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Obama re-elected President of the United States. Obama will be in the first term renewable energy industry policy orientation for the core of the "green New Deal" to come and go,power inverter  the U.S. still did not find the way of jump-start the economy. However, Obama hands is a trump card. That is was inaugurated as President barack Obama when not fully pay attention to natural gas into a deep sleep in the United States under the land of energy resources. "Brown revolution" will decide in the next four years the United States and the world pattern.

Obama to push the "brown revolution"


Realize reelection Obama (kyodo)


In the face of the Rocky Mountains on the outskirts of Denver, in Colorado Aurora city (Aurora), in the presidential election in the climax of the July, a general electric (GE) in the United States will delay the construction of the largest solar battery factory news that local residents are disappointed. The project investment of $600 million, is expected to create more than 300 jobs.


GE chairman Jeff immelt now serves as President Obama advisory committee "the White House employment and competitiveness committee chairman, is with Obama that there is a close relationship between a handful of people in the business of. In Obama government set up four years ago, Mr Immelt once repeatedly use said attached great importance to environmental new build vocabulary "green creative (Ecomagination)", but more recently, change in order to "oil and natural gas".


This not only means that the solar energy cell foam collapse, renewable energy industry falling, representing the Obama "green New Deal" mistakes.


Bankruptcy enterprise appear constantly


In 10 years to renewable energy field investment of 150 billion us dollars, create 5 million jobs Obama in 2009 when President put forward the above policy, the policy of President Roosevelt modeled after the war of the implementation of the "franklin Roosevelt's New Deal" was named "green New Deal". Although Japan and other countries then in a certain extent caused environmental investment boom, but the reality is not satisfactory.


"The recipient enterprise almost half may have into bankruptcy," in October the first televised debate between presidential candidates meeting, republican candidate Mr Romney accused the Obama. Although Mr Romney said than actual situation as exaggerated, but not be denied is,grid tie inverter from Obama government subsidies to accept the solar battery manufacturers Solyndra and in the car battery field has the advantages of A123 Systems have successively bankruptcy.


Government aid have ended in failure causes include, (1) the United States energy department says: "and accept than the American enterprise more rich government aid Chinese between manufacturers competition". (2) "IT (information technology) fewer restrictions, energy industry more restrictions. The IT industry business cycle is short, the energy industry and a long" (immelt language) is also difficult to cultivate one of the reasons for the new business.


In the past, the democratic former President Clinton once put forward "information superhighway idea", the revitalization of the IT and network industry, etc., but "green New Deal" but delayed their achievements. President barack Obama has started to make a fresh start.


"All Of The Above (general mobilization)", Mr Obama in The presidential election in energy strategy so called for. Four years ago a to pay more attention to the attitude of renewable energy. Obama said "must use of domestic all available resources", put forward the domestic natural gas and petroleum security development.


One of them is "shale revolution". Due to the high efficiency mining underground page rock gas and oil technology progress, the United States shale gas and shale oil production is soaring. Oil, ratio of dependence on export expected this year from four years ago to 52% lower to about 42%, the lowest level for 20 years. Obama said natural gas production in the world the first American as "natural gas Saudi Arabia".


Forces expand between China and Russia


Obama before taking office more than 10 dollars of American domestic natural gas prices have dropped to a third of the 3 dollars. Obama hope energy cost reduction can promote the United States manufacturing return home, improve international competitiveness. Barack Obama is to go "realistic route",solar panel there is not afraid of the United States, catch up with competitors.

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Shown in Figure 2, consisting of Q1, D2, D1 in the figure a protection circuit, wherein D1 (1N4743) to the Zener diode (+13.5 V), D1 and D2 together form a bias circuit of the transistor Q1. R1 is a current limiting resistor of the Q1 tube. Circuitry external charger, such as the maximum threshold voltage of the battery is about 14.4 V, in the initial stage of charging batteries according to conventional undervoltage condition slowly rising start conducting when the battery voltage reaches the breakdown voltage of the Zener diode D1, D1 tube through Q1 tube conduction, prompting A decline in B terminal voltage, set the appropriate parameters to the highest value no greater than 14.4 V battery voltage across. The protection circuit causes the battery when the battery has been filled in the trickle charge state, which makes the battery charging protection function.


