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FSDN – Fast Seduction Developer Network offers a developer program for anyone interested in offering new services to the pickup and seduction community.

Welcome to FSDN!

Learn The Skills Corp proudly presents FSDN (Fast Seduction Developer Network).  FSDN is our way to extend opportunities to developers all over the world to create and offer services to members of the pickup and seduction community on Fast Seduction 101.  Whether you have an idea for a new service or have an existing service, we can help you easily connect it to our member services and offer YOUR services directly to our huge audience and already-existing membership base.

If you are interested in FSDN and have a service you would like us to review for inclusion, please contact us at [email protected].

The first program offered under FSDN is our “Community Connector” which allows us to easily and SECURELY “bridge” registered member accounts from our site to yours:

Community Connector

What is Community Connector?  It is a process and set of self-contained server-side scripts and libraries, part of which run on and part of which run on your site, which allows us to literally bridge a member login from mASF to your site/service without exposing or passing any non-public information about that member login.

Through the process (which utilizes strong encryption, secure session state management, and backend authentication and authorization), you can guarantee the bridges are being initiated by and be able to securely validate that the unique identifying data about the usernames/IDs passed are, in fact, registered members of Fast Seduction 101’s discussion forums.  The members can then be treated as if they’d already registered an account at your site and you can offer them services which normally could only be offered based on registrations established by your site.

The bridge can also be handled in reverse to allow bridged members to be returned to / mASF with their login session intact.  Additionally, when presenting a login option for members on your site, you can provide them a link to a login served by which, after they login, will send the member DIRECTLY to your site.

There are many possibilities for Community Connector.
We’ve put together a  how-to (PDF) document for your reference.
Write us to find out more!

We have a number of tiers which we can offer for Community Connector:


If your site/service is totally free and does not sell products, does not have paid advertisements, does not have paid subscriptions, and does not link to commercial affiliate programs then we have 2 tiers available.

  • TIER 1Price/Access: 100% FREE
    No forum on your site (unless it is a Lair site, and your Lair membership is less than 250 people), no use of the site to request personal information of bridged members.
  • TIER 2Please contact us about the nominal monthly rate (fees can be waived under certain conditions)
    You have a forum on your site and/or use the site to request personal information from bridged members.


If your site has any of the following then it is considered a commercial site: sells products, has paid advertisements, paid subscriptions, or links to commercial affiliate programs, then it is considered Commercial and we have 2 tiers available.

  • TIER 1Please contact us for monthly rates
    Your site/service is Commercial but is low-volume (less than 1,000 self-generated members and/or less than 5,000 bridges/month via Community Connector).
  • TIER 2Please contact us for monthly rates
    Your site/service is Commercial and is high-volume (more than 1,000 self-generated members and/or more than 5,000 bridges/month via Community Connector).

We may offer discounts (on Community Connector and advertising on to Commercial sites based on co-branding and link agreements. Please ask us!

Showcase of services using Community Connector:

action in Action“, provided at by El Diablo
“Action in Action (AiA) is a tool to motivate yourself and GENUINELY work on your game รขโ‚ฌโ€œ all for free. I have nothing to sell you but I will come to your house and kick your ass if you don’t get up off it!”

mASF Photo Albums“, provided at by Formhandle
“mASF members can now easily share their photos with other mASF members. Each person has their own album, multiple albums per person. mASF login required to browse albums.”
Another program is available to developers under FSDN, “Community Insider”, which allows developers who’ve created services that work with Community Connector to have those services integrated directly into the web site.

 Community Insider 

What is Community Insider?  It is a program which allows us to work with developers who have successfully deployed services using Community Connector and take the steps necessary to integrate the service directly into

Requirements for deployments directly on Service must be coded entirely in Perl and be well-documented to allow us to review the code for flaws or security issues. If it needs to make use of a database, it must do so using common libraries and either utilize Berkley DB database structures or Microsoft SQL Server, via Perl’s DBI/DBD libraries or Win32::ODBC libraries.

Please contact us for detailed information about the Community Insider program.
Terms of Use for FSDN and associated services:

We offer FSDN and associated services (such as Community Connector) to any interested parties which we have approved as offering services which are likely to be interesting to our members and tested to be secure and reliable.  At any time we reserve the right to disapprove requests for a developer account and may disable a developer account at our discretion.

Use of FSDN by approved developers constitutes EXPLICIT agreement with the following policies:

  • At no time shall services offered be used to promote unauthorized services or talk negatively of competitors or affiliates/partners of We have no interest to censor your services but use of your services for agendas other than simply providing the service beyond which we have agreed (whether with a commercial interest or not) may cause your developer account to be revoked.
  • Your services offered shall be available for testing by to ensure the security of bridged member sessions from Community Connector. will provide guidance to help you with any security issues related to Community Connector.
  • Your site/service must have a reasonably prominent link back to’s home page and also clearly display a means for bridged members to have their sessions returned back to / mASF (through visible links or forms).
  • You must not display forms on your site which may confuse mASF members to enter their mASF login into your forms.  In order to allow mASF members to gain access to your services through a login, you must provide a special login link below or above (or to the left or right) of your established forms, displaying the additional option to your site visitors.
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