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The owner as long as the costs of projects


And use the new form of energy generation (dg) sell, charge how to calculate? According to introducing, for a specific photovoltaic inverter device access, national grid has formulated the corresponding standards, requires no more than 6 mw power generation project size, solar, natural gas, biomass energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy and resources comprehensive utilization power types can apply for access to the grid.


State grid voltage 10 kv and below grade will be connected to the electricity grid, and create a green channel for the access system engineering construction.


Project access public power grid renovation fees shall be borne by the state grid corporation, at the same time also will provide free energy metering device and the electricity metering with watt-hour meter.


Project owners only need bear the power part of investment.


At least 20 years to recoup their investment


Individuals to sell electricity to the national grid, want how much? Yesterday, according to the personage inside course of study generally the roof to install 5000 mw capacity of solar photovoltaic (pv) panel, equipment investment will be 5-60000 yuan, about 5000 KWH electricity per year.


If the family all the electric grid, according to the kilowatt-hour of about 0.5 yuan price, income is 2500 yuan a year. , not equipment loss and so on, at least more than 20 years to recover the cost, and solar panels at present generally can only use 25 years or so.


Transformation in the "that's just the theoretical value, calculate the loss and some other equipment costs, in order to recover upfront investment is almost very difficult."


The industry insiders said that the capacity is calculated according to the ideal state of "peak" all normal power generation may be short of a year.


The reporter learned from relevant departments that for jiangsu citizens spontaneous electric repurchase price, tentatively in about 0.455 yuan/degree is 0.46 yuan/degree.


Spontaneous self-used Zhu Qijie yesterday also said that at present according to the regulation, more than surf the Internet in accordance with the desulfurization coal-fired unit price is the price of 0.455 yuan/KWH calculation.


He said that if according to the price sold to the national grid, it is difficult to recover costs within short time.

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Reporters yesterday in Zhu Qijie home see, he has his own investment of the photovoltaic pure sine wave power inverter equipment to cover the entire roof, installed more than 20 pieces of 250 w solar panels, reach 5 kw power, cost around 50000 yuan.


According to Zhu Qijie said, "would have bought the solar panels, bracket, inverter, such as equipment, is to test the equipment at the beginning, because without testing and approval of the power sector, so the excess power can't be installed connected to the electricity grid to sell spontaneous for private use."


Zhu Qijie said, through more than a month to try, as long as it is now clear, solar panels generating capacity to maintain basic electricity consumption in the home, during the day and at night, and you can use the battery storage, not out of electricity during the day, is enough to meet the use of home appliances.


Zhu Qijie told reporters, "at present the highest peak of electricity per hour in 5.1 kw, 5.1 degrees, that is, output per hour, a day at around 50 degrees, remove the loss later, probably can be 35 degrees or so spontaneous electric power consumption every day."


And to monitor the quality of electricity to Zhu Qijie also installed on the computer monitoring software, output data of every day, every month.




Ordinary citizens roof inverter charger to earn money?


"From the early in the morning to the power grid and upload 10 KWH now, work it out, also made 5 yuan!" Zhu Qijie told reporters yesterday, early in the morning and the power supply department signed the  electricity contract, he has become the province's first with residents of  electric power supply company signed the contract owner and formal user photovoltaic generation (dg).


Zhu Qijie told reporters that as early as several years ago, he is a dream with a use of solar energy photovoltaic power generation, reserve the position of solar panels on the roof.


"I engaged in the engineering construction, in the outside have long contact with solar photovoltaic power generation, as a new energy industry development is very promising.


I think"


Yesterday, reporters learned from the municipal power supply department, in addition to Zhu Qijie, our city and there are several families had applied for photovoltaic installation, installed capacity of 3 to 5 kw.


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State grid in October 2012, issued the opinions about distributed pure sine wave inverter service work (provisional), commitment to meet the conditions of distributed photovoltaic projects connected to the electricity grid with free access to the system scheme, interconnection testing, debugging, etc.


The whole process of service, and spare power full acquisition of these projects.


After learned this, interested in solar power Chen Jilin in November 2012 to apply to the Shanghai electric power company.


Chen Jilin after the electric power company has given permission to spend 14000 yuan purchasing the photovoltaic power generation equipment, and with the help of the staff, in the middle of December completed the safety testing and installation and debugging of the whole equipment.


