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Player Guide: NightShadow's IRC seduction

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NightShadow's IRC seduction

A log of NightShadow's IRC seduction, or rather a seduction attempt - the girl responds fairly well but nothing overwhelming. The image of placing all the good feelings he has made her feel on her palm and eventually linking them to him is pretty good though.

] Have you ever been in love before?
(Lannetta) yes i was married
] You remember the feeling of love?
(Lannetta) vagely
(Lannetta) i am not sure if it was love
] oh, so you know about that ultimate connection two people can make
] we'll talk connection
] Can u remember that?
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta) it was great
] How it started?
] You get that slight feeling in your stomach when you thiink of this person
(Lannetta) yes
] You start by picturing yourself in different senarios with them
(Lannetta) not anymore
(Lannetta) i did
] Sound about  right?
(Lannetta) yes
] Just imagine it though
(Lannetta) how it was
(Lannetta) ?
] yeah
] exactly
(Lannetta) i don't remember how it started
] Can you actually feel those feelings like I was talking about though
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta) it was heaven
(Lannetta) my heart really used to leap
(Lannetta) i would feel
(Lannetta) all excited
] Yeah and you would try to stop thinking about that person and the more you tried the more  you thought about them and the more in heaven you felt!
(Lannetta) and i always looked forward to hearing his voice
(Lannetta) exactly
] and you could just hear his voice when you imagined him too
(Lannetta) i did alot to make him happy and it didn't work
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta)  and smell him
(Lannetta) even though he wasn't even in the same town
] I love that
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta) me too
] Can you FEEL and IMAGINE that RIGHT NOW? With ME, I can.
(Lannetta) i thought that was some connection
] It IS some connection!
(Lannetta) hehe
(Lannetta) we think the same
] yeah
(Lannetta) hehe
(Lannetta) its almost like talking to him
] I can feel that connection, right here, right now.
(Lannetta) no offense i hope
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta) thanx oyu
] I tell you what, have you ever felt a sense of ultimate high
(Lannetta) i thought that it was love
] but just a peak experience that NOTHING in the world could ever TOP Lannetta) that was it
(Lannetta) then i crashed
(Lannetta) oh well
(Lannetta) it's way over now
(Lannetta) no looking back
(Lannetta) now
] What if I said I can make it where you can recall that time you felt like that and eliminate the rest of the bad feelings
(Lannetta) i would like that
] open your mine, too me. Let my words PENETRATE your thoughts
(Lannetta) k
] Just think of what I type
(Lannetta) k
] Go back to when you were at the biggest peak of That giddy feeling
] Where you were thinking of that SPECIAL person who always said the right things and seemed to allow you to express your inner self
] Where do you feel those feelings right now?
] Physically, in your body, where do you feel those feelings right now?
(Lannetta) everywhere
(Lannetta) in my heart
] ok, take that entire sensation and pull it off your body and just HOLD IT in the palm of your hand.
] Look at the palm of your hand and think only of Zach's words.
(Lannetta) k
] Are those feelings there in your hand?
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta) it's tingling
] Now hold those feelings there and Just remember the next words I am going to say to you
(Lannetta) k
] I, Zach will allow you to feel those feelings when you want to. Give this experience a beautiful name.
] Maybe even a word that makes no sense but means the world to you
] You ok?
(Lannetta) scorpio
] Are you a scorpio?
(Lannetta) want it to go into Lannetta now?
(Lannetta) yes
] not yet
] Take this scorpio and hold onto it TIGHT! With me, I would never let go.
(Lannetta) why not oyu dont eveeen know me
(Lannetta) i do have the happiness back from that though and somehow you did it Zach
] Squeeze tight, think about Zach's words that took you to this state of Scorpio, experience this feeling with me and everytime you want to feel this way just close your hand, squeeze, close your eyes and wisper "Scorpio"
] Those are just the good feelings there, nothing else
(Lannetta) yes
] That connection, that FEELING, that WANT and desire can you FEEL THAT WITH ME, right now?
(Lannetta) well
] That is called an anchor. You took those BEAUTIFUL FEELINGS, put them into your hand, linked them with my words and explainations
] gave them your private name
(Lannetta) yup i guess do. I've not felt this way for two years like the way i feel now.
] and can recall them anytime you want to.
(Lannetta) thanx you
] U know what other feeling beats that
(Lannetta) whats that?
] crawling into bed when you are all showered, clean and slightly damp
] allowing your the sheets to form firm snuggly over your cool naked body
] to warm you
(Lannetta) ........Ummmm
] and allow the sheets to hold in your natural body heat to PENETRATE you and HOLD YOU TIGHT, To Me that is the best feeling
(Lannetta) yeah
] What just everyday function can make you happy?
(Lannetta) i like complete awareness of the you in love
(Lannetta) doing little things for the one i feel for
] WOW, really
(Lannetta) thats nice yes
(Lannetta) hehe
] I miss love too
(Lannetta) yes it like being ripped apart
] how so?
(Lannetta) like a part of yer body leaving you
] No, Just think of GOOD things WITH ME
(Lannetta) hehe
(Lannetta) k
] you were feeling all better and I started talking about jumping into bed after a shower
] reread it and tell me what you think of that
(Lannetta) hehe
(Lannetta) i like it
] You know that feeling?
(Lannetta) the feeling of the tingling
] When those sheets wrap you up like a big strong pair of arms and you are so aware of EVERYTHING on your body that it tingles
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta)  like that
(Lannetta) or the warm water enveloping you
] Makes you want to HOP RIGHT INTO BED. With ME that's what it does
(Lannetta) hhee
] oh man, like getting into the warm tub after a long tiring day
(Lannetta) aww
] Imagine, taking ALL OF your clothes off as the water is filling the tub
] Touching the tip of the water with your toes to check and feel it JUST RIGHT
(Lannetta) yes
] Taking steps into the water and it comes up around your ankles
] You start to SLIDE DOWN it as it starts to envelop your body and gives you that warm sensation ALL OVER
] you go down  through your thighs, up into your stomach and around your waist
] engulfing your breast and arms.
] Right up to your neck
] You begin to relax and feel good ALL OVER!!!
(Lannetta) yes
(Lannetta) sorry flooded myself
] That damn water was too much for you
(Lannetta) thats what i said
] ha
(Lannetta) hehe
(Lannetta) i guess so
] So, do I make you feel good Lannetta?
(Lannetta) yes thanx
] It's important to me. I barely know you yet I do know you so well
] I can't believe the CONNECTION I have made with someone just over the computer
(Lannetta) hehe
] What do you think?
(Lannetta) its good a good connection

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