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Player Guide: The effetiveness of persistence with a smile

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The effetiveness of persistence with a smile

by NightLight9

Anyway as it gets closer to closing time I see a girl (8) who I thought was cute but had been with another guy early in the evening (who she obviously knew). She was now by her herself at a bench on the wall and I was about 20 ft away with 3 friends at a table. I make eyecontact and waved her to come over (In my experience this never works except with girls with no self respect, so it's sort of test on my part) She gives me a look that says, "Yeah right". I get up and walk over to here (about 3 seconds since the initial eye contact. I sit done at chair as close as I can without being rude right in front of her (between two tables so I'm a little off to the side). She has the total bitch sheild up, but she isn't looking away. I say "So what brings you to "bar X" (but the key is I have an ear to ear grin). She says her friend got married. I keep asking her really bland questions about what she's doing, but with this huge smile (almost a caricature). After about 5 of these questions, "I say what do you do?" But then before she can say, I say "let me guess" (looking quizical for a few seconds). I say "your a lion tamer aren't you?" She imediately goes for it (every girl I've ever used this on has loved it and it's yours here royalty free :-) She still hasn't smiled during this whole time. I run with it. "Do you stick your head all the way in the lions mouth?" "That must be pretty risky." Still no smile at all but she is going allong with it. Then it happens. I feel here ankle brush against my leg. It's all over, smile or not. I put my hand on her knee. She smiles a few minutes later. We keep talking but with every sentence I move a little closer. Finally we are about 6 inches apart and I ask her question, and as soon she can answer I kiss her lightly. Then I ask another, longer kiss. Then I kiss here before she can answer a long real kiss. We take a break and her male friend comes back. I start talking to him imediately. Very friendly. After about 5 minutes of conversationtion, she tells him she wants to leave with me. So we go for a walk...

The moral of the story is: As mystery always says, the only way to defeat the bitch shield is with a smile (and lots of eye contact).

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