When the voltage across both ends of the battery voltage is higher than the solar panels, the battery may produce the phenomenon of reverse charging to solar panels. Once this happens, the solar panel is likely to be burned, causing losses. Thus, the overcharge protection circuit should also include the anti-charge circuit, i.e. by connecting a diode between the solar panels and the battery to prevent reverse charging of the batteries on the solar panel shown in Figure 3.


A solar street lights intelligent control system design



1.2 over-discharge protection circuit


Q2 from the comparator hysteresis comparator circuit has two threshold the voltage: VTHR and VTHL (VTHH> VTHL), a hysteresis area. , The comparator output is high when the battery voltage from the low elevated to VTHH;, the comparator output is low when the battery voltage decreases to VTHL. This time the battery terminal voltage will rise rapidly over the VTHL reach VTHH comparator still output low until after the battery is charging voltage increases to VTHH to output high again. Thus avoiding the oscillation of the circuit, to protect the load and battery.



Comparator positive terminal reflects the sampling of the battery voltage U3, comparator reflected in the negative terminal of the battery is the reference voltage U2. When U3> U2, the comparator output is high, Q1 turns on, Q1 of C is extremely low, Q3 is turned off, the load does not work; When U3


1.3 backup power


Solar panels in the rainy days can not charge the battery to work state, it is necessary to use the backup power supply to the circuit supply backup power using the AC to DC conversion, to convert alternating current to the rated DC voltage value to ensure that the circuit work properly.


1.4 Infrared light control control circuit


The system uses a BISS0001 chip, it is a high performance sensor signal processing integrated circuit, it is accompanied by a pyroelectric infrared sensor and a small amount of external components constitute passive pyroelectric infrared switch with independent high input The impedance of the op amp. The part of hardware implementation of integrated chip BISS0001, Transistor 8050, photoresistor, and infrared sensors can be selected to design. Infrared sensors, the sensors send infrared signal processing feedback to control the end, after the internal linear amplification, two-way the parcels,grid tie inverter signal processing, delay timing, timing, etc. blockade processing. Its feet 2 output high so the transistor 8050 is turned on, driving the relay pull-K, and then controlled by the relay contacts controlled object. Here triac relays can be replaced.


A solar street lights intelligent control system design


Operational amplifier OP1 pyroelectric infrared sensor output signal for the first-stage amplifier, and then the second stage amplifier coupled to the amplifier OP2 by C3 processing via a bidirectional amplitude discriminator voltage comparator COP1 and COP2 detection valid trigger signal the Vs to go start delay timer output signal Vo by transistor T1 zoom drive relays to switch on the load. Wherein, R3 is a photosensitive resistor, is used to detect the environmental illuminance. As lighting control, if the environment is brighter, the resistor values ​​for R3 will be reduced, so the 9-pin input is held low, thereby blocking the trigger signal Vs. SW1 is the operating mode selector switch. When SW1 and 1 end connectivity, the chip in a reusable trigger work; SW1 and 2 end connectivity, the chip is not repeated trigger work. Diagram, R6 can adjust the size of the amplifier gain, artwork selected 10 K, and actual use can be used 3 K, can increase the gain of the circuit to improve the circuit performance. Output delay time Tx, triggered by external R9 and C7 resize blockade time Ti by external R10 and C6 resize, R9/R10 with 470 Ω C6/C7 can choose 0.1 V.


2 innovation


(1) Battery over-discharge protection circuit is simple and flexible to use. Simply select a higher supply voltage comparator, and can be applied to any of the voltage level of the circuit; simply by changing the resistance value can be set arbitrarily turned on and shut-off threshold, and thus can have a wide safety range.


