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Player Guide: The original Mr Smooth posts

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The original Mr Smooth posts

By Maniac High (, ASF:

Tonight, something very interesting happened, I ran into a guy using a new sarging approach, which I must say is different, but was very effective. The result, lots of HBs!! Shitloads of kissing (within 2 minutes of meeting the chicks!)! Phone Numbers, and babes from heaven. I am going to describe what this guy (and I with him as I picked it up from in during the night) was doing, and then would be very interested to get your opinions on how/why this was even working…I was shocked!!

Tonight, I went with Taro to an area in Tokyo called Roppongi, a big nightclub and going out area (ever been to a place, where there are 15 story buildings, and each floor is a different club? Well that is Roppongi, apparently its got the biggest density of night life (1 square mile by 10 floor buildings all over) any where in the world.

We arrived at midnight, and went to a dance bar. It was a rather uneventful evening until about 2am, trying to make eye contact, talking a bit to ladies, not much luck..loud music and very crowded place.

Then all of the sudden, while I was near the dance floor, I got grabbed by a guy, to dance with this girl (he was behind her, I was in front), in that sandwich style. The guy I didn't know, but as I would find out later during the evening, he is one of the best and smoothest PUA's I have ever seen operate, and he had a very unusual style, which was extremely effective. "Smooth" is 26, average looking Japanese guy, wearing casual clothes, basically nothing that a girl would like on just looks alone. His secret, was what he said (and didn't say), and his very careful use of non verbal communications to slide girls downthe slippery slope of first repecting us, and then liking us. We were able to pick up HB chicks, get them to like us, and kissing us within 5 minutes flat.

He came alone to bars, not with a wingman, and rather than go up to a girl, and introduce himself, like most guys do, but rather, gain rapport through introducing me (and not himself) to the girls. I would do likewise (you ever hear the story about the two russian admirals who started out as soldiers, and always complimented the other in their absense to superiors till they both got to be admirals..well this is what he was doing, with anchors, touching, visualization, jealousy..etc).;

He would go up to a group of girls (and he wouldn't wait for eye contact or anything, he'd just go up), and introduce me (or which ever guy he could find around him), to the target chicks, lightly put his arms around both chicks (not in a imtimidating way, but a friendly way and say how such a great guy I was to the girls. He would basically get rapport with the girls saying how great I was (he didn't even know me actually), and not paying attention to any particular girl. He'd say how we should all be friends and get to know each other more, because (he said), I really like Japanese girls, and I thought they were so cute (and we only hit on 9s and 10s, so they were all cute). I was just watching this, and didn't say much myself, but over the evening with different chicks, I started to do the same thing with the girls regarding him (how he is so great guy, we've known each other a lot… as a rapport mechanism). He was very casual, cool, and ironically, made poor eye contact with everyone, but talked authoritativly as well as relaxed. He'd never argue with a girl, but just usually repeat something about how nice it was to be friends, or how great I was, or how it would be fun to go eat or something, each time we got resistance.

He'd then describe states to the girls, but using me in the context, ie. Hed say that I like her because her hair was so smooth and gentle..etc..etc, while he would touch her hair. He was also anchoring without knowning it, because everytime he'd say something to her about how I was a great guy, or how I thought she was cute (I don't speak much Japanese, so he could get away with this), he would tap her gently on the shoulder, or put his arm around her waist and bring her closer to me. Then he'd say more how I thought she was nice, and I was a great guy, and repeat again how we should get to know each other, he'd gently take both our heads, and push them together for a kiss, in a joking way. The girl would usually refuse, and then he'd say how I really liked her, and gesture the cheek, and she;d kiss me there (or I'd kiss her there), then he'd get the other to reciprocate the kiss. After that, he talked about how that was really nice, and how it was good we were getting on so well, and how it would be good to get a real kiss. At the same time, he is already gently getting closer to the girl that HE wanted, his arm around her waist, while doing the whole kiss routine with me and the other girl. He is laughing, and so is the other chick(s). Then my chick and we would kiss (he would gently coax both our heads together), and at the same time, I have already got my arm around my chick now. We are being light and funny, being very overt about what we could get the girls to do, and doing a high 5 (me and Smooth) each time we made progress with a chick (kiss, cheek, arms..etc). Then we'd talk a little more to the chicks (nothing heavy topic, no overt NLP, no patterns, just touching lightly, but as the 20 minutes goes on, holding longer and longer to hands, neck..etc..etc). He now was doing the same thing with his chick. A couple minutes later he'd say again how we were getting on so well, and how the girl had made such a good choice to choose me because I was such a good guy, and that he wanted to see us (me and my chick) kiss again, since we were such a nice couple and relating so well. By that time, I had been holding her hand (this started when he told the girl I was really liking her because she was so nice and he took her hand and put it on mine). Then he took the hand of his chick, who was laughing and giggling through this. After we all got through our kisses with our respective chicks, we'd say how they are so fun and nice and we are so happy we met them and got to know them, and we'd say we'd love to get a chance to talk more, and get to know each other better. They'd ask how we could do that and I'd ask them (all of them), their phone numbers. I'd collect them, and kiss my girl again a nice long kiss, and then say we have to go, and we moved on to the next chicks in the bar (and we didn't take long, maybe 5-10 seconds), and jump in front of the next pair/threesome of chicks and do the entire routine over…

