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Player Guide: If she is with a friend / a group of friends

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If she is with a friend / a group of friends

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...also known as disarming the obstacles

She is the target. The friend is the obstacle. Be it male a female, so many AFC's make the fatal mistake of ignoring the friend / obstacle when making sweet-talk with the target. An ignored obstacle is pissed and getting more pissed all the time. Undoubtedly, the target's friends have much more influence over her than you could ever exert in 5-10 minutes, which means that when the pissed obstacles will eventually start interfering with your conversation, dragging your target away ("come on, we have to go home / to another place" etc.), talking with your target and ignoring you, making comments and just generally breaking the mood… you're dead meat. If you were good enough to make the target interested in you, she might be able to slip you her number while her friend is already dragging her out the door. But more likely than not, in an atmosphere poisoned by the pissed presence of the obstacle, you'll never have a chance with the target.

So now what? The only option is to befriend the obstacles before engaging the target. Make the target's friends - male, female, brothers, co-workers, whatever - your best mates before you move on to working you magic with the one that really drew you to their friendly circle in the first place. Have a good time doing it, make lots of friends, shake hands, be humorous, lift everyone's spirits. Make them laugh, feel good and like you:) Once you're done that, you can move to working your target without having to fear anything from your new-found buddies. Who, by the way, you have already negged by paying the least amount of attention to. This has gotten her intrigued about you as she's probably accustomed to being adored everywhere she goes:) But not by you, so either you're accustomed to beautiful women or there's something about her that you don't like, either way, she has got to find out, she has got to make you adore her, she is so accustomed to that, "why is she not paying attention to me!?", "gotta step up my efforts with this guy!", hehe:) (Don't forget to read Neghits explained and Neghits expansion pack:).

One more thing - once you've disarmed the obstacle / obstacles and engaged the target, and this is critical, you need to separate her from her friend / friends. If she is with a friend, you better have a wingman to keep the obstacle busy and help in the effort of separating them. Very many girls don't like to be seen kissing or touching someone in front of others / friends. They have the issue of reputation to deal with etc. But once you're in a private place, she's free to do whatever she wants without having to think "oh no, what's my friend going to think about this", "is she gonna tell anyone / my boyfriend / mom?" etc. Let's say you separated two friends, you're with one girl and your wingman with another girl someplace else. You and the girl have no idea what you're your wingman and her girl are doing. But that doesn't mean you can't imagine:) This is where it gets interesting - she's gonna think her friend is probably already making out and having all the fun, maybe even having sex already:) While her friend is probably thinking the same thing:) So being separated and not knowing what the other one is doing, both of them are much more receptive to all sorts of advances:)

Applied with a wingman: if your wingman and his girl seem to be getting along, tell your girl (without the other girl overhearing) that you should let those two be alone and leave. Your girl will certainly initially wonder, what you mean by that. "Open her eyes" with these:) - "Are you blind or something? Can't you see what they're up to? Or do you want to watch them:)? Don't you know how embarrassing it is when two people want to be alone and there's someone watching?". This should make her "understand" and now the two of you can leave. But the beauty of this is, that you leave with your girl thinking, that her girlfriend is gonna get some in a few minutes:) The girlfriend however sees the two of you leaving and can't help but think that you left so that you and your girl could go have some private fun:) Now that you've got both of them thinking, that the other one is going to get her brains screwed out in a few moments, neither of them wants to be left out in the cold - voila:)!

A simple variation of removing obstacles / negging the target, ASF: "You see HB and UG together - dance/talk/have fun with the UG instead, HB is surprised, jealous and starts making an effort. Perfect."

Mystery, ASF: "To get a 10 you NEED 7 and 8 girls to PAWN. Make them laugh and the 10 in the other group will take notice. Then enter the group and be the center. NEG the target while you address the rest of the crowd. Be so intersting that they ask YOU questions. NEG the ten again in front of the friends. Then once the group likes you, close in on the target with a mood of "ok ok, I'll let you talk to me". You are appealing to her emotions. She felt bad for being left out and then you GIVE IN and make her the center of attention."

Johnny Shack ( "Remember: there is often some (usually ugly) sour womens liberation girl in a group, who will stuff the momentum up which is what leads to missing out on "story nights". So make note of not leaving her out of the conversation. This girl can be very influential as she will pull the morality strings of the group (which is the last thing you need out there in jungle warfare). Get her interested in you and let the games begin. Make that ugly and mouthy girl of tje group like you, this will allow the others to act their slutty selves."

Another example of getting a girl away from her friends from the SS-list (original poster requested anonymity): "Pardon the interruption.. I'd like to tell you something and which I know you'll enjoy more in private. Believe me.." (motion with your hand to the side or lead her with your open palm to the side. And then to her friends -) "Excuse me ladies.. I'll borrow her only for a moment" (Once she's outside the flock -) "..the reason I took you aside is that... (paaaaaaauuuuzzzz) all your friends there are beautiful, of course.. but there is something about you that absolutely stands out (besides her tits, but don't tell her that!).... and I just HAD to tell you that. (Shut up until she asks or shows curiosity, then -) (give her a sincere compliment that has nothing to do with her beauty, of course, then -} and I hope you're the type of woman who can tell the difference between a pickup (gesture away) and a sincere compliment (sp)". Give her a knowing look (which you can use later on as an anchor), and walk away!! She'll run after you!

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