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Player Guide: Cook for her and "date" at home

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Cook for her and "date" at home

(Adapted from Don Diebel)

I have heard over and over again from women how their ideal date involves the man cooking them dinner.

The best places to pick up women are those where they go to eat. Women are truly slaves to the sensuality of food. If you make a dinner, you are providing them with sensual pleasure that they will associate with you.

Moreover, there is an air of competence and self-assurance that this automatically gives a man in their eyes. Women LOVE feeling taken care of and provided for (for obvious evolutionary reasons) and you making them dinner brings all of that.

Last, but very much not least, this turns your date instead of an encounter in a public place into a private rendezvous in a place where you can go… right to bed, should she feel like that:) And believe me, she will:)

It is disappointing to have the occasional problem where during the date the woman is very much in the mood but during the drive back she slips out of the mood, either due to internal considerations or due to something that happens during the drive back etc. Having the "date" at home - either by having lunch or dinner there - eliminates the problem:)

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