So what did we get for the night. Well, I kissed more chicks that I can remember, got a shitload of numbers (15 or so?) of most of the HBs in the place, lots of touching, and they were all crazy about us at the end of the routine, which was around 20 minutes or so. Over the evening, as I learned his style, I would reciprocate, and we got better results even.

This was working anywhere, we got a bunch of girls in bars, and two sets on the street near the clubs that we were able to start making out with right on the street within about 2 minutes of meeting them!! His opener for the kiss with one pair was really good. We walked right up to two HBs and he did his "my friend is a great guy routine and really likes you", like before, and then got her to agree that I was a nice guy too. Then he said that's great, so lets jan-ken (play rock scissors paper), and the loser (of me and the chick) has to kiss (ie. No matter who wins..the chick and I end up reality), we played, she lost, and I gave her a short kiss on the lips right in the street 60 seconds after meeting her. Then he continued the above routine, in the prev. paragraph, and we ended up kissing more. I said that now we (me and my chick) kissed, so now I wanted to see him and his chick kiss..they did.. Again, the high fives each time we got a chick to do something, right in front of was like a game show our attitudes with the chicks, and they got into it too. BTW, the chick I kissed in 60 seconds was only 19, I am 31, he's 26 and his chick was 19 too. They were crazy about us too after about 10 minutes of this, we got their numbers, and then walked up the street 20 feet and did the same routine all over again with the next two HBs.

Guys, I don't know why, but this works. If you get a good partner, you can really hit on a chick without hitting on her, if you are doing it for the other guy…because actually you arent really hitting on her!! (it helps if the other guy is reciprocating..or even if he's not, because you can do the moves on your chick, while describing how its nice for the other chick and the other guy to do the same thing, right in front of your own target). Like I said, he was just grabbing guys in the bar and introcuding them to chicks when there were groups..the other guys though didnt speak much japanese, so didnt get very far, but we did great and will go next week and get more chicks, once I finish with all the numbers I got.

We did well, everyone was a 9 or 10, one chick wearing very sexy black hot pants and half top, and she was all over me like glue by the end. Severl others, I cant remember…I was necking with one for 5 minutes. We got all their numbers and they were pleading for us to call them by the end each time. Shitloads of women.. I'd never had a night like this before..this guy is GOOD!!

Oh, that was the other thing, often, when we'd first introduce to a chick, they'd try to blow us out. But Smooth would never give up on chicks as long as there was interaction (even if it was negative) of any kind, for a minimum of 5 minutes. He'd repeat how great I was, and how much I liked them, and loved Japanese women… it worked because it is hard for the chick to blow him (me) out, since I wasn't doing anything,…he was talking about me.. in over 50% of the cases, after a bit of that, and how we should be friends, their barriers would go down, and we could start the normal routine, and get the french kisses and phone numbers and get them crazy about us, and move on. Again, very much 'game show host' attitude as he was moving me and the chick along, while doing the same thing to his chick. As well, he would talk with whoever in the bar, and make the chick wait a couple minutes (we were already holding their hands, so they had to wait…ie.. were were not supplicating..we made them wait, and get used to waiting for us to finish). We did this in the street, he saw a street band, he stopped and started talking tot he musician, and just made the chicks wait (I am suprised they didnt leave..but they didnt) as they were a bit ahead of us on the street by then).

