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Use her friends

Ross Jeffries: "Flowers work wonders on young chicks, especially if you give them to her in front of her friends. Always let her friends know (by being, not saying) you are a great guy. Never ever underestimate a girl's desire to make her friends jealous of her man. In addition to that, always let her think her friends want you. "Perceived value" is why only some baseball cards are worth more that the store you bought them in, when they are all printed on worthless cardboard. And if you want to put a cherry on top... you can make slight comments that make her think that just maybe there is the smallest chance you'll go for one of her friends if she doesn't do right by you. Or you can go the other way and do things like say, "You friend Sarah has a huge ass... you're so much better looking than her" etc. A girl's friends are a fantastic tool."

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