know exactly what a woman feels.....I really like that.

Jenny: they are all wonderful....

David: I so want you to feel the passion Jenny.  That last line I put in

there because of what I said earlier

Jenny: oh really?

David: that we can get to that point where we so much want the other to

feel what we are feeling

Jenny: I would love to feel that much passion again

David: I crave that passion.

Jenny: you are a wonderful person, I crave it too

David: I have so much desire to share

Jenny: I feel that you do

David: I have so much sensuality to give.

Jenny: I can feel the passion in the way you speak

David: I think that it is like two lovers in their own psssionate

dance.  only them.  all alone.  like the world goes away

Jenny: yes, you are right

David: I wrote a poem about that, would you like to hear it?

Jenny: yes I would.  I love hearing anything that you write

David: I love reading to you Jenny

Jenny: please read it to me

David: I love that you can really feel the poetry

Jenny: how can anyone not?

 Bishop's "The Lover's Dance"

Jenny: beautiful  :)

David: :-)

Jenny: how can you not be married???

David: I will not be married :-)

Jenny: lol....well, I know that....I could your wife let you


David: She just could not appreciate what I have to offer

Jenny: apparently not....  her loss...  my gain....:)

David: maybe :-)

Jenny: maybe?  my gain.....for having met you..... :)

David: :-)  I have to go outside and lock my car.  it will only take a

minute or two.

Jenny: ok

David: but I want you to read something while I am gone

Jenny: ok  what?

David: I will email it to you.  hold on a sec...

Jenny: ok

David: it is something I wrote about a week ago.  I have wished for

someone special to send it to.  I may have found one.

Jenny: send it please

David: ok, hold on a sec...

Jenny: ok

David: ok, here it comes.  I will be back in a couple minutes.

Jenny: ok

 I email to her Bishop's "Warm and Fuzzy"

Jenny: thank you David.......

Jenny: you make me feel very good....

Jenny: that was as beautiful as all the others

David: I love making you feel very good Jenny

Jenny: you are so sweet

David: You are so sweet to me Jenny.  I want you to feel as good as you

make me feel

Jenny: you have made me feel better tonight than I have felt in a long


David: I am so glad Jenny.  This is our time.  Just us, to feel, to


Jenny: you're not going to go and disappear on me after tonight are you?

David: NO

Jenny: ok, good.....I was hoping you wouldn't

David: I want to feel this way again.  and when you feel this good, you

want to come again and again and again to the same place where we can do

this again

Jenny: yes, over and over

David: I closed up everything and I also turned off all the lights.  Now

the computer screen is like candlelight :-)

Jenny: :).....the same here

David: good Jenny.  the mood is set.  It is almost as if we are together

with candles, just us

Jenny: yes, just the two of us

David: And now I want to read to you my last poem.  This is my most

special poem.  I so want to share this with you Jenny

Jenny: please read it to me

David: I feel so close to you Jenny, I so want to read this to you.

Jenny: please

David: Imagine that we are truly together and that we are feeling these

feelings that I describe in my poem together.

Jenny: I will

 Bishop's "The Lover's Dance 2"

Jenny: I am speachless

David: and breathless

Jenny: yes....and breathless....:)

David: as it should be

Jenny: and excited

David: I want you to feel that

Jenny: mmmmm, oh, I feel it

Jenny: you are the most passionate person I have ever met in my life

Jenny: :)

Jenny: I can envision us together just as you said.......

David: I can as well Jenny.  And you are such a sensual women.

Jenny: yes I am....very few people know that.... I like that you know

David: It is late.  I would love to speak with you on the phone some

day.  I have a deep soothing voice and I would someday love to hear your

sweet feminine voice

Jenny: I would really like that....yes it's late....thank you for all

the poetry David....I am really glad I met you tonight...when are you

usually online?

David: I do not get online that much anymore.  I used to a lot, but I

guess I got tired of it.  There were too many people who want to just

talk online and I want someone to interface more with than just online.

Jenny: that's can call me if you want to....just don't want

you to disappear on me

David: I would love to call you Jenny

Jenny: should I give you the # now?

David: yes, I have a pen here.

Jenny: (xxx) can call me during weekdays anytime...

David: I will never call you unless we meet here first and you say it is

a good time to call

Jenny: ok, thank you

David: Why don't I call you before I go to bed for 5 minutes and tuck

you in?