(2) In the control system, the lighting power supply and chip operating power separately, the battery power supply shunt regulator handle separately, in the use of the small power relay automatically select the appropriate voltage, a small voltage is supplied to the chip work, a large voltage supplied to the lamps lighting , to avoid the use the same large voltage supplying the generated power loss. Lighting circuit at the same time, avoid the use of larger power transistor switch, but the use of SCR.


(3) The design of backup power, continuous extreme weather conditions, the battery power runs out, the lack of timely charging backup power inverter  supply, you can automatically turn on the street lights work properly.


3 Conclusion


The solar street lighting intelligent control system design, urban environmental protection, energy-saving lighting, ease the tension in the case of conventional energy sources have positive significance. The entire system runs are automatic control, the working principle is simple, easy to install, reliable technology. Scope: on the one hand, focus on mining roads, landscape lighting, as well as possible future promotion of solar system area network powered applications, technology and market promising. On the other hand, in certain occasions obvious (islands, scenic hilltop, remote locations, etc.), application advantages, including demonstration and application of positive significance, so the study makes sense.

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Wells Fargo (Wells Fargo & Company) announced that will provide funding MEMC Electronic Materials subsidiary SunEdison 11.3MW solar project development. The project is located in southern New Mexico, near El Paso, Texas, is funded by Wells Fargo in the past year, Sun Edison the sixth seat utility scale solar panel  project. Under the power purchase agreement, El Paso Electric Company will purchase clean energy generated by the project, the period is 25 years.

Since 2007, Wells Fargo's solar project equity investment has more than one billion U.S. dollars, including more than 250 commercial-scale solar PV projects, six of utility-scale solar PV projects and a utility-scale concentrating solar thermal power stations. So far, Wells Fargo has $ 2.8 billion of equity and $ 900 million in debt financing for renewable energy projects in 28 states in the United States.

Wells Fargo's Environmental Finance Division (Environmental Finance Group) in charge of Barry Neal said: "The success of these projects show that with the increasing proportion of solar energy in the national energy agency, this industry is evolving. Leading capital as the clean technology industry provider, Wells Fargo is committed to solar power by Chaparral project investment support to help enterprises such as SunEdison to meet their financing needs. "

El Chaparral solar power plant covers an area of
​​140 acres and consists of 40,300 solar modules. The generating facility designed annual power generation of about 26 million kwh, the annual electricity consumption of 2,400 families of sufficient local communities, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 38 million pounds annually, the equivalent of the annual tailpipe emissions of 3,700 cars.

Chris Bailey, vice president of SunEdison project financing of the North American market, said: "We are very excited and Wells Fargo and El Paso Electric Company cooperation partnership with them to complete a number of projects to show our strong business relationship as well as the timely delivery of engineering capabilities."

El Paso Electric CEO Tom Shockley said: "This project reinforces the El Paso Electric continued commitment to become the leader of the solar energy industry, to further promote the development of renewable energy."
Rooftop photovoltaic power plant project in the office building on the roof of the Shenyang International Software Park Onlly Park, Orville Communication Co., Ltd. and US-Dieter Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., formally completed and put into use. The annual generation capacity of 1.68 million kwh of projects to meet the electricity demand of 20 enterprise software park office lighting. It is understood that the project is determined by the Ministry of Finance "international demonstration projects for the Northeast region's largest commercial office class rooftop photovoltaic power plant project, the total installed photovoltaic area of
​​15,500 square meters, with a total installed capacity of 1.4MW (trillion watts), average daily power generation of 4,600 kwh (degrees). According to reports, grid tie inverter the photovoltaic power generation system using low-user side points grid to put the countercurrent monitoring device installed in the low-voltage side of the transformer to prevent system fed to the grid. Solar power, energy-saving, environmental protection and other social benefits are very obvious. Shenyang International Software Park, the 20 companies, for example, the annual generating capacity of 168 million degrees, saving the equivalent of 604 tons of standard coal, 457 tons of carbon dust abatement, 1,675 tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, 50 tons, 25 tons of nitrogen oxides. equivalent carbon dioxide equivalent calculated the number of reducing greenhouse gas emissions will reach 1,796 tons per year, a good new energy saving exemplary role. Shenyang Kingdom limited the development of new energy The company official said. It is understood that, in September of this year, the National Energy Board issued solar power development "12th Five-Year Plan" put forward by the end of 2015, China's solar power inverter  generation capacity to reach 21 million kwh, which means future photovoltaic power installed capacity is expected to expand by 6 times, very broad prospects for the development of the photovoltaic industry.

