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Player Guide: Show a willingness to walk away

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Show a willingness to walk away

Ross Jeffries: "You see, after years of experience and study, I've come to the conclusion that a woman can only experience real passion for if on some level she believes she could do something to lose you! Understand that when you show this willingness to walk away, in any area of your life, it conveys the message that you are the prize to be pursued, that you are the person of value, and they had better take advantage of the opportunity. This is an attitude that will move you forward in any area that's challenging you. By way of contrast, if you show a non-stop, forever and ever devotion to her, and put up with her crap and ambivalence, then where is that tension of knowing she could lose you? Answer: nowhere! And that's why you get nowhere when you put up with this kind of stuff! If you've seen an initially hot relationship grow ice-cold, this is one big reason!!!"

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