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The Attraction Code by Vin DiCarlo

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Review(s) of The Attraction Code by Vin DiCarlo

The Attraction CodeReview by Jack Fontaine (aka “BigBrother” from, 2008-06-11:

There are a number of books and courses out there that are in the business of teaching you “Natural Game»â€, where pickup is not based on lines, routines, or memorization. Most miss the mark and still end up teaching you things to memorize, lines and routines to follow, etc. The Attraction Code by Vin DiCarlo attempts to take you beyond that by working to teach not simply how to “act” like a natural, but how to think like a natural, throwing out all concepts of lines and routines. And it does that very well.

The Attraction Code is broken down into only 4 chapters, but spans over 260 pages, and comes with a number of supplementary features. And it fills these pages with tons of information. The first two chapters focus primarily on the history of attraction, giving you a background to help you understand the basis for the course. And to understand The Attraction Code, one has to understand the history of the human animal, getting insight into things like social status and dominance, and appreciate our evolution (and lack of evolution in some areas). All of these things have some hand in the design of the Code.

The third chapter focuses primarily on the female of the human equation. To fully appreciate the course, you need a full understanding of how women think, but not simply at the superficial things brought on by society, but at their core level. There is a good deal of discussion on things like compliance and frames, with a great amount of focus on tests, and how best to “pass” them. Again, no lines, no routines, simply what these tests are for and why they’re being asked so you have a better chance to get beyond them.

Spread out through the first three chapters are boxes of information labeled “Attraction Code Clues”, essentially summarizing things we have just learned in that particular section, helping us build the code ourselves before the “big reveal” in the final chapter.

The fourth and final chapter brings us to the much awaited Attraction Code. Taking all The Attraction Code Clues we’ve gathered to this point, it merges them into a cohesive bond. Without my revealing too much, one thing to note is that The Code is not simply designed to help you in becoming a Natural» at pickup, but also will help in all aspects of your life. Understanding and applying it will help you with everything you do.

A unique feature of this course is a side story about an average guy named Patrick who starts off as what is popularly termed an AFC, and through his own actions and discoveries, learns about The Attraction Code and becomes what others would term a natural. It’s a very nice touch, even going so far as to use a typewriter font to give the appearance of a typewritten journal of sorts. We get inside Patrick’s head, and we’re given deeper insight into what he’s thinking and “the reality of things” with commentary by the author. It strikes a chord, and does give a certain amount of connection with what we’re learning through the reading of this book (in a sense, what Patrick is thinking is what goes through all our heads).

A couple of added Appendices complete the book. “The Hard-Core Science Behind Attraction” gives you a scientific background for the Code and “Relationship of I-LoC to Dominance” follows a study conducted in the 60’s and 70’s, both helping to reinforce the science behind The Attraction Code.

Another nice touch that is applied to this book is the overall formatting. Most e-books tend to be formatted like a traditional book, specifically formatted in portrait mode (the page is taller than it is wide). The Attraction Code is formatted in landscape mode (wider than it is tall) so that it is easier to read on a computer monitor screen. This makes the book very readable, since e-books are generally read on computers (and not printed out before reading).

Overall, this book is designed to help you change your mode of thinking. Meant to help you step outside yourself and, in a sense, naturally become a natural». You won’t find any routines, techniques, or pick-up lines in this book. It also goes so far as to be clear in stating that it’s not about teaching you “Inner Game»â€, but meant to get you out there picking up women. It’s a different animal amongst the rest of the pickup books out there, and will compliment anything you may have already learned in the past or want to learn in the future.

It’s also good to note the bonuses that come along with this book (all part of the DiCarlo Diclassified series). You get the “DiCarlo Escalation Ladder” (2nd Edition), “No Flakes!”, “Objection Game”, and “Secrets of Sexual Tension”. With these, you add an additional 85 pages of solid information. These have all been formatted to match the look and feel of The Attraction Code (although, sadly, not matching the page formatting, sticking to the standard portrait page format common for e-books). None of these are required reading to fully understand the course, but they are best used along with this book to get the most of your knowledge (and are referenced in a few places in throughout the course).

Review by TokyoPUA (aka Ray Devans), 2008-06-16:

I want to endorse Vin DiCarlo here as one of the most skilled and innovative guys in the game. We have met and winged together, and I have seen some of his beautiful girlfriends in person, so I can vouch for his results firsthand, he is the real deal.

While I have not yet read the full book, I saw Vin speak to an audience of over 300 men about the concepts taught in The Attraction Code, and he got thunderous applause because what he was teaching were really new and cutting edge (even I was taking furious notes in my journal). But Jack already covered some of these above.

So instead, I want to say that the bonuses you get with this book are worth more than you pay. In fact, the “DiCarlo Escalation Ladder” alone is in my opinion worth double or triple what you pay for the book. It is one of the most overlooked subjects in the game, but the idea of perfect sequencing to ensure sex is something I have been long aware of and have practiced myself. Vin is the first guy out there to put his ideas on the subject into print, and it’s absolutely ground breaking stuff.

If you ever got all hot and steamy with a girl to the point you thought sex was a sure thing, but instead somehow it never happened, and then all your tries to get to that point again were useless and you wound up never having sex with the girl, you absolutely must read what Vin has to say in the “DiCarlo Escalation Ladder” bonus book.

Vin might have done better to call his book “The Cure for Blue Balls” since the key to not having blue balls in the first place is of course to escalate to sex. So while nothing is 100%, get your copy of Vin’s books and let this bonus save you from at least a few future bouts of blue balls while you are at it!

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