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Peng Fang, JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. CEO. In the the Best Solar high-tech company as executive president from 2008 to 2010, he is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturing company, Hua Hong NEC Chief Executive Officer, and held various technical and management positions in the U.S. Silicon Valley, Applied Materials and AMD. Director of the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) SEMI PV Advisory Board members,power inverter  and has served as president of the Santa Clara Electronics Engineers. University of Minnesota, Department of Electrical Engineering master's or PhD, University of California, Berkeley post-doctoral researcher.

Finance the new Tencent Joint Publisher] (fiscal reporter Zhang Hong,) the European Union, the United States, China, the world's top three trade between economies is the field of photovoltaic industry has sounded a trade war drums of war. Following the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of Chinese enterprises to anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, as China's most important export market for the EU anti-dumping investigation was launched in September this year, the Chinese PV companies. International market took a plunge, the domestic industry is also due to the rapid expansion of the predicament facing large-scale production capacity surplus. Industry losses, layoffs and other news reports.

China's solar industry is able to weather the storm? The end of September 2012, in Geneva, Switzerland, Geneva China High-level Forum on JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. CEO Peng Fang as a representative of the Chinese solar energy enterprises, given the still very positive information. He told the participants, policy support and industry after years of development, the cost of solar power has been a significant decline in the next two to three years to reach grid parity. The timing of promotion and application of large-scale solar power generation will be mature.

The new fiscal reporter interview in Geneva Peng Fang. He pointed out that the response to the external trade disputes, China's solar industry on the one hand the need to diversify the export market, the more important is the development of the Chinese domestic market. This requires both the enterprises themselves ready, and also asked the Government to recognize the laws of the market, "the tube the tube should not pipe do not control." Chinese solar industry to go in front of the world solar industry development,
solar panel  this is a historic opportunity "Do not hit, just continue to build and improve the industrial environment in the reform and opening up.

The the new fiscal reporters: European companies recently initiated anti-subsidy complaint Chinese PV companies, one big reason is that Chinese enterprises to obtain low-interest loans of the State Development Bank. You respond?

Peng Fang: U.S. dual investigation of Chinese enterprises is to say, the State Development Bank of China since 2010, some Chinese enterprises total out of the $ 45 billion credit line. There is some misunderstanding. Western media translated as "credit line" this $ 45 billion, but the western bank credit line loans ready to be used at any time, CDB $ 45 billion just a MOU (memorandum of understanding). This is not the same as the process of the China Development Bank and other bank loans, it is to look at the enterprise in the next five years, ten years of investment plans how enterprises usually reported a more radical plan, such as $ 5,000,000,000, a $ 3 billion investment. CDB signed the MOU with the enterprise does not have the force of law, and say that it is a pre-qualification (pre-qualification) or it is to understand the business in the future intention behavior. So this is a misunderstanding of a different culture and working methods. Because the Bank of China may long internal working procedures that it early to understand what customers see how they plan.

Enterprises signed the agreement but also a marketing tool, qualified to CDB loans; the CDB signed this agreement, said the plan. But the actual final loan process,
grid tie inverteris still to be business as usual by the commercial audit - project where and how to return on investment, what is to mortgage interest to talk about how. Our company actually signed an agreement of $ 4.5 billion, but so far has not used any money.

