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Obama to push the "brown revolution"
boyce123 3 days ago 0 comments Categories: business Tags: power inverter

Obama re-elected President of the United States. Obama will be in the first term renewable energy industry policy orientation for the core of the "green New Deal" to come and go,power inverter  the U.S. still did not find the way of jump-start the economy. However, Obama hands is a trump card. That is was inaugurated as President barack Obama when not fully pay attention to natural gas into a deep sleep in the United States under the land of energy resources. "Brown revolution" will decide in the next four years the United States and the world pattern.

Obama to push the "brown revolution"


Realize reelection Obama (kyodo)


In the face of the Rocky Mountains on the outskirts of Denver, in Colorado Aurora city (Aurora), in the presidential election in the climax of the July, a general electric (GE) in the United States will delay the construction of the largest solar battery factory news that local residents are disappointed. The project investment of $600 million, is expected to create more than 300 jobs.


GE chairman Jeff immelt now serves as President Obama advisory committee "the White House employment and competitiveness committee chairman, is with Obama that there is a close relationship between a handful of people in the business of. In Obama government set up four years ago, Mr Immelt once repeatedly use said attached great importance to environmental new build vocabulary "green creative (Ecomagination)", but more recently, change in order to "oil and natural gas".


This not only means that the solar energy cell foam collapse, renewable energy industry falling, representing the Obama "green New Deal" mistakes.


Bankruptcy enterprise appear constantly


In 10 years to renewable energy field investment of 150 billion us dollars, create 5 million jobs Obama in 2009 when President put forward the above policy, the policy of President Roosevelt modeled after the war of the implementation of the "franklin Roosevelt's New Deal" was named "green New Deal". Although Japan and other countries then in a certain extent caused environmental investment boom, but the reality is not satisfactory.


"The recipient enterprise almost half may have into bankruptcy," in October the first televised debate between presidential candidates meeting, republican candidate Mr Romney accused the Obama. Although Mr Romney said than actual situation as exaggerated, but not be denied is,grid tie inverter from Obama government subsidies to accept the solar battery manufacturers Solyndra and in the car battery field has the advantages of A123 Systems have successively bankruptcy.


Government aid have ended in failure causes include, (1) the United States energy department says: "and accept than the American enterprise more rich government aid Chinese between manufacturers competition". (2) "IT (information technology) fewer restrictions, energy industry more restrictions. The IT industry business cycle is short, the energy industry and a long" (immelt language) is also difficult to cultivate one of the reasons for the new business.


In the past, the democratic former President Clinton once put forward "information superhighway idea", the revitalization of the IT and network industry, etc., but "green New Deal" but delayed their achievements. President barack Obama has started to make a fresh start.


"All Of The Above (general mobilization)", Mr Obama in The presidential election in energy strategy so called for. Four years ago a to pay more attention to the attitude of renewable energy. Obama said "must use of domestic all available resources", put forward the domestic natural gas and petroleum security development.


One of them is "shale revolution". Due to the high efficiency mining underground page rock gas and oil technology progress, the United States shale gas and shale oil production is soaring. Oil, ratio of dependence on export expected this year from four years ago to 52% lower to about 42%, the lowest level for 20 years. Obama said natural gas production in the world the first American as "natural gas Saudi Arabia".


Forces expand between China and Russia


Obama before taking office more than 10 dollars of American domestic natural gas prices have dropped to a third of the 3 dollars. Obama hope energy cost reduction can promote the United States manufacturing return home, improve international competitiveness. Barack Obama is to go "realistic route",solar panel there is not afraid of the United States, catch up with competitors.

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