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Player Guide: Svengali's street pick-up

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Svengali's street pick-up

A classic street pick-up by Svengali using humour, romance, sex-talk and kino with confidence.

Svengali, ASF:

"Her: "Do you mind if I smoke?"
And I said: "Why should you be any different from all the other women I have sex with?"

Met her at the bakery counter.
I said she had wonderful cup cakes.
She gave an evil wonderful smile.
Asked her if she liked ice cream.
Naturally she says yes.
I said "On what part of your body do you like it best?"
She laughs.
I say: "Am I funny enough to share a cup of coffee with during your lunch break?"
(Pause, hesitation).
"If you feel threatened being with such an old guy, you can bring your bear claws (I point to them in the counter)."
She laughs.
"Yeah, a cup of coffee will be fine."
"Where do you usually have lunch and when do you usually have it?"
{If I hear another McDonald's, I think I'll go nuts!}

I knew she was mine after that.

Humor, romance, humor, romance, sex talk, romance, humor, kino, sex talk, humor, sex talk, kino, kino, kino, kino...

In my car.
0 to sex in 72 minutes.
(Of course I timed it! I had another woman to go to... who I was late to see ; - }

BTW, she was 18, 5'8-5'9", @135#, her bra said "c" (but I really think she was a "b"), she asked for my phone number -- and I still don't know her name!

This stuff is way too easy...
and a whole lot of fun!

Just one 'ol geezer's report.

Two last things. I'm not prone to "kiss 'n tell" so you won't see hardly any of these reports coming from me. Also, and most importantly, I don't give a damn if you believe me or not.

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