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 March 20 this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the "double reverse" punitive tariffs on Chinese exports of solar photovoltaic products preliminary ruling tax rate, at that time, "the use of the battery cell production outside the mainland of China board is not within the scope of taxation. On October 10, the U.S. Department of Commerce will announce the final ruling rate to industry estimates, when "blocking" loophole does not rule out the Ministry of Commerce. For Hebei PV giant, which means less of a roundabout option. In addition, the U.S. countervailing duty also raised the possibility exists.

Announced in March by the U.S. Department of Commerce anti-dumping and countervailing punitive tariffs up to 35% for most of the Chinese power inverter companies.

The "double reverse back 90 days Tariffs levied of Hebei Baoding Yingli Ning Jinjing Australia photovoltaic giant, already suffer losses of several hundred million dollars, to further expand the operating loss.

However, the preliminary ruling tariff of 35% of the "dual" is not nailed. Under the program, the U.S. Commerce Department will make a final.

Rate for the "dual" preliminary ruling, the U.S. politicians, businesspeople, later disputed sound. Reporter noted that, by the end of June, the U.S. Commerce Department spokesman Tim Truman said the U.S. media, in the survey, the Commerce Department found that Chinese PV companies also get other government subsidies, the Commerce Department will modify the preliminary countervailing duty tax rate.

According to an internal document of the U.S. Department of Commerce on June 22, the Wuxi Suntech facing countervailing duties from 2.9% to 3.44%, Changzhou Trina Solar transferred to 5.81% from 4.73 percent, due to other Chinese PV exports face countervailing duties, according to Suntech and Trina Solar average calculated from Yingli, JA Hebei photovoltaic enterprises, will also face higher countervailing duties.

Also in March, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced preliminary "dual", the Chinese people in the industry soon found a "loophole" --- "dual" punitive tariff does not apply to solar panels outside Mainland China solar cell production in China Mainland . This means that Chinese companies can set up production plants in foreign battery, or purchasing foreign battery, then the labor cost advantage in the Chinese mainland, the welding assembly of solar panels.

The reporter noted that some domestic photovoltaic enterprises senior told the media that will take advantage of this provision seeking to reduce the loss of export profits of U.S. "double reverse".

However, this "loophole" soon attracted the attention of the U.S. solar industry as well as members of Congress. The end of September, eight members of Congress to pressure the Obama administration to "double reverse" loopholes blocked China PV, that is, at the same time for Chinese enterprises to take advantage of taxation of foreign cell production of solar panel.

It is worth mentioning that members of the US-led pressure to the Obama administration Luo Wade and Jeff Bathroom From both of them from Oregon. It was German solar giant Solarworld, located in Oregon's U.S. subsidiary, to provoke a "double reverse" survey of the U.S. PV exports to China.

The face of pressure from members of Congress, the U.S. Department of Commerce officials said, will consider a "loophole" announced that the final award rates.

After the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that the final ruling rate, the U.S. International Trade Commission will be based on the Chinese PV exports is injurious to the United States and the industry, "the survey results, ultimately decided by vote whether to impose a" dual "tariff. The agency has not yet announced the polling date, but is expected in November.

It is reported that the U.S. International Trade Commission has begun to hold U.S. PV companies to expand the "damage" to the investigation.

If the United States International Trade Commission, the final judgment, the China PV exports did not harm to the United States PV industry, the "double reverse" tariffs will be canceled before Chinese enterprises prepaid punitive tariffs will be refunded


