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Player Guide: Paying her a compliment

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Paying her a compliment

Complimenting a girl is a double-edged sword. It has been known to go great lenghts and it has also been know to stop an advance dead in its tracks. Some girls will hang on to a guy who keeps complimenting them no matter what, other girls dismiss a guy that pays them a compliment as just another chump.

More than anything else, whether to compliment her or not depends on how you can pull it off. Being hesitant or bland about your compliment to a girl that usually loves and craves for compliments, can make her frown with scorn and turn her back on you. And being sincerely passionate and unique about your compliment to a girl that usually dismisses complimenters as chumps, can make her fall into your arms with a longing sigh.

Then again, being able to be passionate, sincere and unique, you most probably have no need to resort to paying compliments to win her favour - she is already aching to be with you based on your previous interactions:)

Should you however choose to compliment her nevertheless, here are a few pointers, which, if nothing else, should at least keep you from straying too far from the path of the perfect seduction:)

The first fule of complimenting - don't compliment the obvious. She knows about the obvious, she has heard compliments about it before and if you do it, you'll automatically be associated with all the chumps that got nowhere with her with their compliments about the obvious. Plus it gives the impression that you're just fishing for some cheap gratitude on her part without caring to invest much anything yourself.

You can make an exception to this rule if there's something about her, that you really like so much, that you just can't bare not to tell her. But in this case don't forget to add a description of why you like what you like about her and how it makes you feel.

The second rule of complimenting - do compliment the existent but not so obvious. This makes you stand out as it shows that you've actually invested some thought and have been more perceptive about her than others. When paying the compliment, don't just say you like this and that about her. Describe exactly why you like this and that, describe how this and that about her makes you feel - she'll be listening to you and feeling it alongside you.

The third rule of complimenting - compliments tend to linger in the minds of the ones that receive them. The more reason for you to pay only the "right" compliments. For each time she thinks of the compliment and it was "right", she'll think of you in an affectionate manner. And if it was cheap-ass - she'll think of you with scorn. So recognize and utilize the lingering aspect of compliments and only pay her the "right" compliments ("right" being defined in the first two rules) to have her feel continously affectionate towards you:)

Body compliments are better avoided in the initial stages of your interaction with the girl. Maxim (

“It makes me uncomfortable if a guy comments on my body in any way, as in `You look really good in that skirt.’ That’s way too familiar for just meeting someone. It’s too obvious that you’re trying to pick me up. —Karen, 27, St. Paul”

But do compliment the parts of her body that you like later in the relationship and she'll adore you for it, for now you are someone who's opinion actually matters to her and thus you have the power to make her happy. So yes, women crave for body compliments just as much or even more than personality compliments, just don't make the mistake of paying those compliments early into meeting her or you'll come off as a horny pervert trying for a cheap pick-up.

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