Jenny: ok

Jenny: :)

Jenny: I have to sign off for you to call

David: ok, I want you to close up everything and allow yourself to

become completely comfortable.

Jenny: ok, I will

David: How much time do you need?

Jenny: give me 5 min. ok?

David: ok sweetheart, I will see you in 5

Jenny: ok, xxxxx

David: xxxxx

On the phone we giggled and laughed and giggled some more.  She said she

could not believe she gave me her phone number.  I did the Blammo

pattern.  I got busted!  But she didnt care :-)  She loved it.  Now she

can make her husband dissapear and then she can feel me "penetrating all

throughout" her with a "warm and fuzzy" tingle all throughout her body.

hehe.  After about 30 minutes of conversation, mostly giggling, I told

her: "Well, I promised that I would only keep you for 5 minutes, so I

will let you go."  This one could actually result in a meet.

David Shade

From dav***e@ho***.com[ ? ] Mon Aug  2 03:15:50 1999

From: David Shade


Subject: Re: the  married room

Update:  We chatted this morning.

When we were on the phone last night, I had anchored sexual feelings to my

devilish laugh.  She called my "slick."

Now, online this morning, I test to see if she is ready to meet in person.

Jenny: hello, how are you today?

David: Did you think about me?

Jenny: yes I did....actually didn't get to sleep for about an

are naughty

Jenny: :)

Jenny: did you think of me?

David: ooooh, I am glad you took a great deal of time to think about me

:-)   Yes, I did think about you

Jenny: then I thought of you when I woke this morning...:)

David: hehe :-)  and I trust that was just as rewarding

Jenny: yes it was ........I can hear that evil little

David: lol   good then.  Whenever you want to, you can remember my evil

little laugh :-)

Jenny: will never forget it

Jenny: :)

David: and too, you can remember my deep soothing voice comming through the

screen to penetrate throughout your entire body

Jenny: oh yesss, I thought about that too

David: and give you a "warm and fuzzy" tingle all throughout your body :-)

David: You did eh?

Jenny: you are bad.....:)....yes I did

David: *devilish little laugh*

Jenny: I hear

David: lol  good, I want you to

Jenny: you enjoy seducing women don't you?  :)

Jenny: it's ok, I enjoy being seduced.......:)....evil little laugh of my


David: I enjoy getting to know a woman who is intelligent, natural, and who

has a child like curiosity for life

Jenny: that's sweet....

Jenny: and how many hearts have you broken this year?  lol

Jenny: teasing

David: and when I meet such a woman, I would want to enjoy all that life has

to offer together with her.

Jenny: mmmm, sounds very nice

Jenny: did you go right to sleep last night?

David: and for me there is nothing finer then feeling that incredible

connection with someone that you feel so very close to.

David: hehe, I admit that I did not go right to sleep last night :-)

Jenny: no there isn't, only true passion can bring that feeling

Jenny: oh really, what did you do?  hehe

David: *devilish little laugh*

Jenny: lol.....

David: hehe

Jenny: bad little boy......;)

Jenny: and what are you thinking now?

David: I have read that lovers can transmit thoughts even when they are far

apart from each other

Jenny: I have read something similar

David: so, I will concentrate really hard and you can tell me what I am

thinking ok

Jenny: hehe....ok

David: ok, here goes...

Jenny: ok

Jenny: you are thinking about slow, deep passionate kisses

Jenny: :)

David: wow!  isnt that something!

Jenny: among many other wonderful thoughts.....

David: oh yes

Jenny: isn't it though.....

Jenny: :)

Jenny: pretty slick David

Jenny: ;)....hehe

David: it really is sweetheart.  Whenever I think of you, you will feel it,

inside you, you will know that it is me

Jenny: oh my.....and will you think of me often?

David: You make me feel so very good Jenny.  So very special.  You know I

will think about you very often.

Jenny: you make me feel very good too David, I will think of you often too

David: and I will feel it.  I will know that you are thinking of me.

Jenny: mmm, how will you ever get anything done as much as I will be

thinking about you?  :)

David: Your thoughts of me will make my days so wonderful

Jenny: good, it will make me happy to know I will be making you feel good

David: I love to make you feel happy Jenny

Jenny: you are too sweet to be true

David: In fact, I love to make you feel all those good feelings you have

always longed to feel...