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When a constant state of anxiety when most of the peers in the edge of a cliff, I am afraid only Liansheng Miao, Yingli also in full swing to employees stewed pork knuckle, engage in competition. However, the artificially high mountain peaks. Perhaps it is this staff its organizing force, cohesion has always put emphasis on, is this always seemed a little "rustic" photovoltaic enterprises, to be able to come today secret. "A change of three-junction box" innovation projects annual savings of 20 million yuan, the new type of solar scraper innovative projects 1G watt capacity calculated manufacturing costs, the annual savings of 15 million yuan, a year can be a conservative calculation of the "new graphite boat" innovation project savings in equipment maintenance costs 2.5 million ...... these innovative solar panel technology, not from research institutes professionals, but from the hands of ordinary frontline employees Yingli Group. Yingli recently held the first session of technical staff invention based Innovation Expo, exhibition of nearly 600 technological innovation projects, 80% come from the hands of front-line workers. Covers the photovoltaic industry, flywheel energy storage industry, high-purity silicon material, supporting industries, the six areas of green agriculture and services, including a number of the world's leading innovative projects and achievements. Yingli Group expressed the hope that drive innovation climax of all staff through the Technology Exposition, to strengthen mutual learning between employees, and learn from each other, innovations rapid application to the production technology level, and efforts to reduce production costs. Technological invention and process improvement in Yingli Yingli introduced almost every day, this show features nearly 600 innovation projects is just one side of the the Yingli full of innovations. Yingli as the leader of the photovoltaic industry, has been advocating and encouraging involvement Innovation. This has more than twenty thousand team under the guidance of the concept of "full innovation, innovations everywhere. As the world's major photovoltaic product manufacturers, Yingli currently employs 2.6 million people, average age 25 years old. Been Yingli are through a variety of methods to keep employees innovation. For example, one of the flagship product of Yingli Panda "battery production the average photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19.5%, and cost 30% lower than similar enterprises. Dual investigation because in Europe, the Chinese power inverter industry is currently facing a severe test of life and death. How to reduce production costs, and how timely promotion of new materials, new technology, the key factor in Chinese PV enterprises to improve their competitiveness in the market. Liansheng Miao seems the United States and Europe have on China's new energy "dual" is an international trade dispute, on the surface, but deeper analysis is to compete in the world's third industrial revolution opportunities a war. "Strength" in order to protect the national industry of China PV, you must train well, and constantly improve the innovation ability. 

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Haitong Securities, said the industry-oriented marine resources, especially the major demands of the offshore oil and gas resource development, vigorously develop the offshore oil and gas development and equipment,power inverter  key breakthroughs in deepwater exploration equipment, drilling equipment, production equipment, operating and auxiliary ship design and manufacture of the core technology, comprehensive enhance the independent research and design, specialized manufacturing, engineering, turnkey and equipment supporting the ability to actively promote the marine equipment industry engineering construction equipment, desalination and comprehensive utilization of wind energy utilization. Promote the industrial system and scale, enhance its international competitiveness.

The 4.5 intelligent manufacturing equipment industry

Haitong Securities, said, the industry focus on the development of perception, decision-making, execution and other functions of the intelligent dedicated equipment, breakthrough new sensors and intelligent instrument meter perception of automatic control systems, industrial robots (300024, shares it), etc., control devices and their servo execution transmission components and other key technologies, improve the complete system integration capabilities, promoting the manufacture, use of process automation, intelligent and green, supporting advanced manufacturing, defense, transportation, energy, agriculture,
solar panel environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources and other key areas of the national economy development and upgrade.

Haitong Securities, said, individual stocks, bullish in the Air photoelectric (002179, shares it), AVIC fine machine (002013, shares it), the sea can be reached (002583, shares it), northern entrepreneurship (600967, shares it), the era of new material (600,458, shares it) Gem Industries (601,002, stock it).

AVIC Optoelectronic AVIC fine machine (AVIC Optoelectronic and AVIC fine machine for a subsidiary of China Aviation Group aviation electronics, aviation airborne equipment plate integrated enterprise), a higher margin of safety, by policy, driven by the anti-cycle stocks, pre-callback obvious with a long-term investment value, operational recommendations for the year as optimistic about the results of the stability and growth of Hedda configured Ruoshi; satellites and applications; venture north, substantial growth is expected in mid-year report, the second half of the railway infrastructure a year-on-year ring than double by market mentality is getting better and better; era of new materials, the delivery of high-speed rail on performance have a strong flexibility, good second half performance in the first half of the year, the high-speed rail track parts in the second half of the year demand in the first half of the year; Gem Industries stroke performance flexibility stocks short-term, semiannual reports huge loss orders in hand of 20 billion yuan,
grid tie inverter the mouth piece of the high-speed rail delivery enormous flexibility of performance.

