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Player Guide: How to Handle Girls

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How to Handle Girls

Be busy - attract girls by being "busy".
Suggest competition - keep her on her toes.
Put a price on yourself - the more you "cost", the more value she attributes to you.
Show a willingness to walk away - don't let her take you for granted.
Use her friends - by realising, that "friendship" also means "rivalry".
Judge her by her actions, not by her words - or rather, let her actions speak the words.
Have and reveal secrets - provide a constant thrill for the woman.
Use poetry - women are about feelings; poems are about feelings - and mixing the two gets you dynamite:) 12 poems.
If she compliments you - make her feel good for having done that:)
Act like its special - and what you have can not be found anywhere else.
Paying her a compliment - an AFC trap, unless you do it right.
Cook for her and "date" at home - the main dish will be less expensive and the "dessert" more convenient:)
When should you call a woman after having sex with her? - don't blow it, she'll be very sensitive and tender about this one.
Romantic gifts and things to do - but use these to reward, not to bribe.
Managing many relationships at once - best policy is (tailored:) honesty.

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