David: to make you feel wanton desire, firey passion, total satisfaction

Jenny: would love to feel all of that with you

Jenny: total satisfaction?

David: oh just the thought of it, just to imagine it, overwhelms me

Jenny: would love to make you feel all of those things as well

David: It makes my knees weak...

Jenny: would love to hear that sexy voice and feel your breath

David: it makes my hands shake

Jenny: and makes me tremble all over

David: it makes my stomach tingle

Jenny: mmmmmmm, mine also

David: oh sweetheart, I want to make you tingle all over, so badly

Jenny: and would you stare deep into my eyes as we fulfilled each others


David: oh yes baby, I would look straight into your soul

Jenny: oh mmmyyy.....that alone would satisfy me

David: and I would show you just how good you make me feel

Jenny: and I would love to show you in return....all that you make me feel

Jenny: and would you write a poem about our first dance together?

David: that would be the most incredible ultimate form of sharing.  We could

enjoy it together

David: Yes, I would love to

Jenny: mmmmm, I would love to tuck you away for only me....:)

David: You make me feel so good Jenny.  So very good.

Jenny: you have made me feel with words, things I haven't felt for a long

time David

David: I love to make you feel this way Jenny.  for words are all I have to

express myself to you until we are together in person.

Jenny: and when we are together in person, I will be consumed by all I feel

for you........

Jenny: I want to just stare into you eyes for a long time first

David: oh yes, to soul gaze

Jenny: you could become an obsession.....:)

David: something that you could not get enough of

David: that's the way I want it to be for you

Jenny: we would take our time exploring and sharing....nothing hurried or

rushed.....yes, something I couldn't get enough of

David: yes, take our time savoring and adoring each other

David: for it is the journey, not the destination, that is to be savored.

Jenny: exactly

David: exactly

Jenny: I've know you for less than 24 hrs and I want you more than I've

wanted anyone

David: Jenny, that is the most incredible thing anyone has ever said to me

David: that has made me feel better then anything anyone has ever told me in

my life

Jenny: I can hardly believe that.....I would think women would be dying to

be with you, to have you

David: Maybe I have become too picky, but I want a woman who is as I

described above.

Jenny: picky is good, I am extremely picky also

David: then it has allowed us to finally come together

Jenny: yes it has, you have set my heart on fire

David: gooooooooood

Jenny: :)

David: :)

Jenny: what is your favorite color......something I need to know

David: That is a good question.  It depends on what I am thinking about.

What mood I want to put a color to.

Jenny: what is your fav. color when we are talking

David: I see red and blue being mixed together to make white.  The red for

passion, the blue for peace and coolness, the white for white hot.

Jenny: oh my......I like that

Jenny: :)

David: Please describe to me what color you think about when you think of


Jenny: hmmm, I see all the colors of the rainbow, wrapping around each other

David: are they bright and vibrant or cool and difuse?

Jenny: very bright and vibrant

David: and as you concentrate on the brightness of the colors, what does it

make you feel?

Jenny: it makes me feel very warm, excited and full of passion

David: oh baby, I love it when you feel that way

Jenny: mmm, you are making me feel that way

David: When we are finally together, I am going to totally worship and adore

your entire body for hours and hours on end

Jenny: and I will adore and love your entire body, and treat you like a king

David: oh baby, you make me feel so good, I can only imagine what it will be


Jenny:  it will be like a thousand coaster rides.....nothing will compare

David: oh Jenny, I know

Jenny: I want to be your addiction

David: that I could not get enough of

Jenny: someone you can share everything with

Jenny: yes, never get enough

David: everything

Jenny: everything

David: that would be the ultimate

Jenny: yes it would, I've never had that but always wanted it

David: I have always dreamed about it

Jenny: baby, I don't want to but I have to go now, my children want mommy to

come play

Jenny: but I will think of you, and hear you

David: I know baby, and our children are the most important things in our


Jenny: yes they are, you even understand that

Jenny: :)

David: I will think of you and hear you

David: yes, I do :-)

Jenny: xoxoxoxoxoxo....until I we speak again....take care baby

Jenny: bye

David: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   take care baby

David: bye

(whoa... gotta get my hands on those poems!)

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