5 new energy industry: policy inflection point to promote the overall opportunity

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On September 25, 2012, zhejiang science and technology association annual meeting seminar in three electric group co., LTD. Held smoothly. Provincial science and technology association secretary general,power inverter the province of private scientific and technological industrialist association chairman DongKeJun, provincial association secretary general to LiuKe system, provincial party committee party school professor BaoHaiBo such as the leadership to take part in the discussion, BaoHaiBo professor speak in person as "the non-state-operated strategic emerging presenting the development of academic report".


Three group as a provincial association for a member of the unit, can undertake the annual meeting of the preparation. Association for work in three has always been on the important position, three group President ZhouXiWen has been firmly believe that "science and technology is the first productive force" the words of wisdom. The annual meeting of the association for academic discussion focused on "the non-state-operated strategic emerging industry development academic BBS" expansion. Emerging industry in today's society status of industry have occupied important position, set out from energy-saving emission reduction and low carbon and so on a series of benefits the country and the industrial structure analysis on the social development of the important direction now. Professor BaoHaiBo China current economic Angle and the future development ideas for we told now energy tension and emerging industry urgent urgent situation. Secondly, as our province economic pillar,solar panel  the private enterprise in our province economic tide is undoubtedly driven as important leading army, and as a representative of the private enterprise in our province, wenzhou, etc of private enterprises influence is the largest, most profound influence also widely. Therefore, how to let our province private enterprise in the emerging industry of looking ahead, the development of their own advantages, open up a new chapter of the new industry, will be from traditional industry in our province, handicraft industry transformation to the emerging industry important action.


BaoHaiBo professor teaching, development zone several enterprise representative is nowadays enterprise attention in the emerging industry, products and plans to the leading expert puts forward his own opinions and doubt, professor BaoHaiBo, patient and everybody discuss academic problem, and three group as the solar energy inverter and the transformation of new industry enterprise, and need to make efforts are still shoulder heavy responsibilities. We firmly believe that,grid tie inverter with everyone's joint efforts, our province emerging industry will be more of booming development, for our country to create more beautiful tomorrow.


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Europe has been for many years in the global photovoltaic market dominant, but to the rest of the world countries also obviously have a lot of potential for growth. Due to the local and global energy demand drive, the fastest photovoltaic growth in China and India will continue to put on, the second is southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and north Africa countries. Sunbelt national pv potential can be without financial support similarly hereinafter diesel generator competition, and to 2020 May reach 60 to 250 gw area, to 2030 260 to 1100 gw. As photovoltaic power inverter industry in 2011 experienced sooner than expected to cost down, in the future ten years or even more countries will see photovoltaic more and more competitive. In 2011, other parts of the world new photovoltaic installation have accounted for 7.7 GW, compared with 3.3 in 2010 GW has more than doubled. China in these countries in 2.2 GW installation quantity rank first, the second is the 1.9 GW, a third for Japan 1.3 GW. It is expected that all these countries will continue to maintain growth in 2012. In 2011 Australian photovoltaic market expanded rapidly, but its growth in the short term by political conditions. Canada’s expansion speed slower than expected. India powerful market potential seems to have begun to soar in 2011, there were 300 mw of photovoltaic installation.

Outside Europe countries photovoltaic installed the ability to form large contrast. Part of the emerging markets outside Europe in recent years can’t catch up with China, the United States, Japan and Australia installation speed. Three potential of the great country is guiding role, and lead a new secondary market. In addition to Australia in 2011 prosperity and development outside, most countries still in the policy under the control of the forward. Along with the potential gradually released, the photovoltaic installation outside Europe share only increase. At the beginning of 2012, Germany and Italy is monopoly more than 50% of the world installed capacity. But four non-european main GW level solar panel market including Japan, the United States, China and Australia with the top ten ranks.

