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Player Guide: The rich and famous setup

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The rich and famous setup


[…] I spot something across the room that is so 'delish'. I watch her for awhile and notice the grease studs striking out one after another.

I get this silly idea in my head that has plagued me for awhile. I want to take it one step further. I find Adam who has his tongue in some strange girl's mouth. I tell him my idea and after some cajoling he agrees. What I wanted him to do was walk over and start talking to her but not hit on her. He wouldn't anyway after what I told him I had seen her do for the last half hour.

He just started talking about her modelling career which she readily talked about and asked him about his as she had seen some of his stuff. Then he called me over and introduced me as his Hypnotist friend. I said "hi", was nice and left. After I walked away he put my plan into action. "Poor guy," he said and when she asked what my problem was he said "whatever you do if you find him even slightly attractive don't waste your time". She told him "no offence but he does nothing for me". "Good," he said, "because he gets hit on constantly by hot women and he is really getting tired of it. All they want is his money". "Oh," she said, "he's rich?" "Well off," said Adam, "and mildly famous". "Interesting" she said and then they continued their conversation.

I came by her at least two hours later and asked if she had seen Adam. "No, but I am sure he will be back, why don't you talk to me until he gets here?" I of course stayed and talked cause thats what I wanted all along. We yakked for about fifteen minutes with her trying to be sneaky and get info on me as to who I was, what I did on the side, where I had been, do I travel often. I was infuriatingly ambiguous about everything as it's all lies anyway. Adam comes back inserts himself into the conversation and gives her a disaproving look which she returns with that "what?" look. I tell Adam that I am leaving because I am bored and to call me tomorrow. She say's that we were having such an interesting conversation and the night is young, stay stay. "No I am really bored, no offense". "Well here is my number, call me and we can continue this where there are no distractions". "Maybe" I say and take my leave with the number:)

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