Chen Jilin the photovoltaic equipment consists of 11 pieces of photovoltaic modules, the output power of 2500 watts, lighting conditions in Shanghai, power is expected to reach 2600 KWH, equivalent to reduce 2 tons to 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


Currently, Chen Jilin solar inverter equipment carries 80% of electricity consumption at home.


According to the staff of the Shanghai electric power, Chen Jilin photovoltaic equipment since January 5, 2013 formally interconnection to May 31, a total of about 1007 KWH electricity, the power grid of 728 KWH, calculated at Shanghai of desulfurization coal-fired electricity price benchmarking, power supply company had to pay the electricity purchasing cost of $347.


Cable predators adhere to and break through a brief introduction


Wire and cable is the main industry, far east holding group for more than ten years industry sales first, but don't have an easy time industry leader.


Trouble comes from the market: a mess products highly homogenized, severe overcapacity, low margin, low problem such as vicious competition, made the industry product spot-check qualified rate reached 90%.


Jiang Xipei also has repeatedly advocated cable through the media companies to keep quality good faith, he think the enterprise to speak quality, brand, also called for in the business activities to establish cost-effective, high-quality, low-price bidding management system.


Far east cable co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "far east" cable) chief executive Jiang Huajun tells a reporter, excessive competition in the industry under the situation of the far east cable to implement the strategy of high-end, internationalization, integration, through scientific and technological innovation in the industry quality standard, at the same time, build network platform for more cable companies into the healthy development track.


Calling upon the industry quality regression


"Due to cut corners, 100 kilowatts of cable for approval request actual work to 70 kw, only can not trouble?" Jiang Huajun said, "all kinds of fire accident, including railway train some of the fault, and the cable quality, it is like big deal."


The only basis for a long time, a lot of photovoltaic enterprises is overseas orders, European and American economic good times, the enterprise a "our components are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other dozens of overseas market" reveal untold pride.


And the unitary type of the enterprise in the economic structure under the influence of the Europe's debt crisis and threat, has increasingly shown its shortcomings, more and more of the upstream pv business at a loss or even closing their doors.


"Poor is changed, permanence follows", in response to pv winter, enterprise situation, and shifted into many pv enterprises.


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In actual operation, the photovoltaic inverter can inject harmonic current is generally conform to the requirements of relevant standards.


5 into the dc component


The dc component of the main transformer in power distribution network, the electric current leakage circuit breaker (RCD), current transformer, measuring instruments, etc.


One of most current leakage circuit breaker and the influence of the transformer.


If caused by current leakage circuit breaker misoperation and the transformer magnetic flux saturation, fever, such as harmonic and noise.


Now. Many inverter charger using isolation transformer to suppress the dc component of the injection.


Some countries have specific provision for take isolation transformer to access, but sometimes is not the mandatory provisions of the state.


But in recent years, due to technological advances.


Remove the isolation transformer can lead to higher efficiency and reduce the production cost, with no isolation transformer application of photovoltaic power inverter is more and more widely.


Adopts PWM (Pulse -width mod. Ulatim, PWM) technology of photovoltaic power inverter can inhibit the dc component of the output, but when distribution network voltage imbalance of positive sequence and negative sequence component.


To the PWM technology of photovoltaic power inverter performance is adversely affected.


About the dc component of power transformers.


The influence of the world there is currently no unified regulations of dc component of the upper limit.


Britain. 1's research suggests that each phase is not more than equal to 5% of the harmonic distortion value.


Or is each photovoltaic power injected into the typical 500 kVA transformer dc component of the distribution network is no more than 40 mA.


Regulations of the United States is not more than 0.5% of the value of phase current famous per 1121.


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CCTV hit animated film "bears" of the first comic book "bears big global risk (jungle)" was held in tianjin book building theme activity, to celebrate the holiday with children; That day, CCTV famous children's science programs presided over "open sesame" superman gas sesame brother also launched his new book "sesame science book - science is fun, as the domestic first original real popular science books, this book also get ju, 8, her baby sister as recommended.


Animated film "bears" is after the "pleasant goat" is a masterpiece of Chinese original animation, the series of the first meet with the children is full ten copies of the bear in the big global risk (jungle) ", which are the original animation frame grabbing comic version of the story content, at the same time, along with "question and answer" plot and story related "small encyclopedia knowledge, enhance interactive.