Things he didn't do… didn't ask their names (until just before the phone close, but after the kiss), didnt talk about hobbies, or any of that other shit..just, I am great, their cute, we are wonderful, you should kiss, here take his hand, he is my best friend..etc..etc.. very surface level.. He was never serious, and never got into questions about jobs or whatever either, just he stuck to the point, were all here, lets have fun and and see what we can do. When a girl gave resistance, he never argued, but grab her hand, put it on mine, and say how we are having fun, ask her if she likes me (shed say I am okay), then go on to how I like her..blah blah. Aggressive somehow, but not really since he is not pushing HIMSELF on her, he is pushing me, and then taking his own chick along. He paid very little attention to his chick verbally, but would duplicate the physical stuff with the hands, that he was getting me to do with my chick. He would put his arms around all the chicks in the group with me, while we danced with them…again, game show host attitude all the way, high fives often when one of us would get a small 'win' with a chick..etc..etc. He'd say to come met us again next week (even though we got their numbers), and we'll be out here..blah blah.. When girls werwe on the street going someplace, or one chick in the group wanted to drag the others away, he'd ask where they were going, (they'd say, home..another club, drinking..etc), he'd say that's good lets go, and force us upon them. For about a couple minutes they were uncomfortable, but as he talked about how great I was, and happy we could spend time with them, and it was so much fun, their attitude would change..again, like when we'd first meet them kind of problem..he'd resolve it the same way..theyd start smiling, and we'd end up having lots of fun…the kissing..phon nums..touching..all over again. We had about a 75% hit rate (ie. We could french kiss and get numbers of about 75% of the chicks we hit on), using this method..

So what do you think guys? His approach worked because you can be very overt when you are "helping out your friend" (and of course the friend is reciprocating). We were with chicks all the time and both of us got much farther than we would have under any traditional approach. We decided to go to a chick shopping district and just try it on the street… That will be another report…

One more thing…I have seen this approach in one other place, and I think this is where he learned it.. In Japan, there is a kind of erotic video, where two or three guys will just go on a street by a train station, and hit on girls exactly like he did (same phrases, actions..words), and try and get them to sleep with him to make the video. It is all real and unstaged.. Ironically, quite a few girls will actually go for it. He was doing exaclty this, like the appraoch the guys used in the videos to convince the girls (they are pretty, my buddy thinks you are sexy…blah blah..kiss game..blah). They are called 'street Nanpa' videos (nanpa = skirt chasing, or sarging), and are all over japan. They are very good instruction because they show all the pickups attempts successes and failures, of the chicks till they get the one that they sleep with.. probably someplace on the net has got them too,..they are all over Japan anyways…

Mr Smooth no 2

As soon as we got in, we started hitting within 10 secs (one thing about Mr. Smooth I like, is that he is not a wall flower, he will not spend more than 10 secs w/o talking to a chick...this is real important guys. hit..hit..hit). I hate wallflowers because they discourage me from hit hit hitting as they just stand around 'waiting for the perfect time',..fuck that..
Ok, I was the first one to go in, we are in the Pizza line, we meet at 9pm, and in the pizza place in a couple minutes, and I hit the chick in front of me in line, an 8. I introduce Smooth to her, following the routine we decided for the night. We got cold icy stares, but I kept on interacting though as long as she would, like I saw smooth do last time.. No luck, she started to ignore us and ran away.
RIght after that (20 seconds?) , I then tell smooth that I like the two chicks in the corner other side of the restaurant. I start looking over there, and I get eye contact with Black Dress HB, and her '7' friend. I gesture to come her, but she is reluctant, and keeps pointing to her friend. I gesture her do bring her friend over too. While they talk, Smooth gets 2 chairs ready at our table. They come over and we start talking..regular smooth routine, we get to kisses on the cheek in about 2 minutes. Not bad.
Then Smooth tries his new approach, he wanted to know if within a couple minutes we could get chicks over to my house for a private party with all 5 of us. He makes the pitch, and then repeats it several times over the talk, they laugh and giggle. We then talk about playing a game popular in Japan called 'oosama' (the king). It is kind of a drinking simon says game, you pick a number (or jan-ken rock scissors paper), and the winner gets to make two other players do something (anything). Apparently it is quite popular here, and after a bit of drinking, can get quite raunchy. I fake like I don't know what is oosama, and try to get the girls to explain it to me. Then I ask what is the most weird thing you did in oosama before (hoping to get something physical, which I can start to anchor on). I didn't get much results. We will use oosama in future routines, as it worked well, and you can get to 'physical' things in the discussion right away, which is good.
Lessons - going for getting a chick directly over w/o the setup first doesn't work (no biggie there, but we did want to try), and talking about 'oosama' is a good way to lead to other discussion along intimate / sexual lines. And getting phyical withchicks on the dance floor works well and is easy if you do it in fours or fives, before pairing!

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