In 2016 the global pv prospect forecast

In 2011 the global installation nearly 30 gw of photovoltaic system, photovoltaic market began to at the crossroads of development. Is expected to before 2016, outside Europe emerging market growth will not be able to make up for European countries installed drop caused by vacancy, of course, the speculation is based on the next five years market depression, especially in Europe. But the above conclusion in the next few years the probability of occurrence in a have how old? Must consider two main driving factors: one is the existence of the open market can absorb part of the excess supply of photovoltaic system; Another is the evolution of the pv modules and price. 2011 pv industry experience winter is due to the imbalance of supply and demand to pv modules (high demand to be close to 30 gw, but supply about 50 gw). Market weakness promptly absorb inventories and the early 2012 pv product price continues to fall. Market development will be slow to reduce prices again, at least in the short term, if there is no regulatory restrictions, photovoltaic development will be more favorable.

But for most industrial chain link, it lower the cost of the space becomes more and more small. In addition, it has great development potential of the existing market is very limited, because more and more countries began to implement registration and total amount control. With the development of the slowdown in Europe speed, further rapid falling prices could lead to all over the world factory closed. This kind of state change depends on the European grid tie inverter market changes, and the decision maker’s ability, to ensure that the market can be maintained at an acceptable level. In the policy drive, the European market will be in the next few years stable in about 20 GW ~ 25 GW level, with the market outside Europe worked out. At this development, the market may be in 2016 more than 75 gw, with two-thirds comes from new market outside Europe. New markets to ensure that 2012 and over the next few years the global photovoltaic market growth.

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Located in the eastern city of Jinan City, located in the enclave of the earliest formation of the solar industry in China, around the solar panel and related supporting enterprises is about 120, relying on the regional advantages of the provincial capital cities in the economic circle center position, forming a The powerful solar industry base and improve the industrial chain, occupies a pivotal position in the country.

Linuo PV Technology Park, light and heat application technology, has been walking in the forefront of domestic technology park construction, comprehensive utilization-scale domestic solar maximum, the most widely used and most comprehensive category, the most technologically advanced science and technology industrial park has been built solar PV light and heat, three major manufacturing center for power engineering: an annual output of 800 million square meters of solar thermal products manufacturing center, with an annual output of 700 megawatts of solar photovoltaic manufacturing center, the annual production capacity of 100 MW the monomer plant design and construction installed capacity of solar Electric Power Engineering Centre.

PV applications: Linuo technology park optoelectronic applications dizzying the the 10MW ground station, 1.6MW rooftop power station, as well as various types of modeling solar tracking power plant, solar street lights, traffic lights, solar intelligent stations, solar parking lots,
grid tie inverter including almost all solar PV application products in the industry, each application are surprising and praise. . . . . .

Asia's biggest landmarks photovoltaic power plant construction - Marino Wings, the total length of the building is 120 meters, 20 meters high, with gantry steel structure modeling, the structure is simple, elegant, imposing, landscape type photovoltaic power plants are unique in the world . The entire landscape power plant to install 240KWp PV modules annual generating capacity of 262,800 kWh, annual savings of 105.1 tons of standard coal, 73.58 tons of ash emissions, 197.1 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, about 7.9 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, reduce dust emissions of 13.14 tons.

Ground and grid 10MW power station towering spectacular entire 10MW system required 190W Monocrystalline Module 27460, 230W polycrystalline components 22200, actual power 10.3234MW, the Linuo Park 10MWp solar photovoltaic power generation system, the use of sub- block power generation, centralized and network programs, the system is divided into 10-1MWp of photovoltaic and grid unit, respectively after 0.27kV/10kV swing power distribution unit grid. Power plants built into production each year generate 12,780,000 kWh, according to the station's 20-year operation period, the accumulated
power inverter  generation of 256 million kWh, equivalent to 20 years can save about 102,400 tons of coal ash emissions of about 6.1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions about 19.5 million tons, about 06,800 tons of emissions of sulfur dioxide, respirable particulate matter emission reduction of about 1,100 tons.

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