CCTV children's channel host "open sesame" of the popular science show sesame brother also launched this science books science books, sesame, stretching from as far away as the age of the dinosaur story to the world's most advanced solar technologies, include animals, power converter, insects, sea, space, weapons, environmental protection, safety aspects of knowledge, and the shenzhou spacecraft, train and other new things, combined with a relaxed tone, unique perspective, fresh link, exquisite illustrations, let little reader brings changes in the life experience of science and technology, in science interesting temperament in learning knowledge.


The knowledge of "green house"

For rural households, building a house is one of the most important things in life.


But, house is energy-efficient, few people would want to get before.


Yesterday, the reporter followed "JinGu environmental protection line" CaiFangTuan went to jixian guo donglu village, here the "green house" changed the impression of "farmyard" people before, because the use of new materials and adopted energy saving measures, "farmyard" is more beautiful, more environmental protection.


Guo home ditch village, located in jixian town 2.5 kilometers east camp, this village to build "the beijing-tianjin region with the most distinctive features of the northern residential water tourism destinations" for positioning to ascend.


Just stepped into the village is eyeful green, delicate garden picking garden and gossip, sine wave inverter, grape, one hundred ones, spinning mills, in the scenic mountain range present a picture of a picture of jiangnan water.


People in the city, at the end of the holidays, will be to gather here, visitors more, in the farmyard accommodation requirement is high also. 

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Learned, Shi Bo the direction of main attack this year had gathered with smart phones, mobile Internet networking and intelligent electric cars, American Internet new energy auto maker TESLA, Google, samsung and so on are the focus of its research object, and depth of mining science and technology development trend of domestic.


Shi Bo argues that, over the past 10 years, China's economic growth is driven by investment, in the next decade, promoting China's economic growth must rely on the emerging wind inverter, the first time the IT revolution occurred in the 1960 s, the second in the 90 s, the third time IT is happening, is represented by intelligent terminal of the mobile Internet revolution.


China's economic rise under such time background, emerging industries will be an important foothold in China's economic rise.


In the United States, the technology industry in stock market value accounted for the highest, the market value of billions of companies in the United States are technology companies, such as apple, Microsoft and Google.


In addition, the Japanese market value accounted for the largest is the electronic science and technology industry, South Korea is also so.


Enjoy the "mobile and new energy


Specific view, the so-called cluster network, it is to point to in the new mode, some new company make full use of social media, wireless networks and information collected from a variety of possible channels, at the first time needed to provide people with a product or service, without having to bear the burden and cost too much.


Both intelligent dc ac converter leasing /, and more bold, point to point trading from car sharing to home swap, borrow, and network resources between items to open design, etc., based on the share of the business model has become a new trend.


After in-depth research, Shi Bo believes that the world is undergoing a revolution of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet wave is coming, and intelligent terminal from the phone to watches and glasses, such as the Google glasses will be introduced this year, iWatch, etc, and smart cars and iTV, etc.


The development of mobile Internet in deepening and diversification, not only is the future "apple industry chain", there will be other related benefit can mining industry, domestic manufacturing precision manufacturing stage of change.


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Message from shaanxi province development and reform commission (NDRC) 3, say, the province's first grid tie inverter built in Korean city longmen town east village of alum, local residents will move out of the fire wood and other traditional energy sources.


Use of solar power in addition to meet residents for private use, excess capacity can also be for sale.


Learned, first solar demonstration village, east village of alum as shaanxi centralized couplet platoon planning and construction of the first 20 households, annual total electricity consumption of about 70000 KWH.


Combined with the urbanization and new rural construction, power system adopts the integrated design, mainly composed of distributed inverter with charger  solar hot water, solar street light, etc.


Photovoltaic (pv) power 150 kw, annual average 1000 hours available, provide clean electricity 150000 KWH, access to the village 10 kv transformer, the existing 150 worth installing a two-way smart meters and smart micro inverter, which can realize power, online automatic measurement, automatic conversion, and instantaneous power, output voltage, current, power, information such as statistics.


The electricity besides satisfy residents for private use, redundant power on the Internet, income and sell dc ac inverter.


In addition, solar hot water system USES the heat plate set pattern, and has the auxiliary electrical heating function, can provide hot water all year round, and can meet the demand of residents, cooking, etc.


Hot water washing bath.


Calculation shows that the system run normally after, will implement the years saving BiaoMei 50 tons, 131 tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, zero emissions, to adjust the structure of energy consumption, improve air quality, at the same time drive photovoltaic products consumption.


Rich solar energy resources in shaanxi province, the available building area of large, strong industrial base, spreading condition is better.


It is understood that the province will take solar demonstration village as the experimental point, summed up the investment, operation and business model, and continue to develop solar energy application form diversification.


Solve the financing problem in the photovoltaic industry, he thought, and enterprise debt problem, basically all need reasonable price mechanism, the initial investment subsidy mechanism and electricity subsidies, co-exist in a period of time, on two legs."


, deputy secretary-general of the itu OuYangChangYu told the economic observer also suggested that both wind power and solar power, are scientific and orderly development, development target and directly contacted with the total state financial subsidies, price level, etc, achieve development goals and financial subsidies phase equilibrium.

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All the year round, the grid tie inverter cycle.


Every day l sunset, cycles. Because the earth's rotation, illumination Angle of the sun changes all the time.


For yourself in a fixed location of concentrated solar power and photovoltaic power generation system, how to effectively guarantee the solar receiver always facing the sun, make optimal efficiency? The world universal solar tracking system needs to be based on concentrated solar power and solar grid tie inverter system to put the information such as latitude and longitude of the location, calculating a year every day different times the sun's location, the data stored in the programmable controller, single chip, or computer software, in order to realize the real-time tracking of the sun.


Because is the computer data theory, the latitude and longitude data needs to be, so once installed, is inconvenient to move or split, if to move, you must reset the calculation data, adjust various parameters, non-professionals can not casually.


In order to make the use of sunlight in the process of PV inverter optimization, improve the efficiency of electricity generation, the engineering and technical personnel are committed to research and development of solar tracking system.


Recently, located in the United States of menlo park, California state QBotix company developed a new solar tracking system.


The two-axis tracking system USES a pair of mobile robot, the dynamic control and operation of installed capacity of 200 mw, 5 mw solar power plant. 

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Nantong power converter company the relevant person in charge of marketing, said of distributed photovoltaic power sector's attitude is "support, welcome and service", full acquisition of spare capacity.


Household power station cause city old association for science and technology


"Solar power into" become good vision


In addition to the retired power inverter with charger engineer, Zhang Yanling another identity: nantong older members of the association professional committee of chemical industry environmental protection science and technology workers.


Lao zhang "initiative" in science and technology (s&t circles aroused waves, too.


Inspired by him, professional committee of chemical industry environmental protection, set the research topic selection in 2013 - "solar power into the thousands," and Lao zhang's family power station as a demonstration project.


Language was the director of the professional committee of high intelligence is the old colleague old piece, before retirement in the same enterprise, is also a fan of "grid tie power inverter".


Nantong high language wisdom tells us, the existing area of 8000 square kilometers, the average daily sunshine time was 5.4 hours, solar energy resources is very rich.


"For ordinary people, the cost of solar power is relatively expensive, household power stations into homes still have a question of endurance."


Honorary President of the old city association for science and technology Shen Ruifen pointed out. 

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F to what is an investment company? In this bleak season, power inverter in China why capital injection "over and over again? From the point of public information, this is a company registered in British virgin islands, in the past, there is no outstanding investment performance; The real mystery is its actual owners -- Shanghai billionaire lee.


Lee was born in Shanghai, is a legend in the capital markets in Hong Kong, Hong Kong media described as "large Chinese mystery".


Started with his early by investing in real estate and 2002 to Hong Kong ticket offices, five years earned hk $500 million and become a famous Hong Kong ". Lee really, is that in 2010, gome electrical appliances "dc to ac inverter", he is one of the few public support of Mr Huang's largest shareholder.


A lot of people for the first time know, originally lee will fire floor not only, also quietly among the gome shareholders; He was about 360 million shares of gome shares, worth as much as hk $850 million, more than gome, 2% of the total equity at the time, more even than Mr Chen privately held.


And since the second half of 2012, China wind inverter is declining, and pv experience of lee chose to buck the trend, with dark horse carriage to mergers and acquisitions.


At the end of November last year, lee through his men Faithsmart Limited acquisition downwind photoelectric 462.5 million shares listed in Hong Kong, photovoltaic enterprises, to become the first big shareholders.


In January this year, lee began eyeing the d; Shanghai qianjiang industrial controlled by he said would contribute $25 million acquisition in hefei of anhui ".


Although the acquisition ultimately failed, but he has since several months have frequent acquisition of shares in, to spend more than $70 million.


Markets had previously expected, if the acquisition of hefei sai d lines, plus the downwind photoelectric, lee has photovoltaic cells will be more than 1 gw capacity, enough to rank among the five major domestic photovoltaic (pv) manufacturers.

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